1. P

    If you wanted to create a universal human calendar

    that encompassed all of human history but was not tied to any specific living culture, which would you use? Is there a date that far back secure enough to start a calendar with?
  2. Futurist

    Did German voters know before 1933 that Hitler was going to create a dictatorship?

    Did German voters know before 1933 that Hitler was going to create a dictatorship? I'm curious as to how many Germans were aware of the possibility that Hitler was going to consolidate power for himself and his party if/after he would acquire the German Chancellorship. Did Hitler's...
  3. Futurist

    AHC: Create the largest realistic 20th century Russia-**** you can think of

    Here is a fun AHC for you: Create the largest realistic 20th century Russia-waank you can think of. Basically, try to expand Russia as much as possible and to make Russia as wealthy as possible by the end of the 20th century. Also, please do this without Bolshevism; indeed, Russia would have...
  4. Magnate

    Did Europe create the modern world?

    From north America to asia we see countries with industries and trade art and political systems based on European ones.
  5. tomar

    How much of a problem was sex in ancient times ?

    Most religions have attempted to "regulate" sex, introducing all kinds of taboos and prohibitions Typically humans introduce regulations -whether religious or legal- when something bothers them (for example when there were enough non smokers, smoking started to be regulated) Should we then...
  6. medievalweaponslover

    I want to create a legit medieval weapons collection..

    im going from indian weapons (like the katar) and from chinese weaponry (kung fu practitioner actually) and im looking to get into hema and at the same time build an awesome middle ages era type of collection.. would this be anything that would come from that era. from what i have found out, a...
  7. G

    why did indian kings struggle to create a centralizing bureaucracy

    I mean pre Islamic kingdoms like guptas, mauryas, satvahanas, cholas, the three tripartite powers, harsha etc. Who ruled large land areas not manage to create a centralized bureaucracy. This could have been achieved easily by adopting the priestly, vaishya classes and creating a common code and...
  8. R

    If you can create a country before Great Depression

    Hello, my teacher send a test/game, every group on class need to create a country on 1890 to end on 1950(to be alive on this date). The country needs to be created with: :deadhorse: -Religion (created from 0, if is mono or polytheist etc) -Militarism -Kind of government(parliamentarism(England...
  9. G

    What if Congress failed to create a state & RSS and CPI tried takeover

    Assume that Nehru experiment to setup apparatus fails and military fragments. RSS and CPI form their own volunteer force. One third of the army defects to CPI, one third to the RSS and the remaining one third remain loyal to Nehru. Assume right wing congress leaders join RSS. How would things...
  10. L

    Why did the 'founding fathers', etc create such an inhumane society?

    After reading the Jim crow threads, which have been closed, it made me ask the said question. The settlers from England landed on Plymouth Rock and set up the 13 colonies. They and the 'Founding Fathers' were educated Christians and some were from aristocratic backgrounds. They came from a...
  11. G

    Why did the Manchus not try to create a non Han elite and aristrocracy

    Despite having a soldiers from all ethnicities why did Manchus not try adopt Koreans and Mongols as allies and co-opt them into their aristocracy. This could have stopped the Hanification of China and Manchuria especially. They could have also used groups such as Uighurs and Tibetan as well for...
  12. Futurist

    John Bolton: To Defeat ISIS, Create a Sunni State

    Here you go: Any thoughts on this?
  13. O

    What kind of tools are needed to create flintlock mechanisms? Bolt action?

    This is kind of speculative as I've been thinking "if I traveled back in time with a flintlock, how far back can I go before it's too difficult a mechanism for people to be able to create?" Same with bolt action (and the percussion caps to go with it). But I don't know what tools and...
  14. Futurist

    Successful efforts to create a new country which were initially considered long-shots

    Exactly which efforts to create a new country were initially considered long-shots but eventually ended up being successful? So far, I can think of: -Israel: When Zionism was first formulated by Theodore Herzl in the late 1890s, it appears to have had relatively few supporters. However, the...
  15. G

    Why did the Europeans not create a Jewish settlement in the New World

    Why did any one of the European colonial powers not create a Jewish only ghetto settlement in the New World. There was so much land why not give it to them. It would not have needed more than one small size state anywhere in N or S America. Europe was antisemtic during the colonial era and the...
  16. G

    Why did Russia not create a Chechen state after the cold war

    When the Soviet brokeup and new CIS states were formed in Central Asia, why did Russia not create a united Chechen state consisting of their areas? When they gave independence to the five states in central asia why not Chechens as well?
  17. C

    More pragmatic Germans create ROA in 1941?

    If the Germans had been more pragmatic (As unlikely as that is just go with it), including Hitler himself, how successful could a native recruitment program have been among the Soviet population including POWs in German captivity and Red Army soldiers still fighting on Stalin's side beginning...
  18. G

    Did Hindus create rival universities/institutions to Nalanda

    To me Nalanda was the ancient JNU hub of Buddhism and many anti Hindu things going on. Did Hindus create rival universities/institutions to counter Nalanda like institutions? What was political lean in Taxila? What were the other major universities.. I believe a few created Palas (who too were...
  19. Futurist

    Was it a mistake to create a Jewish state in Palestine in 1947-1948?

    I voted Yes, but only if there was another available location to create a Jewish state in during this time. After all, the Holocaust taught the Jews that they cannot always rely on others to defend them and that they thus must have their own state so that they can better defend themselves.
  20. G

    Why did Soviets not help create the Republic of Mahabad

    A communist stretch to the West of Iran would have been a good location to have in there sphere of influence. Why did they not help create and sustain Mahabad Kurdish Republic which would have been a strong ally for them in the region.