1. EmperorTigerstar

    Was Braxton Bragg the Worst CSA General?

    Often Braxton Bragg was ridiculed by both his contemporaries and our modern historians as a horrible general with many faults and foolish tendencies. But is he the worst general the Confederacy had? Is there one worse? Is he actually a good general who got a bad rap?
  2. Maki

    Would the USA have survived the Confederate victory? Would the CSA?

    So, pre-Civil War USA had a much more developed state rather than national patriotism. Many people, most famous ones being Lee and Jefferson Davis, considered loyalty to their individual states more important than the loyalty to the USA as a whole. The whole concept of states' rights was not...
  3. Lawnmowerman

    CSA Georgia and the Moors

    Been reading a little about the Southern Commercial raiders during the American Civil War. I have found a reference that the CSA raider Georgia fought a ship to shore battle with the Moors off Morocco. Sadly I can't find any more information on this, anyone know anything about it???
  4. V

    Civil War texts from the CSA point of view.

    Just picked up five books of interest. "The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government" and "A Short History of the Confederate States of America", both by Jefferson Davis, President of the CSA; "Recollections of Alexander H. Stephens" and ""A Constitutional View of the Late War Between the...
  5. grey fox

    What if Grant was the 4 star General of the CSA from the inception of the ACW?

    If Grant joined the Confederate Army just before the Civil War started and if Grant's loyalty was with the CSA, and if Grant was the 4 star General of the CSA from April 13, 1861 (the day after Ft. Sumter) onwards, what do you think that the outcome of the American Civil War would have been? If...
  6. grey fox

    Primary sources that support theory that CSA embargoed Europe

    In James McPherson's book Battle Cry of Freedom, McPherson asserts that the Confederacy implemented a cotton embargo against Britain and the rest of Europe. McPherson asserted that the CSA embargoed Europe in an attempt to persuade Britain & other European states to intervene on the CSA side in...
  7. grey fox

    Who had a better chance of not being conquered, the CSA or Nazi Germany?

    Who had a better chance of not being conquered, the Confederate States of America in the Civil War or Nazi Germany in World War 2? My opinion is that Nazi Germany had a better chance of not being conquered than the Confederate States of America. As I recollect, in terms of combat military...
  8. notgivenaway

    CSA concessions to slaves

    Say Pres. Davis issues his own counter-Proclamation, and says that any slave of able body and sound mind who registers for the CSA will on CSA victory of be freed from slavery, receive 10 acres of land each to farm with full freeholding, though with limited voting rights/representation. And...
  9. Kormp

    Honoring CSA Soliders

    As a commonly known fact, both Union and Confederate troops fought bloodily against each other for their own causes. Now here's the question. Should Confederate soldiers be honored in the American society. Would you you call them traitors, or Americans who fought for their life? What are your...
  10. EmperorTigerstar

    Did the CSA have the correct strategy in Kentucky?

    Bragg's invasion of Kentucky during the American Civil War always interested me. Bragg along with Kirby Smith planned for an invasion of Kentucky to not only attempt to bring Kentucky into the Confederacy but to potentially distract Union forces to help ease things for Lee's invasion of Maryland...
  11. Viperlord

    The Confederate States of America: A Nation?

    Discussion continued from this thread. http://historum.com/history-films-television/76802-best-us-civil-war-movies-7.html#post1943493 Well, what do you think, Historumites? Can a failed rebellion that never gained any international recognition legitimately claim to have been a nation? Really...
  12. EmperorTigerstar

    What if Montgomery Remained the Capital of the CSA?

    What if for whatever reason, despite the fact that Montgomery is much smaller, the CSA capital remains at Montgomery, Alabama for war-time strategic purposes until the Civil War is at an end. Montgomery had only about 9000 people but it was a transportation and railway hub and conveniently in...
  13. Darth Raidius

    American Civil War: French involvement and British invasion

    This is a scenario about the American Civil War I've thought about for a while (apologies for my limited knowledge regarding the conflict). When the civil war breaks out in 1861, France immediately answers the CSA's plead for aid in order to protect their colonial interests against the growing...
  14. Napoleon I

    Why did the CSA lose?

    Which of the above was the most important factor in the North's victory in the American Civil War? N.B.- I do not believe that all of the above were factors. I am just attempting to be fair by listing the various answers I have heard.
  15. Emperor Trajan

    During the U.S. civil war did the CSA take control of any U.S. Islands

    In 1857 The Guano Islands act was passed giving the United States claims on Islands in the Atlantic, Pacific ocean and The Caribbean Sea. When the civil war broke out in 1861 who got what Islands. I am sure that the North got Mid-way, wake, baker and The Johnston Atoll. Did the CSA try to get to...
  16. oshron

    The Effects of the Union with smokeless powder and the CSA without?

    hey, all. i asked this question on AH.com as well, but since so many Historumites are well-versed on the American Civil War, i figured this would be a good place to ask as well. basically, as part of an alternate history project i'm working on, i decided that smokeless powder becomes available...
  17. Korin

    CSA and USA

    If CSA beat USA, and USA never existed. CSA took it's place, slavery still in check... population would sky rocket to China's or India's of today.
  18. tjadams

    Top Ten CSA & Union Generals

    I stumbled upon a book I own, didn't even remember I had it, but as I thumbed through the pages, there was a listing of who the book considers the 'best' of both sides in the war. The book is "The Civil War Book of List", 2004. It must have been a Christmas gift from a student. Here's their...
  19. D

    Could the CSA have won?

    Could the Confederacy have won? What would they have had to do different?
  20. G

    Best CSA general in the West

    What do you think and why?