1. blair daveries

    'from the oldest continent,, not Atlantis..'

    Hello to All. 'nice to be here.., I think..' :D..
  2. R

    Europe is not a continent

    After all these years, I am just now learning this. I was watching a lecture by Dr. Joy Degruy and she had everyone define the textbook definition of a continent and then she showed how Europe doesnt fit that definition, yet, the point is those who brutally conquered the world are able to just...
  3. LatinoEuropa

    Which continent consume more coffee

    Which country drinks the most coffee on five continents. In europe Filandia number one Netherlands number 3 In america number one united states of america Canada number 5 brazil number 7 I think that these statistics are not correct for example brazil produces coffee consumption in brazil in...
  4. LatinoEuropa

    Who arrived first Asia Continent

    Like some controversy about Portuguese and Spanish navigators. Who arrived first were the Portuguese or Spanish
  5. LatinoEuropa

    Which continent do you speak more languages?

    Which continent do you speak more languages? Africa Asia Europe American Oceania
  6. Fabius Maximus

    Could Europe become the dominant continent in a world without gunpowder?

    If gunpowder were never invented, could Europe still become the world's dominant continent like it did IOTL?
  7. EmperorTigerstar

    Does Everywhere Belong to a Continent?

    The continents, while debatable, are still obvious in a certain way. Greenland and Cuba belong to North America. Cape Verde belongs to Africa. The Philippines belong to Asia. The Polynesian Islands and Australia form Oceania. However there are many islands that are so far away from a continent...
  8. B

    Was the continent of Africa formed by the creation of the suez canal in 1869??

    Was there a continent called 'africa' before that? I know there was a city in carthage called ifriqiya by the romans which is where the name originates.
  9. EmperorTigerstar

    Dominant Power on the Asian Continent Over Time

    Let's make a list on the history of who has the title for the dominant power of the Asian continent starting with AD 1. It can be native Asian or non-native Asian as long as they possessed substantial land on the continent. Here is my first list. Anyone who disagrees or thinks I'm missing...
  10. EmperorTigerstar

    Dominant Power on the European Continent Over Time

    Let's make a list on the history of who has the title for the dominant power of the European continent starting with AD 1. TO BE EXTRA CLEAR, I AM EXCLUDING BRITAIN AS IT IS CONSIDERED A WILD CARD OFTEN IN RIVALRY WITH THE DOMINANT POWER ON THE CONTINENT. Here is my first list. Anyone who...
  11. Tairusiano

    Uniforms from colonial units in the american continent

    Hello Historumites I was researching uniforms and units in colonial Brazil, and then had the idea of creating a thread, on the units and their uniforms who served in the American continent. so come here give your contribution lets talk about colonial military units and their uniforms. I will...
  12. K

    History Of Kurdistan In Asian continent

    1918: Sheikh Mahmoud Barzinji becomes governor of Suleimaniah under British rule. He and other Kurdish leaders who want Kurdistan to be ruled independently of Baghdad rebel against the British. He is defeated a year later. [1] 1923: The Treaty of Lausanne between Turkey and the allied...
  13. World History Fan

    Most powerful Countries on each Continent?

    Who are the most Powerful Countries on each Continent? I know the Middle East is not a continent and still is part of Asia but I still gave it is own category because in a way the Middle east kind of separate itself form Asia. Here is what I cam up what America: United State Brazil...
  14. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Possible African circumnavigation of the continent itself?

    The Carthaginians did under Hanno's voyages, but could Africans have as well? The swahili city-states and somalia have a long maritime history, they possibly influenced the rise of great zimbabwe due to commerce and Somalis created a colony in modern-day Mozambique called Sofala, not too far...
  15. jeroenrottgering

    Why do British reject the continent so much?

    Most of the time I get the feeling British reject the continent and what it stands for, but why? A lot of British are anti-Europe and anti-Euro. They involve themselfs in wars when two European superpowers are fighting even if they don't have to (a few examples: World War I, World War II...
  16. 1991sudarshan

    The Lemurian Continent

    Is the Lemurian continent hypothesis valid ? Do the scholars and historians agree with the past existence of that the continent ? I have come across some article and thread on net and facebook about the origin of Human beings from the Lemurian continent and Tamil being the first language of the...
  17. davu

    Peopling of the North American Continent

    good find for okimado -- i will be following this one a lot closer --- been busy lately but will do the best to catchup a little --- my my my --- now we are back to 22,000 bc in the tip of south american -- according to the map -- it took how long to live and survive all the way down ---...
  18. E

    Africa, the most diverse continent

    "We are not Africans because we are born in Africa, we are Africans because Africa is born in us"- Chester Higgins Jr. There is no continent more blessed with striking natural beauty and diversity than the African Motherland. And it was from this physical and genetic diversity that...
  19. throughthepastdarkly

    Europe really should be considered a continent separate from Asia

    Europe, even though it shares the same landmass with Asia, should be considered a separate continent from Asia.
  20. oshron

    Continent vs. Continent

    all of the countries on every continent (ie, all of the countries in North America, etc) merge into superstates and go to war with one another. dependencies of a given country join with their dependant instead of whatever continent they are actually on (ex: greenland joins europe instead of...