1. tomar

    How do you deal with common fears and worries ?

    How do you deal with fears and worries on a daily basis ? Here is a starting list (by no means complete) of common fears/worries Family Something bad (including crime) happening to your children / significant other / parents / loved ones Your significant other leaving you (if you have one) Not...
  2. Robert165

    Was the death penalty common in Ancient Athens/Greece (Socrates)

    Concerning the trial of Socrates and his death, I was wondering, how often was the death penalty handed out for political prisoners. I can see that for various crimes, exile, seizure of assets, disenfranchisement (not allowing people to participate in public life, shunning people), putting...
  3. jameen

    Common traits of greatest generals and strategists

    What are the common traits of world's greatest generals and strategists since ancient times up to today?
  4. H

    How common were wars between Aboriginal tribes in Australia and how bloody were they?

    There is a large collection of evidence that suggests Aboriginal Australians went to war with each other from cave paintings of battles to the discovery of wooden shields. While the fact that they went to war is undisputed, I want to know how common these wars were and how bloody did they get...
  5. T

    Most common grain in medieval Friesland

    Hello I just wanted to ask what was the most common grain in early medieval Friesland . Thanks a lot
  6. VHS

    The illusion about pristine humanity, is it common across belief systems?

    The current humanity mixes some of the best virtues and the worst vices, and we often find examples of mythology regarding the pristine humanity. In Christian mythology, human nature is considered corrupted. In many other mythology, we often talk of a previous pristine state of humanity or...
  7. Jake10

    Royalty members who ended up living like common people

    What are some examples of this in history? I'm especially interested in examples where they were forced to do so, as in a princess who was forced to live like a peasant, so to say. Thanks in advance.
  8. notgivenaway

    What was the common term to refer to a Roman Emperor?

    Did they call them Caesar? But then wasn't Caesar a term for an Emperor's son, or heir? Wasn't Augustus a term just reserved for Emperors? And how did the naming work for an Emperor? I read that Marcus Aurelius would have been Imperator Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus. Is this true?
  9. T

    How common were shieldmaidens? Did they even exist?

    The recent controversy over the alleged female warrior in Birka, Sweden got me thinking. Though I know there is some question over whether or not the individual was a warrior or even a woman;do we know of any other female graves in the Norse world that were buried with weapons? I seem to recall...
  10. JoanOfArc007

    Henry II and Common Law

    The following takes an interesting look into Henry II contributions to common law. Henry II has a good claim to be the founder of English Common Law. In a series of Assizes (meetings with barons that issued...
  11. Voltaires Hat

    What are the common elements of authoritarianism?

    Forgive me, because I'm going to ramble a bit, and make some assumptions. Looking through the history of political organization it would appear that, loosely, we're currently, and gradually making the transition from authoritarianism, to functioning democracies. I'd hazard a guess that if you...
  12. Banastre

    Was Copper Encasement at Burial Common?

    Medieval mummies from mystery Arctic civilization discovered in Siberian necropolis Siberia: Medieval Mummies From Mystery Arctic Civilization Discovered in Zelenyy Yar Necropolis "Who these people were and how they ended up on the edge of the Arctic is not known, but previous DNA analysis...
  13. K

    Reason for Decline of Sanskrit as Language of common People in North India.

    Sanskrit was Language of Common people in Vedic era and Late Puranic era. even in 475 CE Sanskrit was used by people in Gujarat ruled by Maitraka Empire. Since Maitraka Empire was ruled by Former Governor of Gupta empire it's safe to say that even during Gujpa empire sanskrit was...
  14. F

    In what cultures was kneeling before superiors most common & uncommon?

    In what cultures - -did (grand)children kneel / prostrate before their (grand)parents most often? -were (grand)children not supposed to kneel / prostrate before their (grand)parents? -did slaves and servants kneel / prostrate before their masters most often? -were slaves and servants not...
  15. Joe Freeman

    How common was to suffer violent death in past times?

    Was it very common for people to suffer violent deaths in past times, like getting killed by another person? Was it one of the main causes of death during some point of human history? I know the obvious, people died in wars. But, even during war times, most people didn't really die in the hands...
  16. History Craft

    Why is the name ''Roman'' common in slavic countries?

    Was it originally a noble name later taken by a larger mass of people (And if so, where does it originate)? Does it have anything with Russia seeing itself as the third Rome? Does it originate from byzantines who took refuge in the slavic lands after the turkic conquest? Is it just a coincidence?
  17. Jax

    How Common Were Booksellers in the First Centuries CE?

    P.Petaus 30 P. Petaus 30: A letter describing a travelling book dealer ? Roger Pearse which reads “Julius Placidus to his father Herclanus, greeting. Dius came to us and showed us six parchment codices (tas membranas hex). We selected none of those, but we collated (antebalomen) eight, for which...
  18. W

    Do individual warrior cultures such as barbarians lack common sense teamwork tactics?

    An interesting post I found online. Individual Fighter Warrior Culture and Team Work by LustyVenusianJuuza on DeviantArt Although the writer focuses on criminal activities and civilian violence, he does have a point. I mean if drunkards in a bar are able to work together in such coordination...
  19. Waterloofinalsolution

    How common were turbans in the Ottoman Empire

    There are several shows in Turkey that depict the Ottoman Empire that people claim are historically accurate like "Magnificent Century". But in Magnificent century, it seems like the Turks rarely wore turbans. The majority of the time, The Sultan, his advisors and guards would go without...
  20. S

    How common was skull binding in Europe?

    Skull binding was the practice of intentionally deforming a baby's skull to make it more elongated. It was common among some native American tribes, Asia and in Europe during the neolithic period. Did it remain a common practice well into the Iron Age? This picture is of an Ostrogoth woman...