1. AlpinLuke

    Italian institutional crisis

    Premises: this thread is intended to be a discussion about what’s happening in Italy from an institutional perspective. Any political comment is, since the beginning, out of topic. Now, what’s happening … Last elections [March 4th] have seen a particular...
  2. R

    The Luxemburg crisis in 1867 leads to a Franco-Prussian war

    OTL France offered 5 million guilder to Holland for Luxemburg and the Dutch accepted. However, Luxemburg was a member of the German League and Bismarck refused to withdraw thousands of Prussian troops stationed in Luxemburg so France could occupy it. This led to a crisis which was resolved by...
  3. S

    The Bedchamber Crisis 1839

    In real life, Melbourne returned to office to the young Queen Victoria's delight. But what if he didn't? He was known to be tired and wanted to return to his orchids at Brocket Hall. Robert Peel wasn't that interested in heading a minority government. It's clear that the willful Queen would...
  4. Jake10

    What did Canada learn from the Oka Crisis?

    It started with a group of people paying $5.3 million to expand a golf course, and it resulted in 4500 soldiers facing off against 600 warriors. What's the moral here?
  5. H

    the US-Canada co-hosting Korean crisis conference will be a failure

    two weeks ago, the US declared that US and Canada will co-host a conference on Korean "crisis". the conference is now taking place in Vancouver. This conference, again, ignored the calling of the relevant countries on six party talks (including US, DPRK, south Korea, China, Russia, Japan), but...
  6. JaddHaidar

    Crisis of the Third Century

    The Roman Empire, although the superpower of the ancient world and a mighty force which conquered enormous swathes of land from the Arabian peninsula to the Scottish lowlands, was periodically plagued with civil wars, crises, and instability which affected not only the government in Rome, but...
  7. xMathFanx

    Crisis of Democracy

    Crisis of Democracy The Crisis of Democracy was authored by the Tri-Lateral Commission who were elite liberal intellectual internationals from the US, Europe, and Japan in the early 1970's. In it, they argued that there is an excess of Democracy and need to find ways of pushing back against...
  8. T

    Crisis of the 1850s

    Discuss the “crisis” of the 1850s. What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act? What was Bleeding Kansas? Who was John Brown and what was his role?
  9. holoow

    Narcissism behind Financial crisis of 2008

    Could it be that certain patterns of thinking have led to 2008 crisis?
  10. R

    Avoiding the economic crisis

    In the opinion of my fellow Historumites, which European countries have best succeeded in avoiding the Euro-related economic crisis which has been plaguing most of the world since the beginning of the 21st century? My own guesses would be the Scandinavian nations, and Switzerland; to a somewhat...
  11. JM1906

    Immigrant wave/refugee crisis and possible diplomatic tensions in Europe

    Do you think that the several problems related to Immigrant wave/refugee crisis (ex. Quota discussions, crime related issues, cultural issues, border tensions, colaboration in integration/repatriation processes) can cause diplomatic tensions between European countries? How serious could they...
  12. B

    Roman Empire divided into three in the crisis of the third century

    What if in the crisis of the third century the Roman Empire had not been able to regain the territories lost in the secession that occurred in the year 260 AD, thus having the Gallic Empire and the Palmyrene Empire succeeded in the separation?
  13. Kuroda Kanbei

    Roman Sassanid war: War of the three gods or witnesses of a world in crisis

    I finally decided to delve into the Roman Sassanid wars and relation a little more with books like Rise and fall of the Sassanid empire and Rome and Persia, neighbors and rivals. But the period i'm most interested in is their final war and subsequent eclipse by the Arabs and Islam. Two books...
  14. K

    Tumu Crisis

    One of the greatest disasters of the Ming Dynasty... At the age of 21, in 1449, the Zhengtong Emperor, advised by Wang Zhen, personally directed and lost the Battle of Tumu Fortress against the Mongols under Esen Taishi (d.1455). In one of the most humiliating battles in Chinese history, the...
  15. F

    The crisis of the third century

    How could the crisis of the third century have been avoided in the Roman Empire?Also,if this crisis would not have weakened the empire ,would it have fallen 2 centuries later?
  16. The Living Daylights

    1975 Australian Constitutional Crisis Who was right in this? Do you think that Kerr was justified in dismissing Whitlam? Do you believe that Whitlam would've inevitably attempted to get the Queen to cancel Kerr's commission as the Governor-General? What other...
  17. VHS

    Famine in Africa AGAIN?! The Nigerian crisis?

    It sounds like the 1980s Ethiopia is back! Famine has killed thousands in West Africa, UN says - World - CBC News Since the Ethiopian Famine happened way before our deadline, we probably can discuss it here. While Nigeria is certainly in crisis, much of the world is focusing on Syria.
  18. Excalibur

    Deutsche Bank crisis

    Deutsche Bank has to pay 14 bil USDs as a fine for operations leading to hypotheque crisis. Its stock is falling. The problem could complicate situation of Merkel even more no matter what she do.
  19. VHS

    China in crisis?

    China in debt - Al Jazeera English Inside China's ghost towns: 'Developers run out of money' - Al Jazeera English I honestly doubt the reliability of Aljazeera, but is it true that China is facing a few crises? On the surface, we still found numerous manufactured and agricultural goods from...
  20. D

    Cuban Missile Crisis - how Close Were We to Nuclear War?

    Here's something I never knew about: How One Man Held off Nuclear War Astonishing, if it's true.