1. G

    List some good contemporary Indian historians/Indologists who are not leftist

    List Indian or foreign historians of India/indologists who are living currently who fall under the following categories 1) Right wing (authentic historians who are aligned to the right not some semi trained amateurs) 2) neutral or non ideological ones
  2. Druzhina

    Contemporary illustrations of 7th-8th century Romano-Byzantines

    Contemporary illustrations of 7th-8th century Romano-Byzantines The Syriac Bible of Paris, BnF MS. Syriaque 341, Syria or Turkey, 7th Century Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh in the Syriac Bible of Paris Note the helmet of one of Pharaoh's guards. The Triumphal Entrance of Emperor Justinian II...
  3. MarshallBudyonny

    The Litvinenko debacle has come back

    So it looks like the Litvinenko debacle has come back from the dead, an inquiry has been launched to determine who killed him, why they killed him, and how it was carried out. As the article from the Independent (famously NOT a pro-Russian source so let's dispense with the accusations of...
  4. F

    The allies and contemporary Germany and Europe

    Germanys foundations go back to the century, to the Prussian Kingdom and v. Bismarck. Or is modern Germany, and Asutria for that, as much a product of allied occupation after 1945? Are they not the states of century or of the end of the ww1 after all? Then what about Italy, the other...
  5. F

    Contemporary contributions to modern civilization

    Here I ask about "contemporary" (in our lifetime) contributions of ME and A to the modern world. In particular to development of sciences and technologies. Though it is understandable many countries in those parts of the world has less surplus for those fields, there exists some more wealthy...
  6. H

    Two questions about how Hamlet was received by contemporary audiences

    (spoilers ahead if you aren't familiar with this play) Hi, everyone, this is my first post on this forum.I'm a history major and we're currently studying Hamlet in my English Comp II course. The second question is something I'm especially curious about.First question: How shocked or otherwise...
  7. G

    Which Artaxerxes was Contemporary with Ezra?

    By far the most historians identify Artaxerxes 1 (465bc – 424bc) as the king who issued a decree permitting Ezra to go to Jerusalem in his 7th year. Here is the wiki article: Here is the Jewish encyclopaedia: Here is Iran’s encyclopaedia: However a small number of...
  8. Precedence

    Historum: timeless vs. contemporary politics

    Historum has a ban on discussion of contemporary politics and endorses a separate forum to discuss those specific things. But why? It's not purely historical. Historum encourages discussion of current events. And it's not apolitical either, as human history can never be apolitical So...
  9. A

    The Moors who Ruled of Europe

    When the Moors (Muslims) Ruled Europe: Documentary (full) - YouTube Some European historians have chosen to ignore the "obvious" relationships that must have existed between Berbers and the people of iberia. When Grimaldi crossed the Gibraltar straits to enter Europe, all of his kind did not...
  10. Druzhina

    Contemporary Illustrations of Scandinavian Knights, 12th-14th centuries

    Scandinavian Knights, 12th-14th centuries A Danish Crusader Knight on the Vejerslev Effigial, 12th century Scandinavian Knights on the Baldishol Tapestry, 12th century, Norway Sigurd kills Regin, Hylestad stave church, Norway, 12th century The upper knight on the Valthjofsstadir church door, c...
  11. J

    Managerial ideology in contemporary culture?

    Hello All, Thanks for any and all help. I have been reading historian Richard Slotkin's trilogy on the role of the frontier in American history and am intrigued by his hypothesis that a new, managerial ideology appeared in post-Civil War culture, an ideology that proposed an elite capitalist...
  12. Druzhina

    Contemporary illustrations ofFatimid Soldiers and Hunters

    Fatimid Soldiers and Hunters in contemporary illustrations Fragment of a Fatimid Bowl Depicting a Mounted Warrior, 11th century Fatimid Rectangular piece of wood with swordsmen Fatimid wooden plank with mounted hunter with lance, 11th century Fatimid Turban on Manuscript Fragment, 11th-12th...
  13. Druzhina

    Ottoman Soldiers from contemporary European Illustrations by Melchior Lorck, 1579-83

    Ottoman Soldiers from contemporary European Illustrations by Melchior Lorck, 1579-83 The swaggerer-sipahi A bearded archer-solak A soldier wearing a turban A soldier walking to right A Janissary walking A rascal An imperial bodyguard A Janissary (Yeniceri) A soldier holding a lance A Turkish...
  14. H

    trial and execution of JC not up to contemporary legal standard?

    the Romans have a reputation of being very serious on the discipline of law and have a complex, advanced system of courts and trial procedures when compared with contemporary civilizations around the world. Not far away from Jerusalem was the law school of Beirut, one of the best reputation law...
  15. Apachewarlord

    Civil War generals compared to contemporary European generals

    Derailed another thread with this subject, so here it is, my reply to Viperlord. It must be noted, however, that this was considered a war against Americans, so there were people who wanted to hold back because of this.
  16. theauthor

    Can the Renaissance be compared to our contemporary era?

    Many lay people don't actually know what the renaissance is. I think this is sad, because it is such a rich era which founded the modern age, so I was thinking of writing an article about the renaissance in my native language. I believe lay people understand things better if they are compared...
  17. Linschoten

    The cat's meat man, a contemporary account

    An article from the weekly paper 'Chatterbox', 1868, by a certain W. Baird: IT is calculated that there are somewhere about 300,000 cats in London. This rough calculation was made some years ago, allowing a cat to every inhabited house—an allowance which is under the mark, for it takes no...
  18. V

    Contemporary Russian penal system

    To those who've read Solzhenitsyn's GULAG Archipelag, this following documentary should ring many bells: YouTube - Russian Prison System Documentary It is scary how many things remained same, according to this.
  19. V

    Contemporary Bolshevik portrayal of Krondstadt rebellion

    Bolsheviks had to rally and persuade many people in order to win over Krondstadt from rebelling sailors. This had to be hard propaganda task, given that these very sailors were the backbone of red army ever before, and their demands were essentially what Lenin originally asked for. So I wonder...
  20. R

    History of the Contemporary World

    Hello! So for my History of the Contemporary World class, we have an assignment. The first part is to define (but not really define) eight statements. Well, here are the exact instructions: "Choose eight (8) from the list of concepts/keywords/ names below and prepare the first part of your...