1. Futurist

    Is it fair to compare French Algeria with the West Bank?

    Is it fair to compare French Algeria with the West Bank? Here are the similarities: Both of these territories are heavily Muslim-majority but with a significant non-Muslim minority (the Jews in the West Bank make up something like 20% of the total population there if one includes East Jerusalem...
  2. Visigoth Panzer

    Compare Composite Crossbow to Steel Crossbow

    For medieval European crossbows of the same poundage and spanning distance; are composite crossbows (made with wood, horn, and sinew glued together and bound with animal tendon) more powerful/efficient than equivalent steel crossbows?
  3. L

    How'd the civil rights movement compare to earlier attempts to attain black rights?

    This includes before the Civil War, the Reconstruction era, and the early to mid 1900s.
  4. Visigoth Panzer

    15cm Panzerlwerfer compare 8 cm Raketen-Vielfachwerfer

    My question is which was more effective, the 15cm nebelwerfer rockets of the Panzerwerfer or the 82 cm rockets of the Raketen-Vielfachwerfer? The nebelwerfers were larger but only fired salvos of six while the Raketen-Vielfachwerfer could fire salvos of 48 (2 per rack). For those uncertain to...
  5. A

    compare economic systems

    In a book titled "A BASIC CALL TO CONSCIOUSNESS" The Hau de no sau nee Address the world and explain the domestic economy they had. We may agree with them on moral grounds that capitalism is bad and some even say capitalism is evil. On the other hand, the developments that have raised our...
  6. O

    Compare and contrast Napoleon and Lee

    I'm reading this book The myth of the lost cause : why the South fought the Civil War and why the North won / Edward H. Bonekemper, III. In it , the author claims Lee's strategy cost unnecessarily so many lives that he was much more like a butcher than Grant and maybe the reason the CSA lost...
  7. No Bias FTW

    American Generalship During WW2: Easy Compare to Japanese Counterpart?

    I've started this thread somewhere else, but I think this place is the best to ask about this subject. Different military branches within the same nation sometimes have conflicts with one another, that is a given. However, being a general, admiral, or air commander in the US during WW2 must have...
  8. notgivenaway

    why do people compare the power of Rome and the British Empire?

    it's a silly comparison imho. Rome laid the basis for modern Europe, formalised Christianity, has extensive linguistic influence (even on Germanic languages like English), and has enduring monuments, buildings. Even the British buildings that we value now, like St. Paul's, Palace of Westminster...
  9. WhatAnArtist

    How do generals' authority and participation in wars today compare to the past?

    Obviously we're pretty far past the days of the Great Generals from the ancient period to the 19th century that pretty much had cults of personality around them and were often more famous than the leaders of their country (most well-known examples being Julius Caesar and Napoleon). Granted, the...
  10. P

    compare Rights of Man & the Bill of Rights

    Bill of rights 1791 were ratified The Rights of Man, 1789, written during the French Revolution, and the US bill of Rights seem to have different objectives and focus on Rights very differently. I am interested in why (if I am correct) and which offers more protection
  11. G

    Compare the Mamluks, Kizilbash and Janissaries

    Most of these involved buying out children through slavery, orphanes, being donated to the cause by parents etc. These three groups formed a strong and influential core of militaries of Egypt, Iran and Turkish empires. Of these only Kiziblash did not get disbanded in an organized fashion. I...
  12. Kuroda Kanbei

    How does Caesars populism compare to modern populism?

    Caesar was a populist, no doubt about that. To some there may even have been little difference between the populist Caesar and the destructive demagogue Clodius. Caesars populism was also a mostly positive force if you subscribe to the view that the republic was a sick dog needing to be put...
  13. P

    hoe to compare Greek demos & the Roman Republic

    How would describe the political similarity differences between the democracy of Athens & the Rome Republic?
  14. The Alchemist

    Why do we compare ourselves with other people?

    When we compare ourselves with other people, we either feel superior or inferior, both of those feelings is negative, so why is it that we compare ourselves with other people despite its negative conclusion?
  15. solx

    Let's Compare Pontius Pilate

    Do the Gospels portray an accurate account of Pontius Pilate?Or do the Gospels use Pilate as a literary tool to prop fiction as history?* The most contemporary account of Pilate is in Philo's "Embassy to Gaius".Due to Jewish persecution in Alexandria Philo is part of a group that went to Rome...
  16. M

    Late Roman, Hun, and Germanic Armies-how do they compare?

    This is a topic on how the Late Roman, Germanic(Vandals, Goths, etc.) and Hunnic compared strategically and tactically in the Late Roman era. I read Ammianus and Vegetius and know some about the Late Roman army but its hard to find the main tactics of the Germanic and Hunnic armies. What were...
  17. MarshallBudyonny

    How do American generals compare to Russian ones

    Which of these two nation throughout history can claim to have possessed the more capable generals?
  18. SW412

    Why compare Greeks and Romans?

    This seems to be a common theme on this forum - the way I see it is, this is really simply a sibling rivalry. Rome is the big, handsome, impressive one, that gets most of the attention, and Greece is the smarter, older brother, whose accomplishments are often undercut and accredited to Rome...
  19. J

    1st Red Scare compare to 2nd Red Scare

    How does the 1st Red Scare compare to the 2nd Red Scare? 1st Red Scare compare to 2nd Red Scare Both nationwide panics occurred in an immediate postwar period, when the public was calling for a "return to normalcy." In both cases, constitutional rights were severely abused in the process of...
  20. J

    1st Red Scare compare to 2nd Red Scare

    How does the 1st Red Scare compare to the 2nd Red Scare?