1. M

    historical concept of unconditional love

    Does anyone know when parents or significant others started to love each other unconditionally? Like when the concept originated? I know in the middle ages people married for political reasons. In Sparta children were trained rigorously to become soldiers. Doesn't seem like unconditional love...
  2. LegioXIII

    House Names and the concept of Houses

    When did these come about? I'm reading Dan Jones' book on the Plantagenet kings and one of the first things mentioned was that the name of the royal house of England was actually adopted rather late (in the 15th century). What were they called during the height of their power? Where they just...
  3. Jake10

    Do you support the concept of worker unions?

    What are your thoughts about unions and what they do?
  4. Stephie

    Puzzling concept - sweating marble

    I have been leisurely reading through James A. Maruseks' Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events on the web at I've found a lot of interesting and striking things there, but relatively early are accounts of 'sweating marble and plaster' in...
  5. VHS

    The "humans as the worst pests" concept and what can be done

    Note: this is NOT anti-human; this is about what humans have done, and what can be improved. Let's focus on how the environmental impacts of humanity increased. Before the Industrial Revolution, humans were relatively innocuous beings; then, wait! We had collapses of civilizations due to...
  6. Jax

    Can the Concept of God be Universally and Objectively Defined?

    Over and over I come across theists that make claims about a God. Usually they take the form that "God is Love" or "God exists outside of the material universe" or "the only way to know God is to remove all sin" etc.. These, and others like them are however just statements of opinion and...
  7. VHS

    Is the concept of population dividend obsolete?

    Jeremy Rifkin's End of Work was published in 1995, and it was somewhat before the widespread use of the Internet. Are his predictions coming? Some call uses of self-driving trucks in the petroleum industry worrisome. Population dividend is dependent on the added value of larger labour force...
  8. VHS

    The whole concept of HDI (Human Development Index) and its relevance

    The United Nations developed the concept of HDI (Human Development Index) in 1990, and according to Wikipedia, the Pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq led and launched it. In 1990, Canada led the top spot in HDI; today, the top spots belong to Norway, Australia, and Switzerland. I just laughed...
  9. W

    How did the concept of Europe and Asia develop?

    Geographically at least, it's hard to see much distinction between Europe and Asia, at least compared to other continental divides like Asia-Africa or North-South America. The Ural mountains don't even extend the length of the Europe-Asia divide, and what we consider the "Asian" part of Turkey...
  10. M

    How do I explain Machiavelli’s concept of virtu in the context of Renaissance humanis

    I'm going to be straight here. I'm not a history person and I stupidly picked this history course as first year gen. ed. because my girlfriend is in it. I have to write a 2000 year word essay explaining Machiavelli’s concept of virtu in the context of Renaissance humanism. I've been...
  11. VHS

    The concept of Global Hectare

    As I have said, "if it works, don't fix" is a silly saying; even if it works at the moment, we probably don't know whether it is sustainable or not. I have said that I work on timepieces, and something that "superficially works" might already require massive maintenance. The fact that we...
  12. L

    When did the modern concept of borders first come about?

    Obviously, the concept of political boundaries between different regions and states has probably existed for thousands of years, but what I mean is when did the concept of a border as a guarded physical boundary first come into existence? Many people think of the Schengen Zone of the EU as...
  13. VHS

    How and when did the concept of war crime arise?

    Atrocities in war has gone a long way back, and let's list a few commonly known ones here: According to Zizhi Tongjian (which is very much a secondary source itself, and it is meant to be lessons for rulers; consequently, it cannot be considered 100% historical), Bai Qi and his Qin military...
  14. Z

    "Han" as a Fluid Concept

    Han Chinese - New World Encyclopedia I know that Tanka is not considered as Han before 1955. As for Hakka, I create a thread discussing about it. Beside Hakka and Tanka, who are the...
  15. civfanatic

    Did Chinese historiography have a concept of progress and evolutionary change?

    I am completely illiterate in Chinese, so I have not read any traditional books on history or historiography written in Chinese. Did traditional (by which I mean pre-modern, before the 19th century) Chinese historians have a clear concept of progress and evolutionary change in history, or did...
  16. VHS

    Development of the concept of functional illiteracy

    Functional illiteracy must be a relatively new concept (probably not that new; basic literacy has been common in the developed world since the 1960s). Let's look at Canada: HillNotes: Literacy in Canada The 99.9 "literacy rate" sounds impressive on paper, but the quality of literacy is quite...
  17. Futurist

    Early Proponents of the Concept of Lebensraum

    Other than geographer Friedrich Ratzel (who coined the term "Lebensraum" in 1901), General Friedrich von Bernhardi (in his 1911 book Germany and the Next War), Pan-German League president Heinrich Class (in his 1912 book If I Were the Kaiser), and professor Karl Haushofer (who taught Rudolf Hess...
  18. Pillbox city

    Do you agree with the concept of multicultralism?

    For anybody who doesn't know, multiculturalism is an ideology that promotes "existence, acceptance, or promotion of multiple cultural traditions within a single jurisdiction, usually considered in terms of the culture associated with an ethnic group"...
  19. stephen mills

    Nazi Nuremberg Laws and the concept of related blood

    The Nuremberg Laws stated: Did the Nazis ever actually define who were related blood ("artverwandten Blutes")?
  20. C

    Origins of the concept of Hebrew slaves in Egypt

    The exodus in the bible is considered widely by most historians to be a work of fiction largely based around the evidence of a paid workforce of skilled builders in Egypt and the lack of any evidence of Hebrews in Egypt before about 2000 years after the great pyramid was built (by which time...