1. B

    Constitutional Monarchy

    It seems like there was a moment towards constitutional monarchy in the 19th century? Was this influenced by Britain, the US, or the French Revolution? In Britain, there was a parliament since 1215, although the king was the main power until 1688. In some ways the Witan in Anglo Saxon times...
  2. L

    Is the British constitutional Monarchy stripped of real power ?

    Is the present day concept Of ‘constitutional Monarchy’ where the Queen is independent and does what she is told and simply signs bills passed by Parliamentand the Prime Minister an illusion? The weekly discussion with the PM is permanently classified and details are never released. It has...
  3. O

    I time travel to the USA Constitutional Convention

    I go, get myself elected as a delegate, and then I give a speech saying something like the ACW is very likely, and to prevent it the Constitution needs to be explicit on whether or not secession is allowed. What would happen? If it was known in advance what I was going to do, how serious would...
  4. grey fox

    What was the Platform of the Constitutional Union Party in 1860?

    There were politicians from four major political parties running for President in 1860. The four politicians and their political parties were the following: 1# Abraham Lincoln on the Republican ticket 2# Stephen Douglas on the Northern Democratic Party's ticket 3# John Bell on the...
  5. The Living Daylights

    1975 Australian Constitutional Crisis Who was right in this? Do you think that Kerr was justified in dismissing Whitlam? Do you believe that Whitlam would've inevitably attempted to get the Queen to cancel Kerr's commission as the Governor-General? What other...
  6. T

    Constitutional History of the Americas

    I am trying to do a comparative legal analysis of constitutions in the Americas, primarily The United States, Mexico, Colombia and possibly Spain (1812 constitution of Cadiz, in order to demonstrate the influences of that one on other constitutions) during the Age of Revolution. I am going to...
  7. K

    Constitutional Monarchy....

    Briefly after the fall of the Qing Dynasty and before the glory of the Republic, there was a brief suggestion of having a constiutional monarchy... how would it work? would it actually work... would it continue to the modern day?
  8. World History Fan

    If Russia became a Constitutional Monarchy and the Monarchy was ever abolished

    Let suppose that during the 18th and 19th Centuries, Russia becomes a constitutional monarchy following very much the English pattern of form of constitutional monarchy. By the early 20th Century Russia is fully democratized into a true constitutional monarchy very much like that in Great...
  9. Meriwether Lewis

    Constitutional Convention, 1787 - Absence of Jefferson and Adams

    Most astute history fans know that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were not present at the Constitutional Convention in 1787; Jefferson was minister in France, Adams as minister in Britain. Jefferson was kept abreast of news of the secret convention from his trusty friend and colleague, James...
  10. mansamusa

    Gay Rights and Liberal Constitutional Democracy.

    The example of the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt and the Islamic Republic of Iran is clear evidence (as far as I am concerned) that there are two kinds of MODERN democracy: 1. Electoral democracy, where the country is run by a parliament and head of state elected by a majority of voters in...
  11. funakison

    When did Britain become a true constitutional monarchy

    The Restoration of Charles II, is widely heralded as the start of true constitutional monarchy in England, but a hundred years later George III and the `kings friends` were openly medaling in politics. When did Britain become a true constitutional monarchy, and what events led to this
  12. WeisSaul

    Using constitutional means to achieve what could be seen as an unconstitutional end?

    Alexander Hamilton, while arguing for the national bank, said that to use means that are not unconstitutional to achieve ends that are constitutional, a whole bill could be deemed constitutional. The Supreme Court and Justice Marshall agreed with him. (I like central banks don't get me wrong)...
  13. Pelagonian

    Ex-Bulgarian President calls EU & Greece to recognise Macedonia’s constitutional name

    Ex-Bulgarian President calls EU & Greece to recognise Macedonia’s constitutional name BSANNA News - BSANNA NEWS Zhelev calls EU and Greece to recognise Macedonia’s constitutional name Sofia, February 4. (MIA). All of us should support Macedonia's aspiration for full-fledged membership...
  14. Aziz_Niazi

    constitutional devlopment of pakistan g w chaudhry

    Can any share his view who read this book Constitutional Development in Pakistan:Amazon:Books
  15. theauthor

    Why don't dictators convert to Constitutional Monarchy?

    It must be a very lonely life to be a dictator. I mean, all your "friends" and wif(v)e(s) are bought. They don't really like to be with you. They fear you. The look at countries like the U.K. or the Scandinavian countries where there is some sort of democracy and a constitutional monarchy where...
  16. Cuish

    Books on the 1787 Constitutional convention

    Does anyone know any books on this subject? What I'm looking for is books that touch upon why it was held, what influenced the Constitution (ie, separation of powers, checks and balances), issues that were debated on (like slavery and representation), etc.
  17. Rongo

    Constitutional Amendment on secession

    When the Southern states seceded from the Union in 1860 and 1861, millions of Americans in the northern and western AND southern states believed secession to be illegal and unconstitutional. This put the nation on a collision course with war. But suppose the Southern politicians, instead of...
  18. P

    Constitutional Convention: How would you make the Constitution better?

    In another thread I make some suggestions for a Constitutional Convention to fix the flaws in it, solve our current problems, end the stalemate in Congress, and the staggering influence of the banking industry on government. Here is your chance to play Founding Father, or Mother, and suggest...
  19. Sir Thomas of Buckingham

    Help with hw for constitutional law

    What types of law does the U.S. Constitution authorize and who may make these laws? Can't really find a good answer for this so if you could help me out that would be superb