1. S

    How did the Constitution Act help Canada become Independent?

    I know that it means that our Constitution was now owned by Canadians and that It meant that the English Constitution was no longer the source of our laws. But how did it help make Canada Independent?? Any ideas?
  2. grey fox

    Lessons from history that the American Founders invoked in defense of Constitution?

    Here is a link to the article: In this article from City Journal, the writer Heather MacDonald states the following: "The American Founders drew on an astonishingly wide range of...
  3. Jim Casy

    Constitution required - Enquire within.

    Scotland intends to vote on Independence this year and as part of that, a written constitution is to be formulated. As many, many of you live with written constitutions and so have real experience, I wondered if you could suggest any of your own that you feel work particularly well, or you...
  4. P

    Constitution and Bearing arms

    under the Constitution, one does have a right to purchase and possess a firearm so long as it is done legally? true or false
  5. Aya Katz

    Why did the constitution provide for a standing Navy?

    Looking at the United States Constitution Article I, Section 8 provides in part that Congress shall have the power: "To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water; "To raise and support armies, but no appropriation of money to that use...
  6. B

    Articles of Confederation vs our current Constitution

    I would like to hear others' thoughts on the pros and cons of the Articles of Confederation vs our current Constitution.
  7. R

    Constitution question can monarchs adopt?

    Lets say a king is gay or can't produce an heir but wants children, could they adopt and could they be king or queen? would a constitutional change in modern times be acceptable/reflective of the people?
  8. CathareHeretic

    The Corsican Constitution inspired US Constitution?

    the first Corsican Constitution was drawn up in 1765 for the short-lived Corsican Republic independent from Genoa beginning in 1755 and remained in force until the annexation of Corsica by France in 1769. It was written in Italian, the language of culture and people in Corsica until the end of...
  9. K

    "Stalin" Republic of a new type (add. for 1936 constitution thread)

    Translated by Republic of a new type Stalin in December 1936 created a different republic. His ideal was a three-piece political system, "the parliament-party-government." In the opinion of Stalin, the focus of government was to serve the Council of People's Commissars...
  10. K

    "Stalin" Constitution USA can only dream of...

    Link: 1936 Constitution of the USSR, TOC
  11. H

    Constitution or emotions.

    Constitution or emotions. In the presence of law and justice, emotions and sentiments are unnecessary and worthless, In the presence of constitution, actions can be divided into constitutional and unconstitutional, There is no space for unconstitutional activities when constitution is...
  12. Robespierre

    Is the Constitution slavery or is slavery just in the Constitution?

    Is it wrong to think of modern problems first rationally, second Constitutionally? Or must we always think of what the Constitution says first, removing rational thinking altogether? Is the Constitution a perfect document? If so, why slavery? If you could go back in time and explain to The...
  13. Pacific_Victory

    Reception of the U.S. Constitution in Europe?

    I'm wondering how Europeans in the late 18th century felt about the United States' Declaration of Independence and later its Constitution. I'm sure a lot of the ruling classes of Europe didn't particularly like it, but what did the average working man think? Was it closer to "what a bunch of...
  14. S

    The Federalist Papers

    Greetings, I am a college freshman looking to learn more about our founding fathers and their intentions when establishing our country. I've tried to read the original Federalist Papers but the old english is very difficult for me to understand. However, I came across two books by Mary E...
  15. Rongo

    Royal Governor of Georgia Proposes Change to British Constitution

    In 1769, Sir James Wright, the Crown-appointed Governor of the colony of Georgia, wrote a letter to the Earl of Hillsborough, Secretary of State for the Colonies, in which he posed the question "May it not therefore, my Lord, in point of true policy, as well as from motives and principles of...
  16. Aulus Plautius

    Is the US Constitution a "Living Document" or a "Dead Document"?

    Speaking at Princeton University recently, US Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia stated that the US Constitution was "dead, dead, dead..". By that comment he meant that the US Consitution does not evolve with the times, but that the Constitution is to be interpreted by the words used then and...
  17. Pacific_Victory

    Saving the USS Constitution

    I'm curious about the manner in which the USS Constitution was saved from decommission. Most sources mention off-handedly that the poem "Old Ironsides" by Oliver Wendell Holmes was the reason Americans decided to save it as a living piece of history. But how did a short poem manage to change the...
  18. DominusHistoriae

    Roman Republic Constitution

    Hello, This is one of my first posts and I was wondering if some people could help me out. I know the basis of the Roman Republic's constitution, but I would like to learn more. If we could create a thread with different sections referring to different parts of the Republic, that would be great...
  19. tjadams

    US Constitution: Jefferson & Adams Make a Difference?

    Do you feel the US Constitution would have been written any different if both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were present? Both men were in Europe serving as ministers to France and Great Britain when the document was debated and written.
  20. W

    Voter Testing

    We have project in my Civics class, i chose to propose a possible bill or law saying that a voter should be required to pass a small test, just to ensure they know the general ideals, policies, parties, etc; of the candidates or any other thing they are voting for. In 1965 The Voting Rights Act...