1. J

    Looking for comprehensive biography of Carlos Delmarva

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a comprehensive biography of Carlos Delmarva, the Spanish explorer after whom the Delmarva peninsula is named. Any suggestions? John
  2. T

    A Comprehensive Map on All the States that Could Have Been

    Andrew Shears ? From Absaroka to Yazoo: The 124 United States That Could?ve Been I thought you guys would enjoy the map. My favorite 'almost' state? Indian Stream.
  3. T

    A comprehensive work on the Roman Empire?

    Hi all, I am seeking a book that gives a comprehensive view of the Roman Empire, from its beginnings to its fall. I will be taking notes on the analagous contributing factors that led to the rise and fall of Rome and how they apply to the past and contemporary American Empire. I didn't...
  4. LegioXIII

    Comprehensive History of the Isreal-Palestine conflict?

    It's one of those things that Wikipedia articles and partisan op-eds don't seem to cover all that well. You can read a dozen of them and still remain utterly confused. Any good and recent books on the subject?
  5. Heraclius

    Comprehensive Source for Byzantine History?

    Hello all, First of all, I am relatively new to the Byzantine history circle, but I have always been interested in the ins and outs of how this empire worked. In my quest to find a good, comprehensive source for Byzantine history, I started reading Norwich's three part volume on Byzantine...
  6. Thessalonian

    Comprehensive History of India?

    Is there any book (a single volume) that successfully narrates the history of India from Indus Valley Civilization Era until the Independence from Britain?
  7. Thessalonian

    The Peloponnesian War: A comprehensive lecture

    17. The Peloponnesian War, Part I - YouTube 19. The Peloponnesian War, Part II - YouTube Yale courses are particularly interesting... Now, our "Spartan" member Okamido will share his views: Was this a civil war or not? :)
  8. LegioXIII

    A comprehensive documentary of American history?

    I just finished BBC's Complete History of WWII (which was actually a collection of smaller documentaries with an usually large chapter dedicated to Dunkirk and a surprisingly small chapter dedicated to the siege of Stalingrad) and I'm currently half way through Canada: A People's History. Both...
  9. Nemo Neem

    America's "Greatest" Writer: A Comprehensive List

    In your opinion, of these writers, who is the greatest? What I mean is, 1. Who had a lasting impact? 2. Whose literature is most talked about? 3. Who had the greatest influence? My vote is Edgar Allan Poe. Hands down, he's my favorite author. All of his work is talked about, he invented the...