1. grey fox

    How did cotton planters in the antebellum South restore potassium to the soil?

    I know that there are three main nutrients that need to be in the soil for cotton to grow productively. Those three nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. When one grows cotton (or many other crops) on a given piece of land, the cotton gradually leeches the nitrogen, phosphorus...
  2. grey fox

    Books about the cotton shipping industry in antebellum times

    I'm interested in learning about the antebellum ocean shipping industry, especially the antebellum ocean shipping of cotton from the American South to Europe. It's my understanding that in antebellum times almost all of the ships that transported cotton (from the South to Europe) were owned by...
  3. Ashiusx

    Is it true slavery was dying just before the invention of the cotton gin?

    But the creation of the cotton gin reversed the process. 10 Fascinating Facts About*Slavery - Listverse
  4. 1991sudarshan

    Cotton In Japan

    According to the book "We Japanese", the cotton cultivation was introduced by a person from India. The book says that the Japanese found a man who was speaking an unknown language but later the Japanese came to know that he is Buddhist monk from Korea who was washed ashore in Japan while he...
  5. K

    English Cotton History

    I have become more and more aware that in england our cotton history that played such a big part in englands history is disapearing both the buildings and the history of the people that worked there. Does anyone else feel that these great buildings and this part of our english history is dieing.
  6. W

    Cotton In U.S. History

    I have found a good source that explains the significance of cotton. teachingu's'history.o'rg/t'T'rove/whit'n'eyo'bit'ht'ml Basically, it says that cotton was important before hand. With the cotton gin, the cotton could be produced faster, making more money. So, I get the significance...
  7. Commander

    Was cotton king?

    I have always heard cotton was king in the south. What was a bigger cash crop in America, and particulary the south during the late 1700s-late 1800s, cotton or tobacco? Tobacco was a big time crop in the early parts of America's existence, but why did it die down so much? Was there a tax...