1. D

    Cuban Missile Crisis - how Close Were We to Nuclear War?

    Here's something I never knew about: How One Man Held off Nuclear War Astonishing, if it's true.
  2. Menshevik

    The State of the Modern Cuban Military

    What are their current capabilities? And how have the Cubans comported themselves, historically, as soldiers and fighting men? Besides their defense at the Bay of Pigs, I'm only aware of their involvement in Angola in the seventies. In what capacity did they serve there? How effective were...
  3. Perspective

    Has the Cuban Revolution been a success?

    I'd say yes. The Cuban healthcare systems is extremely efficient and high-quality compared to how much they spend per capita. And their education system is so advanced that Cubans that come to the States are reportedly 1-1.5 yrs ahead of their classmates in the maths and sciences.
  4. uppsa1

    Cuban Missile Crisis from the Sowjet Perspective

    We all know the American perception of this famous crisis. But I find it very difficult to find many explanations about how the Sowjets understood everything that was going on (at least in a language that I can understand). The best source I managed to find was Khrustshevs son, Sergei...
  5. Darth Raidius

    Operation Anadyr is completed before the Cuban Missile Crisis

    How would the Cuban Missile Crisis (and the Cold War in general) be affected if the Soviet military deployment to Cuba - Operation Anadyr - was not discovered by the United States before its completion? The operation included deploying the following Soviet equipment in Cuba, with a total of...
  6. J

    Arms race + Cuban missile crisis

    Hello, I am slightly confused on the difference of the arms race and nuclear missile gap that occurred during the cold war. It would be great if someone could help me understand the difference or if they're the same. Secondly, did Krushchev already have nuclear missiles in Cuba? and he was just...
  7. Fireatwill

    Music of Cuba

    IBRAHIM FERRER " Dos Gardenias " with Buena Vista Social Club , 1997. - YouTube
  8. holoow

    Cuban anti-communist partisans.

    Interesting. I can't find any information about Cuban anti-communist partisans. Just one video. Guerra en Cuba 1960-1965 - YouTube
  9. D

    The Cuban Missile Crisis Tell me what you think. BTW I'm still in Grade 7 and this was just for my Individual Study Project :laugh:
  10. H

    How far was the Cuban Missile Crisis the most important event during the cold war?

    How far was the Cuban Missile Crisis the most important event during the period 1945 to 1965 I am currently coming to a conclusion as to the most important event during the cold war, and what had the biggest impact on potential warfare etc. I am comparing the following: - Cuban Missile Crisis...
  11. astafjevs

    Why didn't USA end the Cuban blockade?

    As I understand it, when the USSR and their sphere of influence dramatically collapsed in the years 89-91, the USA initially intensified it's blockade in a bid to bring about the end of the Communist regime in Cuba. But that didn't work. Why didn't they reverse the policy? (We can have a...
  12. Edward

    Cuban missile crisis

    "Fidel Castro recruited former members of the Nazi Waffen-SS to train his troops at the height of the Cuban missile crisis, declassified German intelligence files show. 4:25PM BST 15 Oct 2012 The Communist leader also sought to buy weapons from arms dealers connected with Germany'sextreme...
  13. M

    A Second Cuban Missile Crisis

    The BBC has posted an article discussing a second Cuban Missile Crisis. It can be found here: BBC: Second Cuban Missile Crisis It's an interesting article. Essentially, the USSR promised Castro 100 tactical nuclear weapons that the US supposedly did not know about and then had a change of...
  14. G

    Cuban Missile Crisis

    Hello all, this is my first time on the forum, please don't flame I don't mean to offend :) I am currently working on a history project at school on the Cuban Missile Crisis. While sifting through evidence I came across an excerpt from Khrushchev's autobiography and part of a conversation that...
  15. Chancellor

    Legacy of the Cuban revolution

    Most people interested in history and political issues are likely to know well the argument in favour of Fidel Castro's 49-year dictatorial government over Cuba. Social services have expanded drastically (whereas private initiative has been near-completely eradicated) particularly on the...
  16. P

    Cuban Missile Crisis in USSR

    I've been attempting to gather information on how the cuban missile crisis was portrayed throughout the USSR while it was playing out, or even if the general public was aware of it at that time. This has been a difficult topic for myself personally to find information on, just because of my...
  17. throughthepastdarkly

    Argument over Cuban Missile Crisis

    A dialogue between DQ (drama queen) and CD (cool daddy-o) in the USA, Sept 1962 DQ: OMG THE SOVIETS HAVE PUT NUCLEAR MISSILES IN CUBA!! CD: Why are you all hot and bothered? DQ: ARE YOU KIDDING?? CUBA IS NINETY MILES FROM UNITED STATES TERRITORY!!! CD: So... okay.... you're worried about us...
  18. tjadams

    Missing Cuban Official Stirs Questions Over Defection - Missing Cuban Official Stirs Questions Over Defection, U.S. Food Aid Program By Stephen Clark Published January 22, 2011 | The disappearance of a top Cuban government trade official with strong ties to influential American lawmakers has elevated speculation of...
  19. arras

    Cuban medics in Haiti put the world to shame

    Article from The Independent: Cuban medics in Haiti put the world to shame "Castro's doctors and nurses are the backbone of the fight against cholera"
  20. L

    Robert F. Kennedy as a principal figure in resolving the Cuban Missile Crisis

    Hey guys, a few months ago I finished my "facharbeit" about the cuban missile crisis (complete name in the title). I thought that I could share my work with everyone in the internet and maybe I can help someone with these information. I had a lot of fun doing this research and therefore I...