1. J

    Was Hitler's nazism on the extreme right or left in the political compass?

    Hi everyone! Nationalism is just one small aspect of the many many aspects of a political compass. Read about it: I also suggest to fill the test yourself! The edification: A person or party doesn't need to be on the extreme edge of...
  2. TIK

    Operation Compass 1941-45 | Battlestorm Documentary

    Hi all! Operation Compass 1940-41 | Battlestorm History Documentary This is the most detailed video about Operation Compass that there is on the internet. Using animations and maps, we find out what happened in one of the greatest British (and Commonwealth) victories of the war and who was...
  3. P

    Did the Chinese have the dry compass?

    I'm wary of the notion that Chinese compasses weren't sufficiently refined; but that might be because they used magnetic compasses instead of the dry one. Do you think the Chinese had dry compasses? If not, who do you think invented it?
  4. gladiatrice

    Historical figures with no moral compass

    Most of us have some sort of moral compass; something that guides us and defines our beliefs in what is wrong and what is right. However, throughout history, we've seen some people who seem to be lacking any sort of moral compass whatsoever. Here's my nomination: King Stephen of England...
  5. Z

    History of the Compass

    Hello all, For those of you interested in the history of the compass, a device still in use to locate different directions, please go to: The origin of the compass - by Zahra Hamdani - Helium Enjoy!