1. C

    If she didn't commit suicide, would Eva Braun have been tried at Nuremberg?

    Let's assume that Adolf Hitler's star-crossed lover, Eva Braun, didn't commit suicide and lived. She would surely have been captured by Soviet soldiers. However, when the Nuremberg Trial started, would she be a defendant? All she seems to be guilty of was Hitler's point of affection and marrying...
  2. W

    How difficult is it to commit feigned retreats and then turn around to counterattack?

    Movies and games make the tactic of feigning a retreat only to turn around and then suddenly counterattack an enemy completely off-guard because they were so busy pursuing you seem so easy as 1-2-3. However stuff I read state this is very difficult and only a unit of the highest calibre of...
  3. L

    Leaders who commit suicide than surrender

    I know in some cultures they believe in death before dishonour. The ancients, did this, up to and the Japanese in WW2 and no doubt among The current Isis conflicts in Middle East. Did the Romans practice that on the battlefield when facing defeat? Did they have an equivalent of the Viking...
  4. The merchant of Venice

    Should foreigners be more harshly punished if they commit crimes?

    I don't see why not. We already punish the same crime differently according to different situation and different victims and different intentions, so I don't see why that shouldn't apply in this case aswell. Commiting a crime as a foreigner is more reprensibile because he0s a guest in someone...
  5. C

    What motivated the Japanese military to commit atrocities and war crimes during WW2?

    Whether beheading POWs, bayoneting infants, attacking hospitals, raping children, disemboweling pregnant women, burying people alive, using biological and chemical weapons, and other horrid acts, the Japanese armed forces were probably the most vicious, barbaric military during WW2, arguably...
  6. Aquarius

    Why exactly did Israel commit the Lavon Affair?

    I get that they claim the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty was an accident... I am glad no casualties occurred in the Lavon Affair aside from the members of the cell who committed suicide but why would you want to trick an ally into going to war with another country?
  7. Y

    Why did the Japanese commit the Nanking Massacre?

    A question from my Japanese friend Please give a lot of reliable sources if possible.
  8. Precedence

    What atrocities did the Allies commit in World War 2?

    This is not in any way to sympathize with fascist Italy, Nazi Germany or imperialist Japan but I want to steer away from the Mary Sue mentality toward history. What atrocities/war-crimes did Britain, France and other allies commit during the war?
  9. B

    Did Nixon Commit Treason?

    I've read that Nixon committed treason by circumventing then-president LBJ concerning Vietnam, something about telling authorities to wait until he took office to make decisions, etc. What happened and was this treason?
  10. theauthor

    It is OK to commit a crime (in certain circumstances)

    Logical deduction of crime: 1. A crime is an ethically wrong behavior punished in an righteous way. 2. A crime is an illegal act that is punished by society. 3. A crime is nothing but an act that you are not supposed to get away with on a societal basis without consequences decided so by the...
  11. Jake10

    Why do males commit suicide more than females? Why is China different?

    When we look at countries around the world, we see that men are usually the ones killing themselves. List of countries by suicide rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The other day, however, Wenge pointed out that China is different. It happens quite a bit in Hong Kong, but it's hard to...
  12. HistoryFreak1912

    Why did Socrates commit suicide? Why did Athens care??

    This had just occured to me, Historiumites! Why did Socrates commit suicide, rather than face exile like the Athenians wanted? And, at any rate, why did Socrates' teachings bother Athens so damned much? I thought Athens, at the time, was the beacon of knowledge, so why, in 399 BC, Athens was...
  13. wario2255

    Why is it only Republicans who commit voter fraud?

    video deleted
  14. jeroenrottgering

    Did the allies also commit war crimes?

    After World War 2 many Nazi-leaders were executed because of the war crimes they committed. Reasonable of course because of what they did. But now I was wondering did the allies also commit war crimes? For example the bombardment of Dresden that sweeped away an entire city, is that considered a...
  15. C

    Did Lenin commit atrocities too?

    Most communists that I have seen usually have not much respect for Stalin but they admire Lenin, I wanna know if Lenin has committed any atrocities or does he really deserve any credit for his humanistic behavior As far as I know execution of the Royal family was something horrible that Lenin...
  16. 1

    Did hitler really commit suicide?

    Heh, I know in the American history books it says so, but they never exhibited his body to prove it. (Or at least to my knowledge). Anyone know any factual info on this? I've seen some interesting theories of what might of really happened, but they are mainly based on opinion, and common sense.
  17. cptJACK

    Why did Rommel commit suicide?

    What drove the best Axis general to commit suicide?