1. FailWhale

    Rank the 5 Millitary Commanders

    In your all time list of commanders Tiberius Richard I Suleiman I Davout Guderian
  2. Darth Raidius

    Best European commanders of the ACW era?

    The notable commanders of the American Civil War (1861-1865) are held in high esteem, not least by Americans, with generals like Lee, Grant, Sherman and Jackson enjoying much praise, sometimes to gross exaggeration. While I do not doubt their military competence, it does make me wonder; why...
  3. M

    Should and can Top Commanders micromanage armies and division effectively?

    Title I wonder if it is effective for top commanders and generals to micromanage field armies or even divisions. Hitler for example had a lot of say during Stalingrad serving as a commander practically. Operation Market Garden is an example is where micromanaging may have helped since...
  4. F

    Why aren't great commanders in WW I & II worthy of consideration for GOAT?

    Why is none of the commanders who fought in WWI and WWII considered worthy of nomination for the "greatest commander of all time" or even "top 10 commanders of all time"? I think it's because the strength and sophistication of their opponents were so unprecedented that no commander could be in...
  5. S

    Top 700 Military Commanders of All Time

    This has been a project that I've been working on for a few years. At first I simply wanted to rank the top 200 commanders in history. Then, as I read more and more, I saw that my scope was terribly narrow and that I missed out quite a few names which could rank among the greats. As I kept...
  6. WhatAnArtist

    Would Napoleon have been successful if the Allies had great commanders at the start?

    Say, for the sake of argument, the British still had Marlborough, the Austrians still had Eugene and the Prussians still had Frederick - all great commanders that matched Napoleon in their energy and determination and often thought outside the box (and all of whom had beaten the French in major...
  7. Lord Oda Nobunaga

    The Military Subordinates

    This is a list I am working on of the often forgotten subordinates of the so called "Great Captains". While it does not need to be limited in its scope at all as I hope that the readers will contribute to it in any way that they see fit. Here I organized a few of them based on their commanding...
  8. RomesFinest

    Who were the best armored commanders by nation to come out of WW2

    My fascination with all things armored and mechanized in WW2 continues. I have spent a embarrassing amount of money on books detailing the different divisions, their doctrine and combat history. Now I'm curious in learning who were some of the best practitioners of armored warfare for each of...
  9. Polynikes

    Greatest books on the best commanders of WW2 and the modern period?

    I'm looking for biographies/military biographies on the best modern general officers from WW2 to today that analyze their generalship at the tactical/strategical/operational levels, what are your favorites?
  10. Lord Oda Nobunaga

    My List of the Greatest Commanders in History

    I've been compiling a list of the greatest commanders in history. The criteria for making it to the list is essentially that the general in question has to be a campaigner. That is basically the reason why you won't see me adding Divisional commanders or Panzer leaders into the this list. The...
  11. Z

    The 10 greatest Muslim Military Commanders?

    Who are the 10 greatest Muslim military commanders in history, In terms of battle mastery, strategic intelligence, tactics, victories and overall leadership. My list: 1. Khalid ibn al-Walid 2. Timur 3. Nader Shah 4. Selim I 5. Mahmoud of Ghazni 6. Akbar the Great 7. Alp Arsalan 8. Murad IV 9...
  12. Dumrul


    You think, Who are the most impressive commanders in history? (5 units) In my opinion; 1-) Mustapha Kemal Atatürk 2-) Genghis Khan 3-) Great Alexander 4-) Julius Caesar 5-) Hannibal Barca
  13. Polynikes

    Best military accounts/books of the 7 greatest commanders according to Napoleon?

    As it says in the title, in your opinion, what are some of the best military books on Napoleon's 7 favorite captains, Those being: 1. Caesar 2. Alexander 3. Hannibal 4. Eugene 5. Gustavus 6. Turenne 7. Frederick (Along with the best military books on Napoleon and Wellington and Marlborough)
  14. B

    best sasanian Commander?

    who do you think is the best sasanian commander? and why?
  15. B

    Mercenary commanders in the First Punic War ?

    Hey! I am new on the forums, having been on the history subforum on Reddit for some time now. However, I am currently writing a kindle short story about the First Punic War (that I'd love to share with you when it's done!), and I was wondering: is it realistic that Carthage used mercenary...
  16. D

    Great defensive commanders in history

    Defence often does not get as much attention as attack, but the two are inseparable and the one opens the way for the other. A good defensive commander is shown by holding his position against heavy odds (Parmenion, Davout, Model), engineering compact lines of fortifications (Vauban, Wellington...
  17. D

    Pre-Napoleonic European commanders

    The early modern period in Europe, especially the 17th-18th centuries, saw the emergence of great military powers, and needless to say, great military minds as well. Adolphus, Eugene, Conde, Marlborough, Suvorov... So who of all these gentlemen was the best? 23 of the 24 generals in the list...
  18. R

    Top 10 Military Commanders of the 16th Century

    Owing to some of the discussion emanating from a related thread I began concerning military commanders of the 15th Century, and in particular where was the famed Spanish general Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba, I have decided to establish a new thread centered on the commanders of the century to...
  19. R

    Top 10 Military Commanders of the 15th Century

    Just prior to the Early Modern Period, much of Europe played witness to a host of conflicts relegated to the sidelines of history. Yet many of these episodes served as forerunners to more established wars in subsequent centuries. The Hussite rebellion in Bohemia could be seen as a precursor to...
  20. Darth Raidius

    Most skilled post-WWII military commanders?

    Up until and during World War II, there has been countless skilled tacticians and strategists remembered throughout history for their performance in battle, their insight in military matters and their innovative, analytical minds. But what about warfare after 1945? Has tactical brilliance not...