1. Futurist

    Countries which could have had significantly more people right now

    Which countries could have had significantly more people right now? Off the top of my head, I can think of: -Russia: Without Communism and World War II, Russia today would have a population of perhaps 500 million rather than slightly less than 150 million. Basically, Russia itself would...
  2. jameen

    Catholic countries of the world

    Why Catholic countries in Europe are progressive such as France, Poland, Italy etc. While Catholic countries in Latin America and the Philippines aka the only Catholic majority country in Asia are third world countries where illegal drugs, poverty, and crimes are abundant.
  3. Renaissance Roman

    Which european countries have had the greatest historic influence by specific fields?

    ☆Science : 1)Uk 2)Germany 3)Italy 4)France 5)Russia ☆Art*: 1)Italy 2)France 3)Greece 4)Spain 5)Netherlands ☆Philosophy: 1)Germany 2)Greece 3)France 4)Italy 5)Netherlands ☆Literature: 1)France 2)Uk 3)Greece 4)Italy 5)Russia ☆Music: 1)Germany 2)Italy 3)Austria...
  4. L

    Which borderline European countries do you consider as European?

    I added also Russia because - although its origins are European - today most of its territory is located outside of Europe: - Russia - Kazakhstan - Georgia - Armenia - Azerbaijan - Turkey - Cyprus - Northern Cyprus - Malta - Israel Edit: If possible, can some moderator edit the poll and add...
  5. Futurist

    Hitler occupies the Baltic countries instead of Czechia in March 1939

    What if Adolf Hitler would have occupied the Baltic countries instead of occupying Czechia in March 1939? For the record, the logic behind this would be that the Baltic countries would be a more logical Lebensraum destination than Czechia due to their lower population density.
  6. Edric Streona

    Successful Communist countries.

    Could any communist country be described as successful? In that they lasted for several generations, were not conquered, maintained a generally good standard of living comparable to the west, did not require massscres and repression, people were happy and there was no secret police type of...
  7. H

    Warriors of countries

    Hello everyone. Im looking for warriors/fighters from countries like germany,poland,croatia and england. Im looking for warriors like how japan had samurais and the Scandinavian countries had vikings.
  8. Futurist

    Which countries are likely to break up in the event of a revolution or war loss?

    Which countries are likely to break up in the event of a revolution or war loss? Basically, what I am thinking of here is having countries endure the same fate that Austria-Hungary endured in 1918 and that the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia endured after the collapse of Communism...
  9. F

    Disappeared "countries" of the past Century in fiction?

    Just wonder how novellists etcetera see those "countries" (since some were rather empires, like the Austrian Hungarian or Soviet Union). They would include the before mentioned, then also Yugoslavia, Checkoslovakia, the GDR, the late Ottoman Empire, the Empire of the Russian Tsars, including...
  10. O

    Democratic countries in the 19th century

    Which countries in the 19th century had transformed into a democracy (or started as one)? I know from the big players only the USA, Germany and France were democracies, but what about the smaller and less powerful countries? How many of those were democracies? Is there an increasing or...
  11. Visigoth Panzer

    What Countries in Modern Time can Support Oversea Troops

    In modern times (excluding USA) what countries can support and supply troops of at least 1,000, overseas (across an ocean) without significant outside help? This is assuming a low-level conflict in a poorly armed country.
  12. Futurist

    Did Hitler ever criticize European countries for their colonialism and imperialism?

    Did Adolf Hitler ever criticize European (specifically Western) countries for their colonialism and imperialism? I mean, I know that he criticized the Western Powers in his January 1939 speech to the Reichstag about how they complain about the plight of the Jews in Nazi Germany and yet refuse...
  13. LatinoEuropa

    Which countries saved Jewish people?

    What were the countries of Europe that saved the Jewish heritage from the Nazi extremism, I know that my country helped save Jews. I found this beautiful story » Meet the nurse who abducted and saved 2,500 Jewish children from the hands of the Nazis. Irena served in the Polish resistance...
  14. Millennium

    Poll: Are Large Countries Nations?

    Refer to thread: ‘Poll: Is India a nation?’ under the Asian History Forum. This poll is the same as that but referring to the other nation giants of Asia: China, India, Indonesia, Russia, etc. How do New World nation giants of North America, Brazil & Australia, considering the...
  15. Millennium

    Poll: Are large countries nations?

    Mod: delete this thread.
  16. J

    Was the nordicism originated from the Germanic countries (Germany England etc) ?

    Was nordicism (the ass-licking of light pigmentation: eye hair skin color) originated from the Germanic countries (Germany, England etc) ? Was it a dominant way of thinking in Germanic countries until the horrors of WW2? I read in a book, that most people in these Germanic countries were great...
  17. D

    Arab World Being Third World Countries

    Why is it that the Arab world, though made many scientific discoveries during their golden age such as algebra,tools on navigation,compasses,etc are now considered to be third world countries?
  18. D

    Did Venice and Ottoman cooperate? The two countries try to monopolize Indian Ocean tr

    Did Venice and Ottoman cooperate? The two countries try to monopolize Indian Ocean trade? Because of Venice's advanced shipbuilding and management talent, Ottoman used Venetian ships and Venetians as officials in the places under management?
  19. F

    2018: How many countries 100 or 70 years?

    A lot of countries were created or recreated at the end of the " Great" war( some european, like Poland or Estonia). Again in 1948 a wave of former colonial possesions became independent(like India or Israel). So will there be some marking? Now those countries are older than the vast majority...
  20. F

    "Reducing" the view of Europe to a few countries?

    The question here is if there is some tendency to see some ("great" or "important") countries of Europe as more representative for all or more "all-important" than they are. Europe, and european science, innovation, culture, is not only about a few countries (say: France, Britain, Germany) even...