1. J

    Timurid Crossbow, before and after Timurid Period

    The Timurid crossbow is probably already well known in this forum. It has long powerstroke unlike European style crossbow that was often depicted in the Middle East in its more western part like Egypt or Syria. I manage to find a Mongol Ilkhanate early 14th century depiction of crossbow with...
  2. Visigoth Panzer

    Types of Medieval Military Crossbow Bolts

    For medieval military crossbow bolts, what kinds were there? I've heard of bodkin and broadheads, as well as a type I recently found called square-faced bolt heads. These are described as having square-faced heads with four small points, one at each corner of the head, so that they might not...
  3. Visigoth Panzer

    How Powerful of a Medieval Crossbow is Needed to Penetrate Mail?

    How powerful of a medieval European crossbow (poundage wise) do you need to penetrate riveted mail at close range (using bodkin points)? I've seen numerous articles and videos that don't give clear answers on this (some use butted mail, normal bolts, modern crossbows and other variables). This...
  4. Visigoth Panzer

    Compare Composite Crossbow to Steel Crossbow

    For medieval European crossbows of the same poundage and spanning distance; are composite crossbows (made with wood, horn, and sinew glued together and bound with animal tendon) more powerful/efficient than equivalent steel crossbows?
  5. Visigoth Panzer

    Mounted Crossbow Use in Medieval Europe

    Were crossbows used while on horseback in any significance in medieval Europe? Could they be reloaded while mounted?
  6. A

    Cross-Bow vs Riveted Mail

    Say a man was scaling a wall, then a man wearing chain mail armor(Riveted) followed him, then on the roof-top the other man fired a Bolt at the Riveted Chain mail would it penetrate enough to create significant damage? Now to go an alternate path in the scenario when the man climbed up on the...
  7. HackneyedScribe

    Han Dynasty Crossbow II

    The following is a rehash of Han Dynasty Crossbow. The reason is because the pictures of the last thread are gone now, and also because of new information. Han Dynasty Crossbow Technology The prevalence and praise of the crossbow in ancient Chinese texts is so widespread (The excavated...
  8. W

    Does a crossbow operate like a gun? Can anyone can just start using crossbows?

    After testing my bow and realizing how tiring using them can be (even if the 12 lb draw weight was actually easy to draw and fire until after 15 minutes of non-stop usage), I am reminded of something I saw in reddit...
  9. B

    Medieval crossbow

  10. I

    Degeneration of Crossbow Technology In Power Stroke Length

    Hey Hackneyed Scribe, remember when you or someone else called me out on claims that early European crossbows were long powerstroke bows and that they progressed to high draw-weight short powerstroke and that I had no evidence of that claim? I finally have sourcing on that claim, via a post by...
  11. H

    6 Stone Han Crossbow Power Revealed!!!

    In order to determine the energy of a Typical 6 stone strength Han crossbow's power = 387 lbs draw weight * ~19 inches powerstroke, we must look at heavy composite crossbow reconstruction like this: Composite Heavy Crossbow : Bow prod length: 29.1 inchers Draw weight: 616 lbs. Power stroke: 9.1...
  12. M

    Bow vs Crossbow

    Which one was better? The biggest question I have is accuracy and range. Some people say the crossbow is more accurate and has more range due to the higher draw weight plus lighter projectile. Some say the bow is more accurate and has more range due to the longer bowspan and more aerodynamic...
  13. M

    Medieval Crossbow formations

    Hello I have a question on the Late Medieval armies use of the crossbow. Would a typical formation of Italian Mercenary crossbowmen in field battle contain light spanned crossbows/Goats foots or did the Windlass/Cranqian replace it? Or was it a mixture? Or was the Windlass/Cranqian used only for...
  14. H

    Why is crossbow called Tatar Bow in Turkish?

    Hi all, In modern day Turkish, one name of crossbow is Tatar bow which is quite strange since Tatars are also great archer community just like Turks. What could be the reason behind this naming? Thanks in advance.
  15. HackneyedScribe

    Han Dynasty Crossbow

    Han Dynasty Crossbow Technology The prevalence and praise of the crossbow in ancient Chinese texts is so widespread (The excavated Donghai accounting records show the existence of up to half a million crossbows in its stockpile) that I find this single weapon notable enough to write an entire...
  16. H

    Chinese Pedal cocking crossbow (Divine Armed Crossbow)

    While searching about cocking mechanisms I found a pedal cocking crossbow here. I tried hard to understand what is it about but as you already very well know how awful google translate. I have few ideas yet the replica includes some modern parts such as spring that brings back to pedal. I...
  17. DeliciousTomatoesYay

    who invented the crossbow?

    Did the Greeks or Chinese first invent the crossbow?
  18. Salah

    Balistari and the Roman Crossbow

    I don't have any of my sources handy so I'm stating the following from memory: Balistari are a late Roman troop-type mentioned in the 4th and 5th Centuries AD. Several units designated as balistari are mentioned in the early 5th Century Notitia Dignitatum. It is generally presumed that...
  19. Hoplite

    Sassanian Crossbow?

    I was almost stunned when I saw this picture of Sassanian cavalry one of them wielding what seems to be shotgun crossbow. A sassanian with a crossbow is virtually unheard of. it doesn't go well with horse archers. Worse it fired 5 arrows. There's the Chinese repeating crossbow but to the best of...
  20. NomadBard


    When was the crossbow invented and when did it reach its height?