1. Witson

    Rinchingiin Elbegdorj. Regarding his contribution to independence of Outer Mongolia.

    Would I be right to say, that he contributed much and was pivotal figure in independence of Mongolia and yet was unfairly forgotten?
  2. El Cid

    Byzantine science and cultural contribution to the world:

    In order to receive a Bachelor of Arts in History at university in Europe, you need 180 ECTS points which can be gathered in 3 or 3 and half years (at least here in Scandinavia). I have studied various aspects, and with regard to the Western Civilization there are 4 particular civilizations that...
  3. F

    The Moorish/African/Muslim Contribution to European Advancement

    It baffles some people as to how the Moorish contribution to the advancement of early Western European states is not expounded on. The Moors introduced everything from the compass and maps that Europeans used to navigate to the ceremonial "fire stick" from China that was converted into a weapon...
  4. notgivenaway

    Which of the WWI Allies made the biggest contribution to victory?

    WWII was certainly a mix (American industrial capacity, British intelligence/code-breaking, Soviet manpower), but then was this true of WWI? The French had more troops overall on the Western Front, but then the British introduced tanks and made better gas than the Germans. Though the French had...
  5. SSDD

    Contribution of Indian Left wing to Indian Freedom Movement

    So what exactly was contribution of Indian Left wingers to Indian Freedom Movement? I know Bhagat Singh was socialist and so were members of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association. Apart from this, what was the contribution of leftists?
  6. G

    Indian contribution to Persian literature

    How well does Persian literature output produced in India standup in the overall Persian literary universe. Also special emphasis to Persian writers who were born and brought up in India than those who immigrated here from outside. Basically Second generations Persian writers in India as well as...
  7. J

    The Caribbean's contribution to WWI A short documentary by the West India Committee, who administered to a regiment of Caribbean soldiers during WWI. Their archive is the only known primary source material on this subject. (One of the interviewees is Sir Hugh Strachan, one of the...
  8. G

    Female writers, poets, dramatist and intellectuals from pre Islamic India

    Were there many great female writers, poets, dramatist and intellectuals from pre Islamic India? Were there women who wrote on Sanskrit or in regional dialects? What kind of issues did they cover and did they write about the feminine psyche and through a female gaze. Was it common (please dont...
  9. TheWD

    Why do many Japanese deny the contribution of Chinese and Koreans to their culture?

    Many Japanese today don't like the fact that peoples from ancient China and Korea helped form the Japanese ethnic group as we have it today. They believe that the Japanese are a special people unrelated to their East Asian neighbors. However, research has proven that Chinese people from the...
  10. EmperorTigerstar

    Czechoslovakia's Contribution to the Luftwaffe

    When Czechoslovakia was betrayed with the Sudentenland loss in 1938, Winston Churchill commented that the Czechoslovakians have one of the finest armies in Europe. They most certainly had a decent army and industry, most of which was taken in 1938, while the army was gone by 1939 thanks to...
  11. M

    Contribution of Bhagat Singh in Indian Independence Movement

    Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life in tender age of 21 for the his fellow countrymen Certainly his intentions were praised by everyone in India but Many people criticized him for being violent Even Mohan Das Karm Chand Gandhi criticized him for his actions. Now there is no doubt in 21st century...
  12. H

    Japanese contribution to Chinese language

    Many famous Chinese came to study in Japan 魯迅(Lu Xun) and his brother Lu Xun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 周恩来(Zhou Enlai) Zhou Enlai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 孫文(Sun Yat-sen) 蒋介石(Chiang Kai-shek) and Qing government sent about 20,000 excellent Chinese to Japan. many Japanese...
  13. Falcone

    Japan's defeat: How important was China's contribution?

    While reading this book... The Pacific War: The Strategy, Politics, and Players that Won the War: William B. Hopkins: Kindle Store@@AMEPARAM@@ ... I came across an interesting statement during its chaper on...
  14. C

    American contribution to WWII. Iwo Jima etc.

    Hi I'm in Ireland and we don't do a lot about the American contribution to WWII. That being said I have to give a presentation about just that topic :suspicious: I was hoping you might know something about the American drive through the pacific. Anything about Iwo Jima or any or any of the...
  15. El Cid

    Which people/ethnicity did the most contribution to preserve Greek texts

    Hello everybody I am unsure where I should post this thread, because it’s about both Medieval, ancient and Middle East. I hope it is okay to post it here. I want to ask if anyone here could answer me which people who did the most contribution due to preserve ancient Greek text/knowledge...
  16. I

    Military Leader that contributed the most to community

    I am doing a project for my school and I really need your help with this poll. In your opinion which of these 20 leaders deserves a title as best person who contributed to his community (either by some laws, innovations, etc. )
  17. Naomasa298

    Was the Chinese contribution to the Imjin War overlooked?

    I've started this thread to try and move the discussion of the Imjin War and the Chinese contribution to it from here: In the last post (at the time of writing), Bo_Wong stated:
  18. A

    Which country made best science/technology contribution?

    When I object to education for technology replacing liberal education in the US, people assume I don't like technology. Nothing could be further from the truth, but perhaps I am wrong to believe the US was a world leader in science and the industrial revolution. Can you give me a crash course...
  19. Naomasa298

    Dutch contribution to Japan

    I promised bartieboy I'd start a thread discussing this, so to stop him spamming my visitor messages, here we go. The influence of the Dutch in Japan is something that is often overlooked, but their role during both the Sengoku period and the sakoku (closed country) period was enormous. They...
  20. Young Guard

    What contribution did the Medici make to the Renaissance?

    Dear comrades: I am currently planning my essay about the contributions of the Medici family. I have gathered all the information needed in order to write this essay. For the introduction should I give a brief introduction about the Medici family before I start to write about their contributions?