1. notgivenaway

    Commonwealth misconceptions

    The Commonwealth is really just a goodwill organisation. Many seem to think it's some kind of economic or military alliance, but it's not. If the UK was under attack, Canada, Australia, NZ, India, or Jamaica, Barbados, Ghana, Myanmar, etc. are under no obligation to come to Britain's aid. WWII...
  2. C

    Political and financial bankruptcy of English Commonwealth

    The government of England is, and ought to be, by King or Queen, Lords and Commons, by act of a free Parliament. The Good Old Cause of a Commonwealth without a King, a hereditary chief magistrate or Lords is bankrupt, politically and financially. The Long Parliament started to collect monies...
  3. R

    Non-violent opposition to Cromwell's Commonwealth and Protectorate

    Most of the opposition to Oliver Cromwell's regime was of a non-violent nature. Although the Protector closed down theatres and exercised strict censorship over the English press, many dissenters secretly (sometimes even openly) published pamphlets, plays, essays and satirical literature of all...
  4. Oliver Cromwell

    Andrew Roberts On Commonwealth Immigration

    I've been reading Eminent Churchillians (1994) by the British historian Andrew Roberts, which has a chapter devoted to Commonwealth immigration. In it, Roberts argues that the Churchillian establishment at that time were responsible for unintentionally swamping Britain with hundreds of thousands...
  5. T

    Royalist privateers during the interregnum

    Hi Folks My first post! Would anyone know about the Royalist privateers who continued their struggle against the Commonwealth during the interregnum. I'm researching a member of my ancestor's family, Isaac Bowles, who was a ship captain with the Royal African Company. I've just found a...
  6. D

    19 Can't-Miss Facts About Virginia

    Here are 19 fascinating facts about Virginia, many of them history-oriented: 19 Can't-Miss Facts About Virginia
  7. W

    Irish soldiers in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

    While looking online through the book Scots in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth I noticed several foreign military commanders listed as being of Irish origin. I was curious that a lot of them seemed to share the surname Butler, which is a noble family in Ireland of Hiberno-Norman origin...
  8. C

    What was the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth?

    Out of curiosity to get to know your opinion about this lost state. We are currently at the time when Polish history gets more widely known around the world and PLC is being depicted as a large and somewhat influential state in many historical themed games for example. My curiosity is, what was...
  9. Menshevik

    Would America be as successful if it remained part of the Commonwealth?

    How does western expansion work in this scenario? Would it have been just as rapid? Would there have been a war with Mexico? How about the Louisiana Purchase, does that happen? Probably wouldn't have had a civil war, right? Would America be called "America?" It wouldn't be called the...
  10. Menshevik

    What is the role of the Queen among the Commonwealth Nations?

    What is the role of the Queen among the Commonwealth Nations? What power does she have? Is her power and influence greater in Britain, than it is in Canada?
  11. Ancientgeezer

    2014 Commonwealth Games-Glasgow

    Welcome to the opening ceremony of the British Empire Games ---sorry, Commonwealth Games. Well, its not the Olympics is it? More a sort of knees-up for all those countries who can't get a team up for the Big Show every four years AND NO YANKEES OR CHINESE TO HOG ALL THE MEDALS! This year, the...
  12. A

    Byzantine Women, Mothers, Wives, and girls in the empire and commonwealth.

    For most of my days I usually spent more the eastern roman military, art, and political administration. Yet! I felt embarrassed to speak about the roles of women in the eastern empire, as it would bring discord and anger towards me, while I'am not here to discriminate no one. But wanted to know...
  13. Romanianboy2013

    Why Spain never made a Commonwealth with it's former colonies?

    Why UK succeded in this , even today there are lot's of countries who still are part of the British Commonwealth, and Spain failed to achieve something like this. It was Spain that never thought about this or it was the opposition of USA, that since the Monroe doctrine , halted all european...
  14. J

    James Thompson - Author and Publisher of Commonwealth Book

    Hello - My website manager brought this site to my attention. I'm looking forward to familiarizing myself with the conversations that go on here. I am primarily interested in the History of Ideas. The books Commonwealth Books publishes are non-fiction narratives in which we endeavor to...
  15. W

    Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

    I am trying to get more Polish history being discussed on this forum. To this end I want to start a general discussion about what everyone knows about Polish-Lithuanian history. Thanks!
  16. Italian Commando

    Italy Versus Britain Without Commonwealth or US Help in WWII, Who Would Win?

    :notrust: I know that about twenty of you are just going to stupidly holler out 'Britain because Italy sucks, no question:laugh:', :evil: but hear me out. Amedeo was destroying them in East Africa & Graziani was starting to in North Africa, but then they called in the Commonwealth & pushed them...
  17. G

    what could have been resbonsible for bringing down Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

    let's compare british nobility with polish nobility.they both pursuited freedom in politics.But why is polish political system proved totally wrong? Commonwealth is a good start,i think.But why did better system like democracy never show up in poland?Maybe polish have better knights,as a...
  18. DravidianIndia

    The Commonwealth of Nations

    In my eyes it's a really bizarre construction of modern politics. What makes me go nuts is: #the British crown is the legal head of the Commonwealth of Nations #English is the one and holy language #Previous British CW realms are participating on a freewill base, including India WTF!!! :weird...
  19. Caecilius

    The Icelandic Commonwealth

    When the word Scandinavian comes up I usually understand it as Nordic, so I figure this is where a topic on Iceland might fit in. My question is this:In the Icelandic Commonwealth, 874–1262, What was life like in Iceland during this period. Were there any notable features besides that it did...
  20. Mr.Lombard

    Polish & Lithuanian Commonwealth -better off together or separate?

    Would Poland and Lithuania be better off together today if they stayed as a one country? The Commonwealth for several centuries was the largest and one of the strongest states in XV, XVI, And XVII Europe . This mutual and eaqual union was growing ecnomically and had an impresive military...