1. Futurist

    How crucial was World War II to the Partition of India?

    In your opinion, how crucial was World War II to the Partition of India? In other words, do you think that the Partition of India would have still occurred without World War II? The reason that I am asking this is because I know that World War II allowed the Muslim League to rise into...
  2. M

    US Support for Entente in WW I - how crucial?

    I just ask myself how important the support of the US in favour of the Western Allies in the World War One was. This contains deliveries and credits before April 1917, as well as the participation in war after that time. Does anyone have links to good overview pages? Or, if we put the...
  3. Radrook

    Falkand War : Chile's Crucial Role

    Most people are completely unaware of just how crucial Chile's role was to the British victory during the Falkland War. The British were repeatedly informed whenever any Argentinean aircraft took off from Argentinean airfields. In fact, the temporary absence of the Chilean assistance was what...
  4. Warehouse

    Burma, how crucial was it?

    How crucial was the front in Burma during WWII? This is one of the parts of WWII I know the least about.
  5. T

    Is knowledge of psychopathy crucial for historians.

    Been fascinated about the subject for months now. Its truly bewildering how many situations in history were potentially exploited by these people. A character profile, that orientates one for, manipulation, aggression, a morality and fearlessness seems to be quite a significant character...
  6. A

    Battle Of Bouvines, 1214: Was it as crucial as this article claims?

    What do you make of the claims in this article that the Battle of Bouvines, 1214, and the defeat of the English made the Magna Carta a year later a virtual certainty and defanged the English in western France? For myself, I am not so sure. Even had King John and the northern European coalition...
  7. JohnnyH

    The 3 most crucial battles in British history?

    I remember reading a similar list years ago (twenty such) which oddly began in the late 18thC? :laugh: That list omitted countless pre-18thC bloodbaths (and many later) like Mount Badon (c.500); Edington (878); Brunanburh (937); Hastings (1066) or Agincourt (1415); which were vitally important...
  8. F

    Most crucial event of last 200 years?

    Some people, including historians, may be suspicious towards any ideas of single "events" (in this context a war or revolution io labeled "event") as being "most significant" or having most long lasting effects, but if we should chose any for the last 200 years, since the fatal french defeat in...
  9. infestør

    Are tanks still crucial in today's battles?

    (i hope this is the correct subsection) this question came up in some of the turkish sites i read, upon the development new turkish mbt altay. many people argue that a country (turkey in this case) should concentrate on spending money on missile systems and fighter planes instead. also, tanks...
  10. JohnnyH

    Three most crucial battles in your nation's past?

    I'm English/British, so there are a lot more than just three such battles fought here (and abroad!), but I have to draw the line somewhere. Personally I would choose these, purely for the fact that so much fate rested upon the outcome of the clashes between invaders & defenders;- Mancetter...