1. R

    Why Italians were considered non Whites in America?

    Considering Italians are Europeans as well.
  2. A

    Were Pechenegs, Cumans, and Tatars considered Asian?

    Excluding the Mongols, is it accurate to call the historical empires of the Eurasian steppe, such as Cumans, Pechenegs, Huns, Tatars, and Kipchaks "Asian" (possibly anachronistic for the time period)? If so, why? If not, why not?
  3. R

    Why is pederasty considered sick and abnormal while homosexuality is normak

    Why is it that society nowadays consider sex with 13 or 15 year olds like what the Greeks and Romans did abnormal and sick while homosexuality is OK? And regarding the age of consent in Europe it seems that Europeans are more tolerant of pederasty or what is considered statutory rape than even...
  4. Futurist

    Was the idea of settling Jewish refugees in Algeria before WWII ever considered?

    Was the idea of settling European Jewish refugees in Algeria before the start of World War II ever seriously considered? Basically, I know that there was a serious problem in regards to Jewish refugees before the start of World War II due to the fact that Nazi Germany wanted its Jews out while...
  5. T

    Should the Viking Age be considered to have started earlier?

    The Viking Age is generally considered to have began with the raid on Lindisfarne in AD 793. However, there were earlier incidents that perhaps can lay claim as well. The landing at Weymouth Bay in 1789, the discover of the Salme Ships which date to around 700-750, and the Geatish king Hygelac's...
  6. N

    Porcelain considered as wabisabi?

    Korean Ido Chawan perhaps most prized by Sengoku Zen enthusiasts as wabisabi. But are there examples of porcelain being deemed as wabisabi by Zen Japanese? This thread inquires about porcelain around year 1500, give or take 200 years. I think present day artisans do, but not interested in that.
  7. JaddHaidar

    Could the bombing of Hiroshima be considered a war crime?

    As far as I know, a war crime is essentially any act during wars/military conflicts that opposes the law of war; which includes (but not limited to) destroying civilian property, intentional killing of civilians and strategic bombing. Now the bombing of Hiroshima was essentially destroying...
  8. S

    Bathing Was Considered Dangerous To Health in Europe

    There seems to be evidence that suggests that medical experts, during the medieval and renaissance periods, believed that bathing and washing one's body parts was dangerous and unhealthy, which could lead to the spreading of diseases and contracting illnesses. One notable example was the...
  9. R

    Why is the New World considered west?

    Friends, what are your thoughts? Why is the New World considered west when classically west referred to Europe and East to China. Shouldn't New World be in a category of its own. It has received migrants from both east and west. I think it should just be considered new world.
  10. I

    Can someone help me see why Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" is considered a great poem?

    Can someone help me see why Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" is considered a great poem? I just stumbled on this poem as I was reading something on American literature from that time period and I'm both amazed and slightly amused by how terribly bad it is. I was always vaguely aware of Ginsberg's work...
  11. Robert165

    Why was Malcolm X considered so Violent/Radical

    1- He never practiced any violence, he just said you can defend yourself with violence if violence is used against you. 2- He really wasn't that radical. He was tired of the slow progress of people like MLK who wanted to appease white people and move slowly.
  12. Kentarchos

    Why is Charlemagne considered the father of Europe?

    Why is Charlemagne considered to be the father of Europe? I have read that in various books on the history of Europe and I wonder. He declared that he was the father of Europe? Are there any written sources that confirm this claim?
  13. gustavolapizza

    if mussolini had betrayed hitler would he have been considered a good guy?

    think russia during ww2. Basically germany and russia started on the same page, even if their bond was not as solid and explicit as the axis between rome and berlin. but they agree not to attack themselves and stalin had no problem in taking his share of poland. than when germany finally...
  14. Shanks

    Wars that could be considered world wars

    "World war" seemed to be a title created by europeans which essentially means every world power is engaged in a mutual war. What other wars throughout history should be considered a world war? For example, the mongols fighting china, the persians, and russia at the sametime could be a world...
  15. Joe Freeman

    Why is pity considered a virtue and not weakness?

    Have you ever considered this? Why do we have to forgive a murderer, and let him live after he has destroyed innocent lives? What is the point? It only makes matters worse. There are some things that can be forgiven, but not everything. Why do we allow them to redeem themselves? I sometimes...
  16. History Craft

    Can Haitian Creole be considered a romance language?

    ( ) ( ) Can french creole languages, for example Haitian Creole, be considered romance languages? Or are they simply massively influenced by french? How much of...
  17. R

    So is Edward Gibbon considered a bad historian for Rome now

    since The Decline and Fall is considered outdated compared to modern scholarship He was wrong, there are better historians that produce more modern scholarship on Rome or is he still considered a "good" historian
  18. A

    Should Italians and Romanians be considered as Latinos?

    This is a thought i came across on the internet and even asked my fellow Hispanics. Can Italians, Romanians, and even French (including french creole, Cajun, and Canadian french) especially be regarded as Latinos? I mean Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dalmatian, and Romanian are romance languages...
  19. P

    Is Muhammad considered a general?

    Is Muhammad considered a general? He conquered most of the Arabian Peninsula and was defeated only once by Khalid Ibn al-Walid (who would become the greatest Muslim general in history). Also, how can a prophet be a general (if you consider him a general)?
  20. T

    Can Russia be considered part of Europe?

    While both have cause to deny it, Russians and other peoples further West could in some ways be considered alike and yet Russia has always taken pride in distancing itself from the west or seeking to usurp it technologically and culturally, which brings me to my Question. Can Russia truly...