1. Space Shark

    John Paul II speaks out in support of Communism

    By "support", I mean that he says until every gainfully employed person has the resources to live a long and healthy life, wealth should be distributed much more evenly. He condemns the secularism, of course, but says that on economics Marx was spot on. How would the world react? I'd imagine he...
  2. Y

    Could United States vanquish big-C Communism in Korea during the Cold War?

    Obviously, our p-o-d is in the Korean War, with Truman taking a liking to MacArthur's idea of taking rollback to completion. In what way could this have been feasible? Also, could a war with China be feasible at all?
  3. Ivar

    Rise of Christianity and Communism

    Trotsky in a reply to Karl Kautsky argued the justification of the use of terror with the rise of Communism. Looking back at the early Christian church was this not how the faith was promoted in the face of adversity? was the communist and christian movement both in a way a faith? did communism...
  4. N

    No Opium War, No communism in China?

    If there was no opium war would there be no Communism in china? If the British East India Company never brought tons of opium there China wouldn't have been chaotic and full of addicts and the people wouldn't blame the emperor for China being at its current state after the opium war. There most...
  5. B

    What was the main reason for the collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union

    Hope I included all the choices
  6. ez123

    How was economics different in USSR?

    When I read about the USSR, I am often surprised by the existence of things that seem very capitalist. - they earned wages and spent them as they pleased - they competed for jobs - they got fired for various reasons - there were wealthy people and poor people As a practical matter what...
  7. P

    who coined the term communism

    I always thought Marx coined the term communism but from the preamble may be someone else did? " I. Communism is already acknowledged by all European powers to be itself a power." from preamble communist manifesto
  8. Precedence

    Socialism vs. Communism

    I generally find that 90% of people I talk to don't understand the difference between socialism and communism. They think that they're interchangeable or that one is a darker shade of red than the other. From what I know, please correct me if I'm wrong, but: Socialism - A more equal...
  9. Schlom

    Launching a podcast

    I've thought about it for a long time and I've finally decided to do it. I've listened to a lot of history podcasts and I've always wished that certain stories would be told. I've heard of a couple anarchist or communist podcasts, but none of them lasted for a significant amount of time or don't...
  10. CosmoDodo

    Why has history been so kind to Communism ?

    Why has history been so kind to an ideology that is responsible for the deaths of 100 million people (and still counting) and yet people still strive to achieve such a system, you have youth walking around with the hammer and sickle on their shirt and (dou)che Guevara as their idol. Why do...
  11. Pillbox city

    Understanding Communism

    I will admit here that I really don't understand the differences between Marxism and the other forms of communism like Maoism, Trotskyism, Titoism, and Luxemburgism. From my understanding of Marxism, it's a stateless, classless, society where everyone benefits from everyone else's labor, the...
  12. Robert165

    POLL: was US intervention in Vietnam necessary to stop the domino effect of communism

    POLL: was US intervention in Vietnam necessary to stop the domino effect of communism
  13. A

    Islamism, communism, fascism - which is worst?

    Which ideology has been the worst in human history? Death toll: Islamism - estimated 270 million dead (Center for the Study of Political Islam) Communism - estimated 100 million dead (The Black Book of Communism) Fascism - estimated 55 million dead (WWII)
  14. Valens

    Chinese Communism

    China officially follows Marxist-Leninist version of Communism and its political life is firmly under control of the Communism party. What are the traits of Chinese Communism? Has Communist party of China evolved differently from parties in other countries. Is there perhaps a unique version...
  15. V

    Communism and Nazism

    Which one was first, Communism or Nazism?
  16. Darth Raidius

    Communism spreads in Southeast Asia after 1975

    What if the domino theory was proven right, and after the American withdrawal from the Vietnam War communist revolution immediately begun spreading throughout Southeast Asia, not only limited to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia? Where else could it have spread successfully? Where would it have been...
  17. purpleguy89

    Did Truman's Foreign Policy Contain the Spread of Communism?

    Salutations: So I've been thinking a bit about the legacy of Harry S. Truman's foreign policy. The 33rd U.S. President is certainly remembered far more for his foreign policy than for his domestic policy. Some things that happened under Truman: 1) The founding of the UN 2) The founding of...
  18. General Winter

    The Great Russian Revolution.

    Just in this way, each word with a capital letter.And why not? Why do the French call their revolution in this way?Why they are proud of it? Was it less bloody?Was not there a mass emigration and guillotines?Just because it has changed the way of life not only of the country but also of the...
  19. General Winter

    Nikolai Bauman.

    The 31th of October, 1905.The Black Hundreds killed Nikolai Bauman. A gorgeous, smart, lucky, open-minded man.One of the leading figures of the early Bolshevik underground.The man who loved and was loved.His wife Capitolina Polikarpovna sacrificied all her small fortune to her husband and to...
  20. AlpinLuke

    Communism in Italy

    May be someone out of Italian borderlines have been wondering how it was possible that in a Western democracy, member of NATO, there was the greatest Communist Party ever, able to collect more than the 30% of the votes in democratic elections. The first step to make to understand this Italian...