1. grey fox

    The Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia

    I was just recently watching a documentary about the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu on youtube. In a speech before tens of thousands of people, Ceausescu said the following: "The entry of troops from the five Socialist countries into Czechoslovakia constitutes a big mistake. It is a grave danger...
  2. K

    Has there been a conflict over a resource that 2+ countries all claimed ownership?

    I'm writing a story where a company loses a proprietary material, and it winds up in another country. That country's government won't give it back. Has something like this ever happened? I want to research it as much as possible, but I need a place to start.
  3. M

    What if America had the same Gun-laws as European Countries

    (Assume that the NRA doesn't have the influence or is eliminated by a Time-Traveller) What if the US replaced its Asinine Gun-Laws with those of the UK, France or Germany?
  4. VHS

    How do we rate developed countries?

    GDP per capital is certainly NOT the only factor; if so, the parvenu (or the more fashionable word, tuhao) state of Equatorial Guinea can be considered developed. Bahamas, Barbados, and a few other Caribbean states have fairly high GDP per capital; we don't call them developed. The literacy...
  5. H

    Warriors of countries

    Hello all. I was looking for some help on what type of warriors certain countries had as in Scandinavian countries have vikings and japan has samurais. The countries im wondering about are Germany Austria Poland Russia or any slavic countries Ireland Any help is appreciated.
  6. F

    Male-female ratios in polygynous countries

    Some people tend to think that in a polygynous country, only the male royalties practiced polygyny and mostly practiced it with moderation. Unfortunately, they underestimate the royalties and overlook the male members of the gentry and lower nobility who on average practiced minimal polygyny (1...
  7. O

    Why can't the East Asian countries learn from Europe?

    Many in China, Korea and Japan still resent each other due to strong history of war and bloodshed. Kind of like the many European powers. Yet they have learned to work with each other. Why not follow the Europeans lead and wash away centuries of antagonism.
  8. T

    Witch-hunt in orthodox countries?

    About 100 000 persons were accused about witchcraft between late XV and early XVIII century, at least half of them were sentenced to death, mostly by burning at stake. Surprisingly, early modern witch-hunt seems to be restricted to Western Christianity (Catholicism and Protestantism). Few...
  9. Edric Streona

    War Nemorials in foriegn countries. Russia is threatening to punish Poland if Poland removes soviet memorials. I can full understand both sides feeling on this matter. But ultimately I think it's Poland's land and they have the final say over what memorials are in...
  10. R

    Science and philosophy in the Low Countries

    Flanders and the Netherlands both have a long, venerable tradition of cultural/intellectual achievement. These two splendid nations have produced many great scholars and researchers in all scientific and metaphysical spheres: physicians, astronomers, geographers, mathematicians, philosophers and...
  11. SufiMystic

    If a coalition of Muslim countries invaded and occupied the USA in 2003

    Imagine this: an alternate world where the Muslim countries have all the money and power, and the west is poor, weak and divided. In 2003, the president of the largest Muslim country declares America and Britain an Axis of evil, and prepares an invasion. Muslim armies come to the US, bombarding...
  12. LatinoEuropa

    The most corrupt countries in Europe

    My question is about the most corrupt countries in europe, i found this list on google in the year 2015 will be correct Number 1 Croatia 2 Slovenia 3 Serbia 4 Portugal 5 Ukraine For my surprise found it the name of my country in fourth place, I always knew that my country is also corrupt, but I...
  13. S

    What Countries Still Wear Traditional Clothes

    In which countries do regular people still wear traditional clothes as daily and regular clothing. Also, starting from which decade did traditional clothing become purely ceremonial in that country. Exclude religious practitioners such as Gurus, Yogis, Sadhus, Imams, Monks, Shamans, Priests...
  14. VHS

    How certain countries hit the "Middle Income Trap"?

    "The Middle Income Trap" is a term for countries that have escaped the dire underdevelopment for a while (a few decades) and have failed to reach the "developed country" status. Examples include the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria,Tunisia, Argentina...
  15. R

    Are there any Asian countries that have won the war on drugs?

    Are there any East Asian countries that have won the war on drugs since the Opium wars? Like from drug addiction being a concern at the national level, or being a threat to the security of the state, to it being basically an annoyance? Would China and Taiwan, and Hong Kong/Singapore count as...
  16. Z

    is there pro-colonization after independence in countries like india

    hi, i see plenty of pro-colonization people in hongkong, taiwan, etc. they prefer to live under colonized government than their own independent government. they even thank the country which colonized them. i wonder, is there similiar people/parties that do the same things in previous colonized...
  17. LatinoEuropa

    Which are the most beautiful countries in the world for you?

    For me the most beautiful countries in the world I will say some that I have known. Here's my list of countries I've met and they're beautiful Egypt italy morocco dakar abidjan spain france nigeria algeria greece belgium mozambique portugal denmark holland sweden andorra.
  18. notgivenaway

    Which countries do you respect and despise?

    I respect Germany a lot, mainly due to its economic prowess, and in a way it always would have risen in both world wars due to its desire to be strong and forward (unPC to say but true imho). Canada is a prosperous country, but it has no real distinct culture. South Africa has many issues, but...
  19. Joe Freeman

    What made these countries attractive to immigrants?

    Why did United States, Canada and particularly Argentina and Uruguay get more immigrants than the rest of the Americas? What did make these countries more attractive to immigrants than the rest? Some say democracy, but Argentina didn't really have universal suffrage until 1912. Still, we...
  20. LatinoEuropa

    Top 10 most racist countries in the world

    Top 10 most racist countries in the world. Agree with this list What surprises me is just having two European countries in the top 10 (1) Norte América Estados Unidos (2) Inglaterra (3) Austrália (4) Ruanda (5) Japão (6) Alemanhã (7) Israel (8) Russia (9) Paquistão (10) India