1. Visigoth Panzer

    When was Austria at its Greatest Compared to the rest of Europe?

    When was Austria at its greatest in comparison with the rest of Europe? I'm not including the reign of Charles V, who ruled Spain and Austria as it would be too obvious. Austria after Charles V should not directly take into account Hapsburg Spain as it had a different (albeit closely allied)...
  2. Visigoth Panzer

    WWI Tanks Compared to Early WW2 Tanks

    How would WW1 tanks like the Mark IV, Renault and A7V compare to early WW1 tanks like the Panzer II or M3 Stuart? Would the Mark IV's gun be able to penetrate their armor? Could the later tanks penetrate the earliers' armor?
  3. H

    Why was Italy unprepared for World War II compared to Germany?

    I have always wondered why Italy was not more powerful than Germany during World War II because Mussolini had a 10-year head start on Hitler (taking power in 1922 vs. Hitler in 1933) and was able to force Hitler's hand on Austria and mount a successful invasion of Ethiopia in the early-mid 30s...
  4. M

    Punic wars compared to Battle of Tours?

    I was wondering, is it possible to argue that the Punic Wars were to the ancient times what the Battle of Tours was to the Medival era. Specifically the idea that there are times when one group or perhaps a few groups with different aims is encroaching on one area or another where people...
  5. A

    why dogras Rajputs were ruthless and tribalistic compared to other rajputs ?

    After learning about muslim genocide by dogras Rajputs in 1947 where they killed 3,00,000+ Muslims including my own sadozai Afghan brothers and their atrocities in their 200 yr rule of Kashmir I always wondered this.
  6. M

    How bad was Fidel Castro compared to other latin american dictators?

    Latin America are known to have had many dictators and the most famous/infamous one is probably Fidel Castro. I have heard several different perspectives on Castro. The american propaganda has portrayed him as a ruthless tyrant who violently toppled the government of a successful and prospering...
  7. F

    How was being under Roman rule compared to the opposite?

    A different question here from those thread asking what was good or bad for the roman rulers (empire), here turned on its head: How was the roman empire for its inhabitants? Being from Gaul, Spain or Syria immediately before romans took over, compared to the age after roman conquest. And Late...
  8. O

    How effective is Spear/Shield combo compared to Sword/Spear?

    (I meant "Sword/Shield", sorry!) I've heard a lot of things about spears being used with shields. I've heard that it's only good in formation with multiple people, and unwieldy compared to sword and shield because heavy spears 7-8 feet long would have to be held in the middle, giving the user...
  9. R

    Why was Imperial China so cruel and brutal in its punishments compared to European Ki

    Why were Chinese emperors and the Chinese legal system in general so brutal in their punishments, compared to European absolute monarchs in the modern period? Like for example, the Chinese have laws like the entire bloodlines of political enemies have executed, this even includes relatives of...
  10. W

    Why is Italy so weak compared to her predecessors,the Roman Empire?

    A friend of mine told me its because Italians lacked the qualities that made the Roman people create the one of if not the greatest civilizations in the history of the world: 1)Industriousness 2)Stoicism 3)Frugality 4)Toughness 5)Discipline 6)Militarism and above all: 7)Willingness to sacrifice...
  11. BloodyPirate

    How good were the Soviet tank crews compared to their Western counterparts?

    During WW2 till the end of the Cold War? And who have the best trained Tank crews today? I recall the Soviets had different sub classes with the tanks. Soviet class C divisions had the old/borderline obsolete equipment, B divisions had the 10 years old stuff, and the A divisions had the state...
  12. RomanEmperor

    Native Treatment in Australia compared to NZ

    Why was colonization not devastating for the Maori in NZ, but it was for the Aboriginis in Australia? If anything the Maori were worse because they drove several species to extinction before Europeans even arrived.
  13. M

    Seven Deadly Sins in Christianity vs. Seven Deadly Sins in Islam - Compared

    Such a video: I found it interesting, it highlights differences in moral codes of these respective religions:
  14. R

    Why were Jews much more accepting of their oppression compared to African Americans

    Something I always wanted to know, why were European Jews much more "accepting" to their oppression then African Americans.. There was no Civil Rights in Europe for Jews, I don't consider Herzl Zionism to be similar to American Civil Rights.. Herzl Zionism is similar to Marcus Garvey's...
  15. civfanatic

    Reasons for the old age of Tamil literature compared to Kannada or Telugu literature?

    Tamil literature is over 2000 years old, and is one of the oldest literary traditions in India. In contrast, Kannada and Telugu literature only emerged during medieval times. The oldest extant Kannada work is the Kavirajamarga which is from the 9th century, while the oldest extant Telugu work is...
  16. civfanatic

    Why were Spain and Portugal so backwards compared to North European nations by 1900?

    By the early 20th century, countries like Britain and Netherlands were industrialized states with very high GDP per capita and very high literacy rates, while Spain and Portugal were very backwards and primitive states with very little industrial development and very illiterate populations. As...
  17. B

    Chinese historiography as compared to Greco-Roman historiography

    Hi all, This thread is to compare the ancient Chinese historiography to the ancient Greco-Roman historiography in terms of: 1.) The quantity of the historical records, chronicles etc. each of them have left. 2.) The quality of their records, their nature and style. I look forward to the...
  18. R

    Are modern Politicians lightweight compared to those of the past?

    Are modern Politicians lightweight compared to those of the past? Are we living in an age of weak leadership? Are there no more strongmen? Or are modern Politicians more moral and less Machiavellian?
  19. L

    France and England an analog to China and Japan?

    Has anyone every written about this? Can anyone suggest books or papers?
  20. Jeff0803

    Donald Trump as a potential president compared to past Presidents

    It seems like allot of Americans are on board with the idea of Donald Trump becoming the Republican nominee, and perhaps even President (God forbid). Hypothetically, if Trump became President, are there any Presidents in American history that are similar to Trump in any way? In other words, is...