1. starman

    Iraq 1991 Completely hopeless?

    As various writers have noted, the 1991 gulf war was among the most lop sided in military history. Iraq lost up to 4,000 tanks while the US lost around half a dozen--all to mines. The Marines picked off hundreds of Iraqi T-62s etc while the latter failed to get a single hit on any Marine...
  2. Futurist

    The First Intifada is Either Delayed or Completely Prevented

    What if the First Intifada is either delayed by, say, one to three decades (in other words, 10 to 30 years) or is completely prevented? Any thoughts on this? Also, for reference:
  3. Futurist

    Would Germany have (completely) won World War I if Britain would have been neutral?

    If Britain would have been neutral in World War I, then would Germany and the Central Powers have (completely) won World War I? Any thoughts on this? As for me, I am tempted to say Yes. After all, British neutrality in World War I means U.S. neutrality in World War I. Also, after Russia would...
  4. Publius

    Rome is completely expelled from Spain in 211 BC

    OK, so what if, after the defeat of the Scipio brothers in 211 BC, the Carthaginians had managed to dislodge the remaining Romans north of the Ebro and forced them to sail back to Italy? How would this have affected the rest of the Second Punic War? Or would it have had no effect?
  5. V

    Which ancient tribe has been completely wiped out

    From the face of the earth by another tribe, invading army or country?
  6. G

    Why did Arabic spread so rapidly and so completely in far off lands

    Where entire countries with distinct identities over a millenia and speaking unrelated languages like Spanish, Berber, Coptic etc. gave up their own language and adopted an alien tongue. In the modern people are adopting English yet not leaving their mother tongues. Why did this happen with Arabic?
  7. C

    Should land mines be completely banned in warfare?

    Should the use of anti personnel mines be allowed during war? Or should they be banned entirely? Or should they be replaced with smart mines that can be deactivated any time at will by whoever laid it in a safe and efficient manner so it doesn't pose a risk to civilians? Here is a link to an...
  8. RoyalHill1987

    Is terrorism justified?

    I was watching a documentary about the Earth Liberation Front, a Green organisation in the USA which used "eco-terrorism" or "environmentally friendly" terror tactics to blow up logging companies, block roads and prevent logging trucks from driving up into the hills to harvest timber. They...
  9. R

    Was the Western Roman Empire completely doomed?

    I know it is commonly said that the western empire lacked the resources of the east but was the west completely doomed to fall? You guys are a lot smarter than me, were there any steps that could have been taken to stop the barbarians and the internal struggles it suffered?
  10. M

    Size of Cimbri Horde-How did they completely wipe out a Roman army of 120,000?

    This is a thread on the Cimbri and Teutonic Invasion during Marius' time. It is was said that the size of the horde was 400,000. But this number was probably citizens as they were migrating and demanding land. How did the Germans support such a large force? Did they travel in large organized...
  11. Jake10

    Why was Ireland never completely assimilated by the English?

    The campaigns to do so seem strong enough, yet Irish culture remains. Why?
  12. German8ter

    What brought the end to Medieval Warfare, completely?

    A friend and I are in a debate. While playing a favorite game of ours (Civilization V), I complain that the musket unit should be stronger than the long swordsmen unit (They have the same strength in game). He thinks it's historically accurate but I say nay! I've been learning more about 17th &...
  13. Nyneve

    Countries/states that have completely changed place

    Almost all countries and states have experienced border changes, but which ones have done so to such an extent that they are left with none of their original territory at all? The classic example is the Roman state, which began as a city on the Tiber and ended up as a city on the Bosporus. Are...
  14. Mohammed the Persian

    Are Horses completely irrelevant in Modern Day Warfare?

    Well... they are pretty obsolete :wondering: Whaddya think ?
  15. James Random

    Japan may be rendered completely uninhabitable

    Interesting story, not sure how true it is, though: Fukushima: Caldicott says Japan may become uninhabitable - media silent | Independent Australia
  16. Earl_of_Rochester

    Commanders who were completely mad

    As much as I love Nelson part of me thinks he was a lunatic, I'm almost certain he was stark raving mad and in the same state of mind as the suicide bombers who blow themselves up for Allah. I realise that's a very controversial statement to make and he certainly isn't anything like them in...
  17. theauthor

    Milton Friedman is completely wrong here

    I just watched Freedom to Choose by Milton Friedman. In the second chapter, Tyranny of Control, he said that freedom made Great Britain economically powerful. That is downright wrong! Looking at Britain in geography and demography, it has everything that should turn it into a Great Power...
  18. S

    Other countries aren't completely useless.

    It is my opinion, that contrary to popular belief, countries other than America aren't entirely useless. For instance, the British do sort of do some things.
  19. T

    Will Iran's reformers be completely silenced by the hardliners

    I was reading an AP report that the population in Iran disagrees with their president sending money to finance the Palestian factions at Gaza. I'm wondering what if any impact reformers can make to their government, given this level of awareness of the world community agreeing with their...
  20. N

    Is there ever a completely benign civilization in history?

    Basically all that I've learned about history has only confirmed my views about history and about empire building. A lot of conflict in history is unnecessary and the changes that happen seem to rely on violence when they don't need to. I'm wondering if there has ever been a completely benign...