1. antocya

    Movies condemned by the National (Catholic) Legion of Decency

    I was reading about censorship in movies and starting in the 30s this catholic group would condemn movies considered immoral. According to the book, people faced eternal damnation by seeing these movies. There’s a list on Wikipedia and I was surprised how many I’ve seen. They stopped condemning...
  2. B

    Anglican chaplain wrote book including confessed sins of condemned This was entertaining and is interesting reading and a historical source. However, I don't understand why it was considered acceptable for the chaplain of Newgate to tell the condemned prisoners they needed to confess...
  3. Eamonn10

    'Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it,' George Santayana

    Dia duit everyone Ive been a member of the site for the past week but forgot to post an introductory piece. Just to say so far i've been very impressed by the site and the discussions on it. The multi-cutlural, multi-historical approach is a real pleasure to see and I hope i can contribute to...
  4. Lucius Vorenus

    Monster from Grbavica condemned on 45 years sentence!

    I recommend reading this article to only those with strong diggestion: NewsDaily: Montenegrin jailed for 45 years over Sarajevo killings
  5. Kylar Stern

    Socrates rightfully condemned?

    First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong section - I figured it could've went here or Political Sciences. On to the topic though, I was reading an interesting articles by I.F. Stone ("I.F. Stone Breaks the Socrates Story," from New York Times Magazine, April 8, 1979) - who basically...
  6. interest

    NY Times: originally supported, later condemned fighting north vietnam

    I have read and heard this a couple of times. Does anyone have headlines or articles that show this?