1. A

    What regions of the Eastern Block suffered the least or even benefitted the most from communism?

    What regions of the Eastern Block suffered the least or even benefitted the most from communism? As we all know the kind of communism that used to be implemented in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe was far from perfect and flawed in many ways, but it had it's moments. While some promissing...
  2. Nemo Neem

    My Beef with Communism

    Sure, communism, on paper seems like a good idea. However, in my opinion, it enslaves people and causes misery. It's an economic system, for one, not a form of government; it essentially allows the State to tell you what you can or can't buy, and that's morally wrong. It's not all about...
  3. NEW ARK?

    Is communism inevitable?

    Karl Marx identified four stages of history. Each was characterized by a different relationship between society's members and the means of production. As always in Marx's theory, the economy was the central element. His historical stages in sequence are: (1) Primitive Communism (2) Slavery (3)...
  4. sabio

    Nazism v Communism

    I read in a speech where Churchill said, given a choice between Nazism and Communism, he would choose Communism. It is funny, because after the war, the Soviet system posed an immense threat to the West and Briton's interest, but one has to think if Nazi Germany would have posed the same threat...
  5. feignfeign

    Association of workers union and communism in the U.S

    it is said that throughout the early 1900s many people feared workers union because it had a tinge of the communist ideology. In what ways did workers unions give off that sort of feel?
  6. F

    Was the 1949 revolution in China more about nationalism than communism?

    I've got an interesting assignment topic which i think may interest a few of the members here. Basically, can the 1949 revolution in China be considered to be more a nationalist movement than a communist one? I'd like to hear some ideas..
  7. C

    Can the communism fall during the II world war

    I have one question. What it happened In case of that USA and UK don't help to USSR against the Germany, and the Nazis succeeded to occupied the USSR. It's clearly that the germans will be defeatеd after 1 are 2 years from russian's partisans and with help of western anti nazis...
  8. Toltec

    History's Three Great Revolutions are Archetypes for Revolution?

    The English Revolution. Corrupt autocratic king is overthrown and executed, there's a civil war. Democratic(ish) parliament is created, bickers in factions, dissolves into a farce. A military dictator ceases power and creates totalitarian(esque) state. French Revolution. A corrupt...