1. Visigoth Panzer

    What if Germany Conquered Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands in WWI

    What if imperial Germany conquered the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway in WWI? Would this have helped them in any significant way (most notably in resisting allied embargo)?
  2. A

    If the Mongols continued to invade Europe and conquered most of the mainland...

    If the Mongols continued to invade Europe and conquered most of mainland Europe, then what areas of Europe would become Khanates, which would remain independent, and what would be the borders between these Khanates? My guess: Golden Horde remains. A new Khanate (let's called it the Green...
  3. M

    I submit Normans never conquered England

    This is better as a paper but since I guess I don't really write papers anymore for school I guess I just feel the need to get these ideas out somewhere like historum... But essentially the idea is that there was no meaningful difference between the time of the Norman invasions (or conquest as...
  4. Polynikes

    Just how French were the Normans who conquered Italy and Sicily?

    I'm wondering as to how 'Viking' the Normans were ethnically and culturally. One book I read said that many of Roger's compatriots were actually speaking in Norse to one another, yet conversed in French with 'Gallic' Norman and French adventurers. So what percentage descended from the Vikings...
  5. AlpinLuke

    Romans never conquered Gaul

    History is odd. An event can change all ... and for a lot of people. Let's imagine that Vercingetorix defeated Caesar, that he was able to organize a stable Celtic army and the defense of his domain forcing the Romans to stay South of the Alps. The Romans would have never reached Britain, the...
  6. H

    are India really Conquered and Become Slave for 1.200 years ++ by muslim and british

    Chaining 1,200 Years Our PM’s recalculation of how long Indians have been ‘slaves’ Good lawyers and good historians have one thing in common: both are quick to spot the crucial small print that ordinary folk miss the significance of. So, as politicians and the media were concentrating on the...
  7. Karl XII

    If the mongols hadn't turned back how much more of europe could they have conquered?

    This question may have been answered before but I couldn't find anything when I searched for it. By 1242 the mongols had conquered most of Russia, Poland, Hungary, and had even penetrated into romania and moravia. If they had been able to keep going would they have been able to conquer germany...
  8. Maki

    What if Hideyoshi successfully conquered China?

    So, in 1592 the taiko, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, put into action his grand plan of conquering the Great Ming Empire via Korea. Obviously, Korean resistance and timely Ming military intervention managed to contain the conflict to Korea and, after Hideyoshi's death the campaign was abandoned. But what...
  9. Norus

    Is there any other Empire that conquered less than China?

    So is there any other Empire that conquered less than China? I am sure it is a very ignorant statement, so some enlightenment would be nice. Thank You. :D
  10. Naima

    If and When Southern Italy could have conquered the North?

    I am wondering in what time period of Italy , since the fragmentation of the medieval times could the Southern Kingdom conquer and unify Italy before the Piedmond ?
  11. Visigoth Panzer

    If the new world wasn't discovered would Spain have conquered North Africa?

    If the new world wasn't discovered would Spain have instead spent its resources conquering North Africa (morocco and Algeria)? This probably would get them more involved in eastern Mediterranean affairs, making the Ottomans their main enemy (more so than normal).
  12. Visigoth Panzer

    If Germany conquered Russia in 1942, would Britain have fought on?

    If Germany captured Moscow in 1941, held off the winter offensive and in 1942 conquered all the way up to the Urals, forcing a Soviet surrender; would Britain have kept on fighting? Even with America could they defeat Germany?
  13. W

    could 5000 europeans reall have conquered viet-nam in the 1820s?

    I was reading an old book about early 19th century Vietnam were the author John Crawfurd claimed that despite Vietnam being the most advanced of the Asian kingdoms, it would be more easily conquered than lets say Thailand or Burma. Infact he claims 5000 euro soldiers plus a few ships could...
  14. G

    What if Persians conquered and sacked Constantinople

    Either the Parthians or more likely the Sassanids managed to invade and sack the city. Would they annex it permanently. Would they go further westward like Achaemenids or would they stop? How would history change?
  15. G

    What if the Ottomans conquered right upto Western Europe

    How would the world change in this case? Would they emerge as the New Roman, Greek, Han or Mauryan Empire of the era?
  16. Maki

    What if Russia conquered Constantinople?

    In 1878, when the Russo-Turkish war was finished, Russian troops were already in San Stefano (Bakirkoy) and they were very close to the heart of Constantinople (Fatih district). Eventually British pressure forced Russia to stop. But what if they continued and actually entered the city. Would it...
  17. W

    French (or other Europeans) conquered South America and impact on racial identity?

    Spain has a unique identity problem in the United States and to a very large extent on the international scene (outside of Europe and places they colonized such as Mexico and Philippines). That the country and its culture is non-white/non-western and is uncivilized. This is especially true in...
  18. WhatAnArtist

    Could Alexander have conquered the Romans at the height of their power?

    So let's say, for a purely hypothetical scenario, the Romans were at their level of technological and martial skill around 180 AD, around the time of Aurelius' death, and Alexander had already proven himself as one of the greatest commanders of all time with the Persian and Indian campaigns. So...
  19. skapeti

    The ethnic background of the Byzantine army that conquered Crete in 961.

    I knew that byzantines had only professional army at that time. I also have a reference of Russians at the landing of Nikephoros II Phokas army in Crete, in this book...
  20. Azad67

    Do you think Sher Shah Suri would have conquered Deccan in one sweep?

    Sher Shah Suri, after Kalinjar in Bundelkhand, had plan of conquering Deccan and had ordered Shujaat Khan (governor of Malwa) to make preparations in advance for the invasion of Deccan. Abbas Khan Sarwani tells us that construction of road between Agra and Burhanpur had started (Khandesh was...