1. W

    Structure of Berlin Police force in Weimar Germany and cooperation between these forces

    Good morning, I'm currently searching for the ranks and structure of the Berlin Police force in Weimar Germany (1919-1933). What was the structure inside the Kriminalpolizei, the Schutzpolizei and other forces? How did they interact and cooperate with each other in cases? Do these ranks differ...
  2. Darth Raidius

    What if Trotsky led the Soviet Union?

    What if, after the death of Vladimir Lenin in 1924, Leon Trotsky assumed command of the Soviet Union (either through winning a power struggle against Joseph Stalin, or Stalin dying beforehand)? Obviously there are a great many things that could change if Trotsky had succeeded Lenin, so allow me...
  3. Futurist

    Russia's 20th century development without Communism

    What do you think that Russia's 20th century development would have looked like had the Bolshevik coup of 1917 failed? For instance, do you think that Russia would have become a developed country by now? Also, do you think that Russia would have retained all of the territories of the Russian...
  4. K

    If the world was ruled by communism, would it be a happy world?

    Many people are unhappy with capitalism because of the many problems that it brings in, so if the world was a communist one, would that solve many of these problems and create a happier world?
  5. H

    Pro communist people, how would you make communism work?

    Like if I wanted more ram or a new graphics card for my computer, how would I get those in communism?
  6. J

    How were the Freemasonry and Communism related during and after the WW1?

    The Hungarian Soviet Republic often used Freemasonry symbols by the communist leaders in important events, they even placed it as a state symbol in the Hungarian parliament building. In 1919, during the [[Hungarian Soviet Republic]] a Freemasonry Square and Compass was placed as state symbol...
  7. larkin

    BBC, The Lost world of communism

    BBC series, fascinating The Lost world of communism, 1-3 DDR Upon re-viewing, I discovered some cultural nudism depicted, so be warned.. Perhaps watch it inside of Youtube rather on the Historum site. It seemed to be ok with the BBC... znb_X48WXUg The Lost world of communism, Czechoslovakia...
  8. Tom7

    Socialism: Why Does or Doesn't it Work?

    People who believe in modern socialism constantly bring up this argument that socialism is great, and that it's only gotten a bad reputation because "Nobody's ever done it the right way" On paper, socialism sounds wonderful! Everybody is equal and shares resources in a collective pool...
  9. Underground

    Similarities between Russian Communism and German Nazi regime

    What do you think about the ongoing myth that to be anti-fascist, one ought to appreciate the Soviet Union and communism. Media continues to push a narrative that the communist Soviet Union was a major, if not sole, factor in defeating fascist Nazi Germany in World War II. But the actual...
  10. F

    Greatest Cassandras in predicting calamities communism would bring?

    Who most accurately predicted the scale of death and destruction communist regime would bring before the communist takeover of Russia? Who most accurately predicted the scale of death and destruction communist regimes would bring before the subsequent communist takeovers across the globe?
  11. Darth Raidius

    Most communist-friendly President of the United States?

    Which American president during the Cold War (1947-1991) would you say was the most friendly towards communism, or at least most willing to negotiation and peaceful coexistence with the Soviet Union and other communist states?
  12. Futurist

    Why was Communism much more popular in Indochina than in the rest of Southeast Asia?

    Why was Communism much more popular in Indochina than in the rest of Southeast Asia? After all, Communists managed to seize power in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia during the Cold War but not in any other Southeast Asian countries. Indeed, while Communists even managed to bleed and exhaust the...
  13. JoanOfArc007

    Islam and Communism

    Perhaps some of us are aware of the reported connections between Christianity and Communism, Jesus Was A Socialist | The Huffington Post But also....numerous scholars have suggested a connection between Communism and Islam...
  14. General Winter


    A little bit belated post, but yet ... It is good that the last holiday of any year is the 30th of December - the birthday of the USSR. Even if the Soviet Union lies buried and is eaten by worms. In 1970s Solzhenitsyn wrote mockingly in one of his scribble :what will you do with your...
  15. Magnate

    Why did communism become so popular?

    Plenty of countries have had communism and some still do, why?
  16. Robert165

    Karl Marx and the oppressive nature of communism (honest question)

    Is the oppressive nature of communism, violent revolution, political concentration camps, secret police, rationing of goods and supplies, no freedom to choose your employment, no freedom to travel..... etc, is all of that described by Marx in written form or described from his speeches? Did he...
  17. General Winter

    About communism

    Video with English subtitles. Attention!This is not Karl Marx bio, neither it is short content of Capital etc., i.e this video designed in order to reach wide audience,to make people who never knew or heard anything about communism would be interested in it. k4M7u0lKflQ SS7qu5m0Vrs
  18. C

    Communism, Nationalism and Pseudoarchaeology in Romania and Bulgaria

    Pseudoarchaeology and politics on the Balkans:
  19. Dont invade Russia

    Why communism never had a chance

    Dont crucify me until you please read the whole thing. I always thought the communism was and is destined to fail because the circumstances required for it´s effectiveness are practically not achievable. When Marx envisioned his utopian society, the countries he had in mind where industrial...
  20. D

    Was the Christian church negligent prior to the Bolshevik Revolution?

    While we can easily recognize that the decadence of the aristocracy played a big part in the shift of public attitudes to favour Communist ways in the pre-World War I era, one other thing that I have noticed over the years is that many of those who lived in that era saw the Church in the same...