1. Underground

    Children-prisoners in Russia

    Russian documentary... memoirs ... Children - prisoners... enormous number of destroyed families. Stalin's order allowing execution of 12-years old for counter-revolutionary activities. Hard to digest historic truth about Bolshevism. aw9yzJMb9RU
  2. VHS

    Define crimes against humanity

    Crimes against humanity is effectively the most serious charge against any humans. Lingchi (execution by around 3600 slices, which is substantially worse than crucifixion; I keep arguing what would it like if Jesus is portrayed coming back from Lingchi) is considered a crime against humanity...
  3. artistauthor

    Why didn't the US charge Korean War veterans with war crimes?

    One interesting question is why the US authorities never charged returning Korean War servicemen with war crimes- indeed they seemed to be more concerned with allegations that American POWs held by the North Koreans or Chinese collaborated with their captors due to "brainwashing" than the...
  4. G

    Clandestinus history

    Hello In this very thread i would like to begin with this video (which i believe got "famous" last time) , and to listen exactly to what people in it say XUqjUMAkENM The law that is being cited in this video is Polish Institute of National Remembrance enactement about "who accuses Polish...
  5. Wallach

    War crimes vs. necessary evil

    What is the difference between killing a civilian to save ten of your buddies, and killing 200,000 civilians to save a 1,000,000?
  6. artistauthor

    war crimes committed during Korean War by ALL sides

    I have been thinking about the Korean War(admittedly topical given the stand off between the US and Kim Jon Un's respective regimes) and the fact that with the exception of the No Gun Ri massacre of South Korean civilians by the US military in July of 1950, the whole issue of war crimes...
  7. T

    Soviet crimes against the Polish nation

    74 years ago 900 km in north-east direction from Moscow Polish actor and singer Eugeniusz Bodo was murdered in a Russian-soviet death camp. Soviets killed during war operations, through sending to death camps in Russian land, executions and stalinist show-trials approximately 3 mln Poles. This...
  8. D

    Japanese crimes (1931-1945)

    Hello.Today a ceremony consacrated to the victims of Hiroshima was organized by the japanese government.But can we evaluate with precisions the number of the victims of twenty nations-an enormous majority of civils- who have been exterminated by the japanese armies and their worse criminal...
  9. Lycurgus

    Why are Japanese war crimes less known in the West that those of Germans?

    What I have noticed is that nearly everyone in the west knows about the atomic bombing of Japan by the US, but not so many are aware of the atrocities committed but the Japanese, such as the Nanking massacre. I find many of the Japanese war crimes to be even more brutal than German crimes, but...
  10. London Legal

    Why did Chechnya win two wars against Russia in 1994–2000 ?

    I am trying to understand how a small colony in the mountains of Caucasus has won two wars against Russia. For centuries, Muscovy has dramatically expanded its territory from the Baltics to the Japanese islands. Any independence movement of the Kremlin-controlled colonies was brutally crushed...
  11. F

    How many counterparts of the Führer are hailed as national heroes?

    Throughout history, there were leaders (Edit: e.g. Attila, Genghis) whose forces outperformed the SS, Gestapo, Einsatzgruppen, and whatnot . How many of them are hailed as national heroes? Imagine in German speaking countries, there are the F├╝hrer's mausoleum, monuments, panegyrics, eponymous...
  12. Magnate

    Should Bashar Al-Assad be charged with war crimes?

    What do you guys think?
  13. Excalibur

    Germany: Man dragged a woman on a rope by car

    Man dragged a woman on a rope 250m by his car. Place: Northern Germany. The man was Kurd. Authorities expect a potential retribution in the town and both people were from a different families. Authorities are shocked and cannot imagine how such crime can happen in Germany. Source: Woman in coma...
  14. Darth Raidius

    Did anyone actually care about war crimes in the past?

    Throughout history (before the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907), were there any serious consequences for committing "war crimes"? Would countries not involved in a conflict care at all how brutal you were to your enemies before the Age of Enlightenment? For example, after the Battle of Narva...
  15. F

    How rampant were crimes in pre-modern societies?

    How rampant were violent crimes (such as murder, rape, aggravated assault) and property crimes (such as arson, larceny) in pre-modern societies? How rampant was organized crime before modernity? (Excluding such crimes committed by the regimes)
  16. HongRengan

    Japanese War Crimes Denial?

    I stumbled upon this (which has a lovely touch of Translation-ese): "Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact" Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact From what I can gather they are trying to re-alight a religious fervency in support of the emperor and are trying to deny many...
  17. RomanEmperor

    How common were war crimes among regular German military?

    Not counting extreme Nazi units like the Waffen-SS, how common was it among regular German military?
  18. UzKhan

    W. Churchill's Legacy: Global Conflict and Crimes Against Humanity

    Churchill is indeed the Greatest Briton to have ever lived, because for decades, the myth of Churchill has served as Britain's greatest propaganda tool to bolster national white pride and glorify British imperial culture. "I hate Indians, they are a beastly people with a beastly religion", he...
  19. B

    Crimes against blacks in the Jim Crow south

    At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape, and Resistance--A New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks to the Rise of Black Power: Danielle L. McGuire: 9780307389244: Books@@AMEPARAM@@ My...
  20. Excalibur

    Rapes, Assaults, Thefts in New Year Germany

    1000 men of Arab and North African origin massively attacked German women in Cologne during New Year celebration. Cologne announced one mass rape, many sexual attacks, burned victims hit by fireworks and thefts. German government is shocked but warning from connecting the attacks to refugees :)...