1. Tokugawa Ieyasu

    How much the Polish Air Force contributed in WW2 ?

    Introduction I guess everybody is well-acquainted of the fact that the Polish Air Force played a key role in the Allied cause of WW2. However, do you know how much extent of the Polish pilots' involvement during the war ? Not only they fought in the Battle of Britain with distinction, but also...
  2. C

    Christianity vs Ancient culture: who contributed more to the Western Civilization?

    I live in an ultra-Christian country and i hear many people say that European culture is based on Christianity and that even atheists should respect the "Christian heritage of Western Civilization". Is it true or false? I believe that whilst Christianity played an important role it was ancient...
  3. Balian

    Which of the Union states contributed the most in helping the north win the civil war

    Which of the Union states contributed the most in helping the north win the civil war? I am sure that all the Union states did there part but was there a state that had the biggest impact in helping the Union win the civil war ?
  4. R

    What or which European countries contributed more to society (in terms of innovations

    What or which European country or countries have contributed to society in terms of arts (literature, architecture, painting, music), science, philosophy and technology, inventions, innovations, politics, etc. Also, what events allowed Europe to surpass other civilizations. Many civilizations in...
  5. Joe Freeman

    Which countries contributed the most to the Axis war effort?

    We already know that Germany and Japan are obviously the top two Axis powers during WW2. Italy would probably be a third. But what about the rest? Which of Germany's allies contributed the most to their war effort? Was it Romania? Hungary? Finland? And what about Japan allies? Well, there...
  6. notgivenaway

    Why has England/Britain contributed much to history?

    and perhaps disproportionately more than other countries? It's said England only became globally powerful from the Tudors' time, but even then we see Magna Carta, the longbow (perhaps the best bow and arrow that can ever be made), early parliamentary democracy (de Montfort and Longshanks' Model...
  7. Warehouse

    Who contributed most to defeat Napoleon?

    Which Coalition member would you guys say was most important in defeating Napoleon?
  8. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Factors that contributed to the decline of Ethiopian urban civilization?

    In ancient and classical times the kingdom of Axum held sway to many important cities and ports, but in the medieval era, many of these great centers of commerce either declined, vanished altogether or fell into the hands of Muslims. I was just remembering a discussion I had with bilal dogon...
  9. M

    Which Emperor contributed to the Fall of Western Roman Empire the most?

    Title says it all. Who do you "blame"
  10. M

    What contributed the most to the Fall of Western Roman Empire?

    What contributed most to the Fall of Western Roman Empire? Screwed up on the poll, only one vote.
  11. Cavanboy

    How much has beer contributed to civilization?

    I was having a conversation with my friend the other day and I said I thought alcohol was pointless and he said that most scientists when asked what the most important invention is they say beer/alcohol because it lead to other developments like the wheel and other things I can't remember, I...
  12. German8ter

    Of the 'Big Three' Allied nations, Which One Contributed Most?

    Of the Big Three Allied Nations, which one contributed more to the defeat of the Axis Powers? Post your choice and why you chose it, if none of the options work for you post why.
  13. Cavanboy

    Which single person has contributed the most to military tactics and strategy?

    Who do you think has contributed the most to the development of the military strategy and tactics we use today?
  14. Lin

    How did the Sumerian and the Assyrian contributed to the development of civilization?

    What were the Sumerian and the Assyrian's contributions to civilization? I need as many contribution as possible. I did some searching, but only found the following, I am looking for more, please help. Thanks in advance. For the Sumerians: 1. Cuneiform Writing 2. System of Numbers 3. Astronomy...