1. Imperia

    The ages of history

    The old age began with the inversion of writing, the Middle Ages began with the fall of Rome, the modern age with the fall of Constantinople and the contemporary age with the fall of the Bastille. I wonder how these events are so important to usher in new ages? What events besides these could...
  2. Spike117

    Fourth Crusade and Constantinople

    How were the Crusaders/Venetians able to gain entry to and subsequently sack Constantinople, a city well-known for its advanced defenses and resistance to attacks? The Ottomans struggled, and took heavy losses, years later; and they had huge cannons and more resources as far as I know (not to...
  3. Ajax_Minoan

    The Roman crisis that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien.

    The Roman crisis that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien. by Ray Buckridge. In 1916, a young J.R.R. Tolkien was in the trenches in France as many know. Across no man's land was the mighty army of Germany, a nation who's people were popularly referred to back then as "The Huns." The conditions the...
  4. Simba

    How diverse was Constantinople?

    I have heard that the capital of Eastern Roman Empire was ethnically very diverse. What do you guys think/know about this?
  5. T

    Bulgars in the Second Arab siege of Constantinople

    I was wondering about their involvement because it seems they are often neglected in many accounts of the siege. How big was their impact and why did Khan Tervel help in the first place? Did the Byzantines reward them for their help? I am particularly interested in how the Arabs thought of them...
  6. Old Reb

    The siege of Constantinople 1453

    Being a Roman and Byzantine history buff I've always wanted to read a good work about the subject. Today I got lucky - found a copy of "1453" by Roger Crowley (2005) at a thrift store here in Austin. Can hardly wait to get into it. Most fascinating to me is the giant cannon the Turks used to...
  7. Kirialax

    Taking out the trash in medieval Constantinople

    Where'd they throw their trash in medieval Constantinople? Rome has two mountains of broken potsherds, but as far as I know there are no similar mountains in Constantinople. Did they dump it in the sea? Did different methods of storage and transport, such as barrels, mean fewer amphoras around...
  8. Polynikes

    Italian/Latin settlers in Constantinople?

    From what I understand, the Palaiologos dynasty settled in Constantinople during Constantine's lifetime. They were apparently one of many Italian senatorial/elite Italian families who made the move, why would they make such a move? And how did they and their descendants perceive themselves? As...
  9. C

    University of Constantinople

    How was University of Constantinople operating between 1096 and 1182? Who got to study there?
  10. T

    At the siege of Constantinople, why didn't the Ottomans simply saw through the chain?

    Hello, I've just got a quick question. During the siege of Constantinople 1453, the defenders strung a chain across the Golden Horn, to prevent access to the horn by Turkish ships. My question is, why didn't the Ottomans simply saw through, or otherwise destroy, the chain?
  11. G

    What if Persians conquered and sacked Constantinople

    Either the Parthians or more likely the Sassanids managed to invade and sack the city. Would they annex it permanently. Would they go further westward like Achaemenids or would they stop? How would history change?
  12. Maki

    What if Russia conquered Constantinople?

    In 1878, when the Russo-Turkish war was finished, Russian troops were already in San Stefano (Bakirkoy) and they were very close to the heart of Constantinople (Fatih district). Eventually British pressure forced Russia to stop. But what if they continued and actually entered the city. Would it...
  13. O

    Who Resettled Constantinople After it Fell?

    An old thread states that the Armenians did. However, George Finlay had stated that Mehmet (and possibly his successors) would take perhaps a quarter of the population, after the conquest of a city, for...
  14. RomanEmperor

    Venetians and Constantinople

    How come Venetians helped to sack the city in 1204, but then they fought to defend it in 1453?
  15. Gaius Julius Civilis

    Bulgaria capturing Constantinople?

    Did Bulgaria have the military capacity to take Constantinope during the First Balkan War? Its army was of course weakened from the fighting and the outbreak of disease. It also appears to have lacked sufficient siege equipment, as shown during the siege of Edirne/Adrianople when help from the...
  16. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Sewers of Constantinople?

    While reading byzantine literature (and modern byzantine history) I've come across many references to the sewers of Constantinople, so they definitely existed, but how did they function? what did they look like? And are there any traces of them today? Edit: To add on to this question, are there...
  17. Kookaburra Jack

    Constantinople coin 327 CE: Chi-Rho impaling snake [What's the snake?]

    I am interested in seeking past and present opinions on an evaluation of the iconography used in this coin. Especially the snake. To commence I have gathered three separate [numismatic] articles on the coin. One article stated that there have been many academic articles dealing with the...
  18. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Contemporary names of Constantinople.

    Generally, the accepted timeline for the name of Constantinople was that it was called new rome under constantine, constantinople for the majority of the byzantine period and the ottoman, the city as an alternate name from the byzantine all the way up to the present day, and then istanbul under...
  19. Kirialax

    The Waters of Constantinople

    A nice little video showing some of Constantinople's impressive hydraulic engineering. For all of Constantinople's strategic value, we often forget that it lacked one critical thing: a natural source of water. In response, the Romans built a massive series of aqueducts that still run some 400km...
  20. A

    Who was the greatest Byzantine Emperor?

    Who do you think was the greatest Byzantine Emperor? Poll included