1. 3M3R50N

    The Connection Between Poetry And History?

    Oskar. Eighteen. Dublin. My interest in history derives itself from my interest in poetry and how a poet is situated within a historic period. I would like to write a doctorate on either Emily Dickinson, Das Niebelungenlied or Wolfram von Eschenbach.
  2. A

    Connection between Mycenaean crowns and gold 'druid hats' from Germany?

    These ceremonial gold hats date from c.1400 to c.900 BC. Three were found in western/southern Germany (one possibly in Switzerland), and one in western France: 

Researchers have found that the ornaments on the Berlin Gold Hat contain mathematical codes with an...
  3. BordoEnes

    Is there any connection between the Sumerian "Dingir" god and the Steppe god "Tengri"

    Is there any connection between the Sumerian "Dingir" god and the Steppe god "Tengri" Well this truelly peaked my curiosity as i had never heard of this theory before but there seems to be a strong corrolation between these two deities. Both are a representation of the "Sky" and/or "Heavens"...
  4. V

    vedic Atris and Vishwamitras Connection ?

    According to Hindu scripts Both Atri Brahmins and Vishwamitras+Koshik+kausik Brahmins are descendants of a Vedic moon god Chandra. Is there any kind of connection between Atri and Vishwamitra trobes ? Vishwamitras were given designation of Kshatriyas forst and became Brahmins later so is it...
  5. J

    Question: Karl Haushofer, Adolf Hitler and Portugal. Any connection?

    A few days ago, I went to lunch with some friends of mine and there was this guy which I barely knew who is an officer of the Portuguese Navy and also a professor of History and told me that he had heard of such "fascination" of certain Nazi politicians (more specifically Adolf Hitler and Karl...
  6. BordoEnes

    Is there a connection between the Legends of Asena and Roman Capitoline Wolf?

    Its appears to be somewhat similar in terms of the core believe. Both wolfs essentialy raises children that then establish great empires, among a few.
  7. T

    Are Chulan Kings of Malaysia descendants of the Cholan Dynasty?

    In the past there were several members of Royal families in Malaysia who had the name Chulan which according to some scholars is a different form of Cholan of the Chola Dynasty. The 15th century Malaysian text Sejarah Melayu mentions the Chola invasion of Malaysia and Indonesia in the 11th...
  8. J

    Gokturks connection to Goguryeo

    The Gokturk empire is the start of one of the most prolific movements on earth. It is the foundation of the Turkish ethnicity which gave rise to powerful nations in the past that were (and likely still are) major drivers of history and world events. Goguryeo on the other hand, we don't hear...
  9. T

    Pergamon Altar - Connection to the Third Reich

    Hello, Everyone: A co-worker was recently telling me about the Pergamon Altar and its connection to the Third Reich. Some things he was relating sounded far-fetched. I could've been wrong in thinking so, so I later found the two links below on this topic at home...
  10. Bard A Madsen

    Halloween, New Years, and the Comet Connection

    In the hoary past The New Year was held when the Earth crossed the night time Taurid Stream which is when Halloween is held today. The ancients' 'calendar' went by a sidereal system which uses the stars with the Precession of the Spring Equinox in which the year was three hundred and sixty days...
  11. T

    Is there some remote connection between ancient Greece and Scotland?

    The two countries seem very different and so far apart geographically that it seems hard to believe that the ancient Greeks and the Scots/ Picts ever knew of each other. Yet for a long time I've thought there were similarities between the countries. The patron saint of both countries is Saint...
  12. Aham Brahmasmi

    Titanic : The India connection

    Titanic 100 years ago: The India connection brits where everywhere in India 50 years ago :laugh:
  13. E

    What connection does the German Unification have with the outbreak of WWI?

    I've just been very interested lately about Germany and its build up to WWI. What connection does the German Unification have towards WWI in terms of politics, economy and nationalism in Germany?
  14. God Emperor

    Is there any connection between Italic Marsi and Germanic Marsi?

    What is your opinion? Were they related somehow or was it just a coincidence?
  15. Sharks And L0ve

    Is sobriety the best alternative to addiction? What about connection to others?

    Has anyone here ever been addicted to anything? Drugs? Computer games? Historum? What eventually got you off your addiction? Was it forcing yourself to abstain completely from that activity? Endlessly check your smartphone? Gambling? Have you ever seen someone who forces themselves to stop...
  16. civfanatic

    Possible Connections between Dravidians and Sumerians/Elamites

    In this thread, I wish to discuss the possibility of a connection between the Dravidian peoples and the ancient peoples of Mesopotamia and Elam. I am certainly not the first one to propose such a possible connection, but in this thread I wish to discuss the feasibility of such a connection, and...
  17. A

    KOREAN spoken language connection to tamil

    I just came to watch korean drama in sept 2013 by chance. Until then i never had a clue of korea except it was nearby japan. That is about korea knowledge i had. But once i delved into korean drama and the words they used. I can say with 100% certainity , it came from proto tamil. There are...
  18. EmperorTigerstar

    Connection Between the Avars and the Juan-Juan

    Similar to the classic theory that the Huns are the same as the Xiongnu, there's another prevalent hypothesis that the Avars (as in the Pannonian Avars who created a khaganite in Central Europe in the early Middle Ages) are the same as the Juan-Juan (also called Rouran) from Asia that gave...
  19. Z

    Yayoi connection to Jiangsu,Wu Taibo and his followers

    Yayoi linked to Yangtze area Archaeological evidence shows that Yayoi remain in Yamaguchi and Fukuoka are similar to remains in Jiangsu. Yayoi period - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Taibo of Wu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia That's not all. In addition, people of Wa claim themselves...
  20. Y

    Mongol-Tungusic connection to Austronesians

    I wonder if there are any cultural or linguistic connections between the Austronesians and the Mongol-Tungusics.