1. Witson

    Was an attack on Poland by USSR was consequences of their own fault?

    As much as I get, USSR didn't exactly had an allience with Germany. They had non-agression pact. When Germany was about to attack Poland, Stalin was well aware that next gonna be them. So he offered his help to Poland, but they refused. And in the end he had no choice but to attack Poland in...
  2. maTiasddsm

    How do you see the LEBENSBORN nazi program and it’s consequences?

    Hy members. It’s the first time I start a thread in this European forum. Some time ago I saw that “Mothers of the third reich” movie. After that, I’ve been reading a lot about the “Lebensborn” nazi program to reverse the declining birth rate among the...
  3. C

    Germany/USSR pact, both invaded Poland, but only one suffered consequences....

    In 1939 Germany and the USSR signed a treaty where among others things they divided up Poland between themselves. Britain and France warned Germany not to invade, but what about the USSR? They invaded Poland at approximately the same time, why weren't they warned off too?. Sent from my iPad...
  4. Kvasir

    The mongol sacking of Baghdad and its long-term consequences

    As you all know the sacking of Baghdad by the mongols in 1258 was probably a gruesome sight. However: I've often heard it portrayed as something that radically changed world history. It goes something like; The mongols ruined the Islamic culture at its height, and it has never really recovered...
  5. T

    Human History Examples:

    Hi, im new to the forum hopefully i have named the post accordingly and not misled anyone and i have posted in the correct place. The phrase "Chickens coming home to roost" ( is the general topic as such for the post and i was wondering does anyone...
  6. Sobo

    What will be the consequences now that TTIP fails?

    The german economy minister Gabriel said that he is sure TTIP (free trade with USA) will not be signed. he said there is no agreement in even one chapter. The USA do not move in any aspect and want create a dictat for europe that would only hurt european interests. He lists that USA dont want...
  7. David Vagamundo

    Economic Consequences of the New Deal 1933 to 1939

    Was the New Deal an economic success? An economic failure? Or something else? This continues a discussion going on in the "Greatest Myths of US History" thread below. Before responding, please read or at least skim the following, all of which were posted in comments on that thread...
  8. D

    Unintended consequences

    One way to view history is through unintended consequences, even if it takes a while. Stalin's Terror gave him total control. In 1939, 30-year old Andrei Gromyko was assigned to the Foreign Ministry. In 1954, Gorbachev, after graduating from Moscow State University, began his career at the...
  9. I

    Italian Renaissance Causes and Consequences

    What is the most important cause and consequence of the Italian Renaissance? To what extent did the most important cause contribute to the event and what is the significance of the consequence?
  10. A

    What would be the consequences of UK leaving EU?

    What would be the consequences of UK leaving EU? The United Kingdom seems to really like to put controversial decisions up to referendum these days. After the Independence of Scotland, now it is the membership of European Union. According to the European Union Referendum Act 2015, the...
  11. Valens

    Economic consequences of mass migration

    I wanted to have this thread to discuss economic implications of the current mass migration wave into Europe. Knowing that the most previous threads on this sensitive topic have descended into usual fighting and eventually got closed, I must say that we should try and strictly keep to the OP...
  12. P

    Seeking other unintended consequences e.g. Flint, MI lead poisoning?

    Considering the lead tainting of the water system in Flint, Michigan as part of an austerity program, it seems to me that there must be a long history of examples of unintended consequences of pragmatic thinking gone wacko that go way back past John Locke and Adam Smith. So does anyone have some...
  13. G

    What Were the Consequences of Napoleon's 1798 Invasion of Egypt?

    Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798, ostensibly to cut off British trade routes to India. What were the knock-on effects of his aggression? What would have happened if he never invaded?
  14. P

    What are the consequences.

    A Reuter' s poll showed that 24% of Americans believe that America is on the right path. While 54% believe it is heading i the wrong direction. Middle aged white Americans with High School degree or less have a death rate from alcohol and drugs have a death rate that has quadrupled in the past...
  15. Valens

    Fall of Constantinople and its consequences

    On May 29, 1453, the armies of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II entered Constantinople in an event which marked the end of the thousand years old Roman (Byzantine) Empire, and for some, ended the Middle Ages. The Ottomans had transferred their capital to Constantinople, continuing their expansion...
  16. K

    Consequences of Newton's discoveries and theories to Europe's history?

    Sir Isaac Newton was and still is truely a great Englishman whom Europe should be proud of. His laws and calculus really helped the physics world. Yes what would happen if he wasn't born, or he didn't go into science but religious study instead. Our physics would fall behind hundreds of years...
  17. Henrique Aguiar

    François Hollande: A Rampant Dissatisfaction And Its Consequences

    At Bastille Day parade, François Hollande was - again - booed by the French people. Hollande is already widely regarded as the worst President in modern history of France. With a deadpan and pathetic government, Hollande has displeased the vast majority of the French people and now is reaping...
  18. Futurist

    France Doesn't Fall in 1940 or Afterwards: Consequences of This?

    What if France doesn't fall in 1940 or afterwards? The best way for this to occur might be to have France's military is led by a more competent general before and at the start of World War II (let's have Maurice Gamelin choke to death on a piece of a baguette in 1938 or in 1939)? By "more...
  19. JTWuest

    Consequences of city life

    For fun - How do you suppose we will have changed as a result of increasing numbers of people living in cities say 10,000 generations from now?
  20. L

    The consequences of John Brown's Raids on Harper Ferry

    Scholars, I'm doing my US-History research paper on the consequences of John Brown's Raids on Harper Ferry. My thesis goes something like: John Brown's Raid on Harper Ferry indirectly hastened the beginning of Civil War. Forecast: 1)After John Brown’s Raid, the South became more fanatical in...