1. Karl XII

    Historum Essay Contest- Greatest Military Commander of all time

    I tried this once before but was never able to get enough people on board to help judge the essays with me. I'll try it one more time, with only me judging to make things less complicated. I think theres a lot of talented, knowledgeable people on this forum who if put to the test could...
  2. King Arthur

    Most Beautiful/Handsome Person in History Contest

    Hello everyone! I've often wondered who people think is the most attractive woman or man in history. There are only a few criteria to whom you can choose: 1- It can be a man or woman. 2- The representation of them must be from before 1900. 3- They must have some contemporary (slightly...
  3. Karl XII

    Historum's First Annual Essay contest!

    I Karl XII will be hosting as well judging Historum’s first essay contest. A decent amount of people here have expressed interest and I believe this will be fun way to bring the forum together. For this contest I will be needing two more judges and at least 5 different people writing...
  4. BosnianHistorian

    Help on Investiture Contest

    To what extent would you say that it was a clash of personalities rather than ideas? I mean, Urban did the same reforms without all the added drama, and it seems like it was more of a fight between Henry IV and Gregory VII but what do you think?
  5. W

    ,,KNOW AMERICA'' contest

    Hi. My name is Wojtek Młodawski and I'm from Poland. I'm attending to contest called ,,Know America''. The first step is an internet test and I have trouble with few questions. Could you help me with these few questions ? There can be more than 1 answer in each one. Thank you very much...
  6. Solidaire

    Mediterranean and Balkan musical contest 2

    ΡÎ*να Κουμιώτη ~ ΚαινοÏ�Ï�γιο μου φεγγάÏ�ι - YouTube Rena Koumiwti - Stamatise tou rologiou tous deiktes - YouTube
  7. No Bias FTW

    Need to Know Your Opinions: Contest of the Social Sciences

    Listing in order from 1-9, which of the social sciences listed below do you think is the most scientific and objective? Yes, you can include ties. History Anthropology Archaeology Linguistics Political Science Economics Sociology Psychology I think that Anthropology, Archaeology...
  8. Clemmie

    A Contest!!!

    If this is in the wrong forum, I ask the mods to move it. We had a thread on nationalism in the Lounge. I would like to propose a contest between our two most outspoken nationalists, Thessolonian and Lord of Gauda. I hope they will accept the challenge. I wronged Thess in one post where I...
  9. A

    New research claims Battle of Agincourt may have been an even contest

    Based on studying an array of historical archives, some historians are claiming the Battle of Agincourt may not have been the great victory it’s believed to be. The new research suggests the French only out numbered the English at most 2-1 and they even may have been evenly matched...
  10. Solidaire

    Mediterranean and Balkan musical contest

    The original idea was to have an informal musical "competition" with my friend Efendi, with Sturm as a judge and a dinner table full of delicacies as the prize. I post a song, Sturm rates it anyway he sees fit, then Efendi responds and so on. But I think it would be better if we extended the...
  11. H

    Caption Contest ww2!

    Just post a photograph that is realated to ww2 and write a funny caption under it. Other members may write there own funny caption under you'res and post there own photographs. If this has already been done, I do apolitgise and please feel free to merage it to the correct thread. milpo,this...