1. H

    Pro communist people, how would you make communism work?

    Like if I wanted more ram or a new graphics card for my computer, how would I get those in communism?
  2. Edric Streona

    Successful Communist countries.

    Could any communist country be described as successful? In that they lasted for several generations, were not conquered, maintained a generally good standard of living comparable to the west, did not require massscres and repression, people were happy and there was no secret police type of...
  3. jameen

    Chinese Communist spies in the KMT

    How did Chairman Mao manage to put some spies in all sectors of the KMT government making him well-informed all about the plans and movements of KMT troops during the Chinese Civil War?
  4. Naima

    Italy under Communist sphere

    What woul dhave happpened if the stongest communist party of the western world in Italy did gain so much power to overthrow the government and side Italy with Russia and Communism?
  5. B

    How much support did eastern European communist parties have post WW2 1945-1950?

    Has anyone ever tried to work out how much actual support they had (e.g if there was a free election how many votes they would win). Btw I know that some of the prewar elections where relatively free.
  6. Futurist

    Were any Communist parties outside of Europe supporters of ethnic federalization?

    In the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia (and, to some extent, in Yugoslavia as well), Communists federalized their countries along ethnic lines. In turn, this helped facilitate the break-up of these countries once Communist rule there collapsed--with the Soviet Union becoming fifteen separate...
  7. Romanianboy2013

    Did the Communist Block had movies or series in James Bond style?

    We all know the James Bond british movies or american spy movies with western heroes defending "The Free World" from evil communist spies. I wonder if the countries from communist block had spy movies with heroes that fought against the evil capitalists. I only know that East Germany made some...
  8. E

    Communist insurgency in Asia

    I always find it weird to see that so many communist insurgencies still aren't over in Asia. Naxalites in India, maoist in Philippines still have a lot of popular support. Even a country like Japan that almost seem apolitical today experienced the attacks of those far left groups. What can...
  9. Y

    Tian-an-men, the emblem of Communist China

    As we all know, the Tian-an-men (天安門, Gate of Heavenly Peace) is on the emblem of the People's Republic of China. This seems like a great contradiction to me, since the Tian-an-men is the front gate of the imperial palace, the very symbol of reaction and authority, that any...
  10. H

    Why did not Communist China annex Mainland Southeast Asia?

    China is undoubtedly currently one of the most powerful countries in the world - in terms of territory, population as well as already economy. Yet it seems that it could have easily been even more powerful than it is right now. That additional power could have come from either annexation or...
  11. W

    If US done nothing , would the Communist World collapse from Internal Instability?

    I remember 3 years ago I witnessed an argument in a thread. The whole thing was on about the VIetnam War. One guy said that it was immorals for US to get involved in Vietnam because it caused so much suffering to the local VIetnamese.Furthermore, he added that the French and US should never...
  12. Romanianboy2013

    Question about kids adventure movies in the Communist Block

    :cool:I want to know from eastern european forumists what movies about adventures of schoolboys pioneers your countries produced in the communist years. Also I want to know if China or Vietnam has this kind of movies as well. Romania producde a couple of them. For example -Ciresarii (The...
  13. redskevin

    Communist South-East Asia

    Hey guys, just a curious question and wondering what you guys would think. What happens if countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand turned communist or had communist-linked governments during the Cold War?
  14. YouLoveMeYouKnowIt

    Communist USA, Capitalist Russia

    Communism never rise in Russia and the Entente remains in tact to finish off Germany. However, the Russian people has had enough hardship and the Tsar had no choice but to relinquish absolute power to pave way for a constitutional monarchy and a capitalist economy. The United States of America...
  15. Y

    Tito the greatest communist leader

    Tito was the greatest communist leader in European history in my opinion, how about yours?
  16. T

    Alger Hiss, Communist Spy or Innocent Victim of Red Scare?

    Alger was convicted at the very height of the red scare scare in a trial that was conducted in the media largely of having lied about being a communist many years before. Many, many people think he was guilty. The trial propelled Richard Nixon into the VP slot and later to the presidency, it...
  17. VHS

    India has been under something similar to the Chinese Communist Party

    With all its defects and vices, the accomplishments of the Chinese Communist Party are still astonishing. To say that Mao Zedong was evil without accomplishments might not be historical correct; his destructive formatting might have paved the road for rapid modernization. It raised literacy rate...
  18. TotalAaron

    Brief Book reviews: Communist Russian History!

    Hello, big thanks to leakbrewergator for letting me steal his wonderful post format to create book reviews for Communist Russia, as always feel free to add your own reviews The format i will be using and i hope others use is this Title- Author- Pages- Date Published- Table of Contents- Brief...
  19. FailWhale

    What would it have taken for Chang Kai-shek to turn communist

    Is there any possible scenario where Chang Kai-shek is converted to communism?
  20. Puleke

    Is the Communist Party of China legalist?

    A commonly held view is that the Chinese perceive communism as part of a continuous process that started from Qing domination, the many civil wars, foreign concessions, the war between the KMT and CCP, the Japanese invasion, and through the Cultural Revolution. Usually it is traced back all the...