1. General Winter

    The first attempt to condemn communism.

    September 21 marked eighty one years from the date of the beginning of the process of Leipzig - the famous legal process about the burning of the Reichstag in February 1933 that the Nazis has organized with a single purpose: to discredit and to put out of low and morality the international...
  2. B

    "Jewish" Communism - a refutation of anti-Semites

    It may be controversial to discuss an anti-Semitic trope, but I’m discussing it in an attempt to refute it, so here goes. You will often hear anti-Semites complain about Jewish subversion of culture and things of that nature. A good example is Communism, which anti-Semites often accuse of...
  3. Naima

    Nazifascism Vs Communism(Stalinism)

    What are the main differences betweenthe two ? I mean The Communism of Stalin and the Nazifascists of Mussolini and Hitler . Both were totalitarian powers , both wanted a single party to rule , both committed crimes and suppression of opposition . So what's the real difference and why one...
  4. General Winter

    A view from the left wing : some arguments for russo-centrism.

    Engels on the national question. Perhaps Engels was the one of the founders of Marxism,who wrote on the national question more than others and laid the basics of the Marxist theory of the national question.And it is important to remember these basics,because nothing thrusts people away from...
  5. Futurist

    The Causes of Hitler's and the Nazis' Hatred of Communism

    I am aware that Hitler and the Nazis hated (perhaps strongly hated) Communism and that a large part of the reason for this hatred was the fact that they believed that the Communists "stabbed Germany in the back" during World War I and the fact that Communism emphasized class over ethnicity and...
  6. TheWD

    Communism is such a great failure from a historical perspective

    When we examine the success of Communism internationally from a historical perspective we can conclude without a doubt that it is an utter failure. The reason why some so-called Communist nations still exist today is because they either have a draconian hold on society (like North Korea) or have...
  7. C

    "Mystique of Communism"

    I have a final in my European history class in a few days and I haven't fully grasped what people mean when they say the "mystique of communism." I would greatly appreciate some clarification on the subject. Thanks! Additional Details: My class deals with European history following WWII.
  8. P

    Analogy of falling dominoes in describing the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe

    Hey, back again! The domino theory was coined for the spread of communism but how effective is it describing the fall of communism in Eastern Europe?
  9. K

    Communism today

    COMMUNIST MANIFESTO 2014, posted at 09_manifesto Fell free to shared this link with others. Ludwik
  10. Schlom

    CP in Spain 1930s

    Hey folks, I'm crafting an independent study which will focus on the role of the Communist Party in the Spanish Civil War and the Spanish Revolution. I was wondering if anyone had any sources that they might like to share with the forum. It'd be great if, while posting the source, you could...
  11. M

    Rise of Russian Fascism or Communism? Or it's Something New?

    Recent events including occupation of Crimea by Russian military came as a surprise for people with little or no history education. It was a wake up call for the world. In one of Czech towns a large poster depicting Putin as half-Hitler and half-Stalin was displayed. Below is my humble...
  12. B

    Did Communism cause people to become athiests?

    Map of Germany. Percent reporting no religion.
  13. Chancellor

    What if Germany had won World War I?

    The headline rather speaks for itself. I'm referring primarily - as Bertrand Russell once suggested - to its effect on the emergence, or non-emergence of national socialism and communism in Eastern Europe. :notrust: Would post-war Europe have been a better place? Had a second world war been...
  14. R

    What would ideal communism look exactly like in practise ?

    We all know that the systems under the Eastern Bloc weren't truly communist ones, but just degenerate worker states. My question is how would a real communist system work if implemented on a global scale ?
  15. The Lady Of the Internet

    What if Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels never wrote The Communist Manifesto?

    This one had always had always made me wonder It's a strange concept and one with so many possibilities but these questions would show up. Would Russia still of had a revolution if so when and who would have led it? Would Russia and other countries still come to power during WW2? Without...
  16. B

    Did the French Revolution influence Communism?

    Both started with revolution against absolutist monarchies, were anti-aristocratic and atheistic, involved terror and imperial expansion, and resulted in large alliances to combat them.
  17. bartieboy

    The working man who fought communism

    What was the motivation for the normal working man to fight communism? After all, isn't communism a system that is above al beneficial to the working man? I suppose the main reason is money but I have yet to hear of a well paid soldier fighting communism.
  18. D

    Communism: trust and paranoia

    This question is for those from East Europe or the former Soviet Union: How did you (or your older relatives, if they discussed this) determine if you could trust somebody with your honest and critical opinion of the government?
  19. spellbanisher

    Tales of Communism's Fall

    Part One In this post I am going to summarize what I perceive as the two mainstream explanations for the fall of soviet communism. Then I will highlight the implications of these two stories and informally comment on their validity in lieu of the historical record. These stories are not...
  20. Revo

    What If Stalin Never Got To Power?

    I have searched for posts about the same subject, but i couldn't find anything in the first few pages, so I figure the posts about this subject are outdated or aren't there at all. So let's make a new one. So let's say Stalin was somehow unable to rule, Maybe lenin lived a little longer or he...