1. dlnewhouse

    Crusades and banners

    Please analyze the banner in this music video GdWhlo9b9zg
  2. G

    Baltic Crusades: 1193-1418

    The year 2018 marks the 600th anniversary of the end of the Baltic Crusades. The final chapter of those crusades was the conversion of Samogitians to Christianity, the completion of which was announced at the Council of Constance in March 1418. Year 1198 can be considered the beginning of the...
  3. RidiculousName

    List of Crusades

    Like a lot of people I grew up thinking that the crusades were confined to the middle-east. So I was surprised when I learned that there were multiple others. I'm curious exactly how many crusades were carried out, and where they went.
  4. Quill And Ink History

    The Origins of the Knights Templars(Quick overview).

    Recently made an educational video of the Knights Templar Order with a main focus on the Knights Templars rise to prominence in Europe during the high middle ages. It covers several historical aspects of the order including... The orders founding by Hugh of Payens and Gottfried of Saint-Omer...
  5. A

    Impact of Crusades on Medieval Europe

    Need help on an open response, and also just interested to see the responses. I think some of the important impacts are: 1. Trade increasing 2. Merchants and artisan classes emerging 3.Growth of towns and cities through charters 4.Deaths of many peasants causing the supply of them go down...
  6. R

    The Crusades: Unchristian

    The Crusades were NOT Christian. Hey, i couldnt help but notice how every documentary refers to the Crusades as a "Christian" undertaking and made a video on why thats wrong: rnC-ZlGAjTY Let me know what you think. Thanks for hearing me out.
  7. D

    Human losses during the Crusades

    Hello.During two centuries the europeans have tried to liberate Jerusalem and to create christian states.Is it possible to evaluate the human losses in this two centuries of confrontation ?
  8. M

    The Crusades! Gunpowder Edition

    At the start of the First Crusade, every country (that includes the Vatican) that would participate in the war gets the following: -8k Springfield 1861 Rifled-Musket -800k Musket Balls (and gunpowder to used them) -36 6-pounder Cannons -450 Cannon Balls -Instructions on using and creating...
  9. M

    Helmets and armor used by the french during the crusades?

    I have a doubt about the correct helmets and chain mail armor used by the french on the crusades. I know the Teutonic order used these round helmets that covered all the head, but some ilustrations also show soldiers with round helmets with nose guards marching together with the Teutonic armies...
  10. M

    French Helmets and chain mail armor during the crusades.

    I have a doubt about the correct helmets and chain mail armor used by the french on the crusades. I know the Teutonic order used these round helmets that covered all the head, but some ilustrations also show soldiers with round helmets with nose guards marching together with the Teutonic armies...
  11. 1stvermont

    Thank God for the Crusades

    Thank God for the Crusades “From the safe distance of many centuries, it is easy enough to scowl in disgust at the Crusades. Religion, after all, is nothing to fight wars over. But we should be mindful that our medieval ancestors would have been equally disgusted by our infinitely more...
  12. S

    what is this weapon i found on fol.10v of the morgan bible

    When I was browsing the morgan bible the other day, i found this weapon(the one being used to cut someone in half): it looks a little like a massive two-handed knife without rivets, i just want to know what to call it, for the express reason of having one.
  13. W

    Scots involvement in the crusades?

    Recently read an article that claimed there were contemporary sources during the First Crusade which mentioned the presence of "Scoti" in the crusading forces, though there's apparently some debate over whether they were Scots or Gaelic Irish as the name was used for both... Regardless it got...
  14. Hochmeister

    Hello from Los Angeles!

    Hey everyone, I am new to this forum (and, in fact, the city I'm hailing you from). It seems like a great place to discuss everything history! A few of my personal interests include domestic and international politics, film, cuisine, chess, history (ancient rome and the medieval period in...
  15. W

    Was their any attempt at Finnish unification during the Crusades?

    Something I've wondered about, when the Swedes and others started showing up on Finnish borders during the crusades were there any attempts by Finnish tribal leaders to try and unify with others and form some organised defence? Or did they stand alone and get subjugated one by one? I know some...
  16. A

    Isle of Ruad During the Crusades

    Hi All. I'm searching (so far in vain) for information detailing what the Isle of Ruad (present day Arwad, Syria) was like during the time the Templars occupied the island around 1300. Here's some of what I'm looking for: Was Ruad as covered in buildings as it is today or was there more open...
  17. impblack

    The Crusades seen as defensive wars.

    With the rise of the so called “refugee crisis” (which I won’t be commenting here) there has been an increase of both Islamic defenders and critics. Both groups tend to draw heavily from historical events to justify their conclusions. Of course a comparison between the Crusades and the Jihad is...
  18. Ruleoflaw

    Were the crusades the first form of colonialism?

    For some time i found out that some historians think that the crusades(in middle east) were the first attempt of colonialism.I don't agree whit this version,acording to my opinion european domination of that part of middle east wasn't different from any foreign domination first occured in any...
  19. notgivenaway

    Which Crusades commander was the most successful?

    Was it Richard Lionheart, since he technically won his Crusade?
  20. Lawnmowerman

    The many European Crusades

    When we talk of Crusades we tend to think of Saladin, Richard the Lion Heart and Orlando Bloom. But the majority of Crusades were not fought in the Middle East but in Europe itself. How many crusades were fought in Europe and when was the last one??? There were Crusades against the...