1. B

    Confederate failure to make Lee commander of all forces

    IMO the biggest reason the Confederacy lost the war was the failure to make Lee commander of the whole Confederate Army. Davis the West Point graduate tried to manage the war himself. Also, the Union did a much better job of putting talented generals in charge late in the war.
  2. B

    Who was the greater commander Marlborough or Wellington?

    A better choice.
  3. R

    Was Hitler mentally unfit to be Commander in Chief of the Wehrmacht from 1943 onwards

    Was Hitler mentally unfit or frankly too unstable to be the Commander in Chief of the German armed forces from mid-1943 onwards, if he was a Whermacht officer, will je have been relieved of command long ago and sent to a mental institution?
  4. Polynikes

    Who was the most Skilled Eastern Roman/Byzantine Commander in history and why?

    And when I say skilled, I'm referring to all three levels of warfare down to the tactical, strategical and logistical levels. It's pretty apparent, that perhaps outside of the Mongols, the Byzantines were the true military scientists of the Medieval period - essentially preserving the...
  5. Hanslune

    Question: Royal Navy commander - India 1839?

    Does anyone know who was the senior Royal Navy officer (admiral?) in the Indian ocean in 1839? ...or where such a piece of information could be found? Thanks
  6. analysis17456

    Commander Hadfield

    KaOC9danxNo Sometime in the future and someone else will be singing a song in an artificial satellite orbiting Mars. Or maybe all over there far far away in Andromeda. Rest in peace, Starman.
  7. Zip

    Best American Army Commander WWII?

    Eichelberger? Truscott? Simpson? Patton? Patch? Krueger? There were a number of pretty capable ones. I ruled out Hodges, Clark, Buckner and Stillwell. Although since Hodges was the ETO guy chosen to go to the Pacific I might be missing something.
  8. Karl XII

    Battle where winning commander had numerical advantage but made solid tactical choice

    Any battles where you feel that even though a certain commander may have held a sizeable numerical advantage he still made strong tactical choices?
  9. Karl XII

    Historum Essay Contest- Greatest Military Commander of all time

    I tried this once before but was never able to get enough people on board to help judge the essays with me. I'll try it one more time, with only me judging to make things less complicated. I think theres a lot of talented, knowledgeable people on this forum who if put to the test could...
  10. Karl XII

    Who was the most average military commander in history?

    We've had dozens upon dozens of threads about the best/greatest/smartest/most talented military commanders of all time but I doubt there's been one like this. Im looking for somebody who was neither good nor bad, just amazingly average.
  11. No Bias FTW

    You, Commander Olivetti, are a leader of the Swiss Guard

    Please use actual, historical Swiss Guard performances for the basis of this speculation. You are Commander Olivetti of the one and only Swiss Guard at the Vatican and Rome. A Middle Eastern Hassassin (Hashashin; true Syrian assassin) kidnapped 4 Cardinals and threatened to blow up Rome with a...
  12. FailWhale

    Greatest Centuries of Military Commander

    Can the 18th to 19th century be considered as being the best period for producing great generals? Is there any other stretches of time that compares? We got the likes of Prince Eugene Frederick the Great Surorov Napoleon Wellesley Winfield Scott and others
  13. Polynikes

    Aurelian - the Greatest Roman Army commander in its history?

    How does his generalship on the tactical, strategical and operational level compare to the likes of Caesar, Scipio, Sertorius, and the like? He frequently gets mentioned on here, was he really all that great of a commander?
  14. I

    Nakhoda Yekom Khalabaan Mansour Rouh-al-amini Became New Commander of IRINA

    With the presence of the commander of the navy, Commander Mansour Rouholamini, was introduced as New Commanding officer Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran Naval Aviation Cmdr. M. Rouholamini​
  15. Polynikes

    George Maniakes as a general and commander

    How would you rate Maniakes as a commander and successor to other great Roman generals?
  16. Polynikes

    Who was the more apt commander, Gustavus or Spinola?

    I know they are famous for two different conflicts, but given there periods of activity, who would you say was the better commander of the two and why?
  17. Z

    Who else agrees GFM von Bock was the best German commander of WW2?

    He smashed enemy armies in Poland, the Low Countries and Barbarossa. He won several impressive victories on the Eastern front like Smolensk '41, Minsk '41, Kiev '41 and Kharkov '42 and the early battles of Case Blue. You can see that from all the great commanders Germany had, von Bock was given...
  18. MarlboroughJohn

    Commander cards!

    Hello guys, I'm new to this forum, and my English may not be so good, but I want to show you my project, which I started for fun, just beacuse I'm fascinated by the great generals and conquerors. So for help you to understand what these cards are, I show you my little and spontan guide: 1...
  19. Lord Oda Nobunaga

    Describe yourself as a military commander

    My approach was far more defensive and subtle but with the ultimate goal of taking the offensive through relatively rapid maneuvres (but not so rapid that I could not haul my siege train or outrun my supplies or entrench my position before the enemy attacked me, as I depended on a rather large...
  20. D

    Commander duels you wish to have happened

    History is filled with encounters between great generals. Scipio v Hannibal, Caesar v Pompey, Timur v Bayezid, Napoleon v Wellington, Lee vs Grant, Turenne v Conde, Manstein v Zhukov, Rokossovsky v Model. But still, some of the greatest contemporaries somehow evaded being pitted against each...