1. Francois Bonaparte

    What do you know of/about the US Constitution?

    What do you know about the U.S. Constitution? What are your favorite/not favorite parts in it? More importantly, do you think our leaders within the country obey it? What do you think their biggest challenges that they struggle with?
  2. J

    Discussions around Presidential Pardon by writers of the Constitution

    Does anyone know of a source that records the discussions of the delegates during drafting of the Constitution regards Article II Section II (1) " . . shall have the power to grant reprieves and pardons. .?" I find arguments that it is tied to the British idea of Divine Right of Kings and also...
  3. K

    Change of Constitution.

    There has been some up-swell in Japan among some groups to change the Japanese Constitution removing Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution. What is the source of this up-swell? What would be the international result of such a repeal?
  4. ThePhantomGuiness

    List of spelling errors in the constitution

    "Pensylvania" "Chuse" "defence" "controul"
  5. Baltis

    Debate on the Constitution - 1787

    Here is a thread dedicated to setting out the arguments and following the debate on the Constitution that appeared in print prior to the Ratification conventions. I am currently reading Pauline Maier's book, Ratification. I had previously read many of the essays from both Federalist and...
  6. R

    did Thomas Paine rip off the U.S constitution from the Iroquois

    so i happened to stumble on this on the wiki under the section of "other" one of their beliefs is Thomas Paine plagiarized the U.S. Constitution from the unwritten Constitution of the Iroquois.[70] is this true?
  7. B

    States late to ratify the Constitution

    Shortly after New Hampshire ratified the Constitution making the 9 states required to start the government, Virginia ratified and New York ratified right after that. Then it took another year for North Carolina to ratify and 2 years for Rhode Island to ratify. The first presidential election and...
  8. B

    Did the Constitution place sovereignty in the people?

    I was tutoring AP US History (history is not the main topic I tutor). There was an exam question, "The Constitution placed sovereignty in the ____". I believe the choices were states, federal government, Congress, and people. The student answered "states", but the correct answer was "people". At...
  9. Earl_of_Rochester

    Is the United States Constitution out of date?

    The U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights was written to reflect the best of Roman, Greek, British and later French political thought and to provide its citizens with a set of articles which would protect them from Government under law. Seeing as the original text was written the best part of 230...
  10. weezer17

    Most important amendment to the Constitution

    I may be :deadhorse:, but my friend and I were discussing this at length yesterday and I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone else thinks! Answer the question: "Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been the most important?" We'll define the word "important" rather...
  11. A

    Why was Art370 incorporated into Indian constitution?

    Or should I say , "What were Nehru and co thinking when they agreed to provide special status to J&K"? This is very important question as Kasmiris ,or Kashmiri muslim to be exact, were not in position to force India to concede their demand of a state within a state. While Kashmir may be a...
  12. Boudicca

    Questions about the Constitution

    I was wondering if you could clarify 2 things about the constitution. I constantly see people going on about gree speech and freedom of religion. The way I understand Freedom of speech it that the government can't arrest you for your opinion. But it doesn't protect you as far as your job is...
  13. V

    What was constitution meant for?

    Which and when was the first constitution ever written, what was it originally ment for? And for example, was LGBT people children adoption right supposed to be among it?
  14. heirtothewind

    Re-writing the Constitution on historical principles

    Many Americans speak of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with a mindless and sanctimonious reverence, akin to the Ark of the Covenant, waving it like the flag on the Fourth of July to support whatever cause or political point of view that happens to suit them. In my experience, these...
  15. gothgoesblonde

    US Constitution

    My textbook says that all twelve states approved this new constitution. Shouldn't it be 13?
  16. P

    About the Constitution and the Revolutionary Era

    so I have a question to write an essay for my History class... and I couldn't find any clue or have any idea about this. so I really need helps from you guys :cry: The question is : How well did the Constitution live up to the ideals of the Revolutionary Era? So far I haven't known the ideals...
  17. P

    Is the Constitution overrated (USA)??

    I think the american constitution is so overrated. It never actually did what it was supposed to do. Everyone acts like patriot acts and wars on drugs are anything new. The USA has committed blatant violations (internment camps in WW2, Plassey vs. Ferguson) on plenty occasions. The USA...
  18. S

    The US constitution of 1787

    Was the constitution of 1787 was essentially a conservative document, or was it more of a 'radical' document?
  19. T

    Alexander Hamilton and the US Constitution

    If Alexander Hamilton had had is full way, what would the US Constitution looked like?. Would there have been a President for Life?. Would the Federal Government have had complete power?.
  20. heirtothewind

    Studying the Constitution

    Exploring Constitutional Law Excellent layman site for the history of the Constitution and major supreme court decisions interpreting it. A more scholarly site, containing primary source documents of English and early American history, is Constitutional Society...