1. Darth Raidius

    Operation Anadyr is completed before the Cuban Missile Crisis

    How would the Cuban Missile Crisis (and the Cold War in general) be affected if the Soviet military deployment to Cuba - Operation Anadyr - was not discovered by the United States before its completion? The operation included deploying the following Soviet equipment in Cuba, with a total of...
  2. G

    Could Spain have completed the reconquista by taking North Africa

    Because this region was culturally part of the Spanish sphere of influence. Would it have been better if they tried it rather than far away Americas which eventually did not hold with them in the long run and by the 19th century left (before the peak colonial era). Wouldnt North Africa not have...
  3. J

    Had Germany completed its Atlantic Wall would D-Day have still worked

    If Germany fully completed its atlantic fortress and thus setting up heavier defenses could D-Day have worked?
  4. P

    When would you say the British completed their conquest of India?

    When did the British complete the conquest of India? Was it the Sepoy Rebellion? Or was it later on??
  5. J

    Could Germany have won WWII had they completed and mass projects such as the Me 262

    along with the Me 264, and Horten H.XVIII. If they somehow managed to complete and mass produce theses projects by early 1940 could they have won.
  6. Mohammed the Persian

    Dictionary of dead 2000 year old Akkadian Language completed

    BBC News - Dictionary of dead language complete after 90 years Well, I would say they're a bit too late:laugh: But nonetheless, lets see if this bears any fruits ? :rolleyes:
  7. Commander

    1981 IBM's first PC completed

    1981 IBM's first PC is completed By the early 1980s, the computer had shrunk from being a room-clogging behemoth to a relatively dainty machine that could fit on desks in homes and schools. So, IBM's introduction of its Personal Computer (PC) on August 12, 1981, didn't exactly signal a...