1. jameen

    Population Control

    Does Population control in a country really needed for economic growth? To theist forumers here, will you not subscribe to other preachers' teachings that to go forth and multiply and God or a god will provide them for their needs the reason population must not be controlled?
  2. tomar

    Control by the establishment: myth or reality

    The past few days have seen a book by Woodward and several articles with roughly the same bottomline: members of the white house administration were "sabotaging" or "preventing" POTUS from carrying out certain actions..... One particular story alleges that an aide removed some papers about to be...
  3. Menshevik

    Pro-gun control people, how would you make gun control work?

    I suppose I fall on the side of being one of the pro-gun people. I definitely believe in some amount of gun control, but I think I it should be less control and restriction as opposed to more. I want to challenge my beliefs and how I think about the subject, so, I'd like to hear from those of...
  4. R

    What if the German military takes control of the war effort in summer of 1943

    What if the German military deposed Hitler in a coup in 1943 before Citadel, leaving Hitler as a powerless figurehead? And say von Rundstedt gets appointed as chief of the OKW and Keitel gets a mega estate somewhere in Poland as a retirement gift? What if the Wehrmacht decides to suspend the...
  5. civfanatic

    How did European governments control colonial governors before modern technology?

    What exactly prevented the governor of a distant territory - say, the Spanish Governor-General of the Philippines during the 16th or 17th century - from simply usurping power and ruling the colony as if it were his own personal fiefdom, similar to what Muhammad Ali Pasha did in Ottoman Egypt in...
  6. Andronikos

    Was there a conspiracy by ancient Jews & Christians to defeat or control Rome?

    Friends, Let me beginning by declaring that nothing offensive to either people or religion is intended by this unusual and bold question I raise. My aim is to search after possible proof of a deep conflict and deadly rivalry between ancient Jews and Christians (who later separated), and the...
  7. A

    World War Two Australian Militia battalions transferring to AIF control

    The role of Australian militia battalions in World War Two changed on the 19th February 1943, when the Defence (Citizen Military Forces) Act was passed. Commonly known as the Militia Bill, it defied the area by which those units could be stationed. It also allowed for Militia units to pass to...
  8. jgrooms

    AE Command And Control Doc Who's seen it? Anyone in a theater? What did you think? The key points for me: 1. Titan II at end of service life, but remains in arsenal as a strategic negotiation card. 2. Serviceability stretched because of #1. 3. Total failure of command &...
  9. Earl_of_Rochester

    Is Putin's strategy for control of a warm water port?

    As the rusty Russian tubs scoot past Dover on Trafalgar Day the Brit press are going into meltdown that those dastardly commies are daring to twitch the lion's tail. Naturally this is absurdly biased reporting to make the Russians out as the bad guys, if it were the French or Spanish it...
  10. S

    10 Countries Never Occupied or Colonized by Europe

    There are 10 countries that were never under control or colonised by Europe. What common patterns do these countries have that made them resistant to European control? Excuse me if I did not include some countries that are in the gray-area such as Turkey and Mongolia, since it is difficult to...
  11. M

    Why didn't European powers took control of the Balkans from the Ottoman Empire?

    I don't quite understand why didn't the western European powers fight with the Ottoman Empire in the 1800s for the control of the Balkans. Instead, they fought with them only when the Ottomans were cutting deep inside Central Europe. They never fought with the Ottomans to free the Balkans and...
  12. G

    What if Safavids kept Mesepotamia consistently in control rather than Ottomans

    How would this have changed their history?
  13. VHS

    When was contemporary Russia partially or mostly under foreign control?

    Due to the sheer size of Russia, Napoleon and Hitler were unable to conquer Russia (or Soviet Union). While Japan occupied a good part of China, it failed to control these territories. Mongolians were able to conquer the contemporary Russian area partially due to this area in this period was...
  14. JoanOfArc007

    Ted Nugent defends anti-Semitic message on gun control

    Right-wing rocker Ted Nugent defended his anti-Semitic post slamming prominent supporters of gun control, bizarrely claiming that anyone with sense knows that "Jews for gun control are Nazis in disguise." In the original post on the Motor City Madman's Facebook page, the Nuge shared an...
  15. Balian

    How to control Europe

    According to the professor of Russian studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science Dominic Lieven. The only way to control Europe is to take out Russia and Britain. And would you agree or disagree that Germany was closer to win World War 1 than World War 2 because in World...
  16. B

    PLO takes control of Jordan in Black September?

    What would happen if the Syrian Air Force is used to cover Syrian forces in Jordan's Black September crisis? What if this allows the Syrian Army to reinforce Yasser Arafat's Feyadeen and overthrow the Jordanian monarchy? What I'm curious about is: *What would be the consequences of a...
  17. Menshevik

    Communist Control Act of 1954: was it wrong? It seems to me, that this act was an attempt to almost control how people thought. Trying to control how people think, or outlawing groups or organizations based simply on their ideology, seems wrong to me. Thoughts alone, shouldn't be...
  18. G

    Any trends noted for Indian states ruled for less time/autonomous control under Brits

    Is there any noticeable trend for those areas, states, territories which had the least period of rule under colonial rule (Brits, French, Portuguese etc.) or was under nominal colonial rule or autonomous control with little colonial interference or maintained independence longer than other...
  19. EmperorTigerstar

    Ottoman Control in Al-Hasa

    The Ottomans controlled Al-Hasa for centuries but then when the British took control of Kuwait in 1899 I suddenly find disagreements among maps. Some of them show Ottoman control and that Kuwait is an awkward jut into their territory. Some show cut-off control by the Ottomans with Kuwait...
  20. A Vietnamese

    Slave's birth control

    How did the nations which used slaves control their slave population and how effective were their solutions?