1. Old Spartan Veteran

    Moral and cultural relativism

    To what degree and in what manner are those ideas, mostly promoted by anthropologists, acceptable?
  2. Tammuz

    The Self-Contradiction of Cultural Relativism

    An essential characteristic of postmodern relativism is the intrinsic ´performative self-contradiction´. This means that relativistic statements as a performative act are in contradiction to their content. Examples: (1) Cognitive relativism: "There are no absolute truths; rather, each culture...
  3. El Cid

    Byzantine science and cultural contribution to the world:

    In order to receive a Bachelor of Arts in History at university in Europe, you need 180 ECTS points which can be gathered in 3 or 3 and half years (at least here in Scandinavia). I have studied various aspects, and with regard to the Western Civilization there are 4 particular civilizations that...
  4. Romaneagle

    Historical Accuracy of Cultural Sensitivity?

    I don't know if this is the right place for this, but here goes- I'm attempting to write a novel (historical fiction), but I've run into a bit of a snag. One of the characters in it Septimius Severus- who, as far as I've researched, was African. His wife, Julia, I think, if I remember...
  5. D

    Cultural, Intellectual, Social

    How would you describe the differences in these history "types"? Cultural - mores and art forms; related to cultural anthropology Intellectual - evolution of thoughts, ideas, modeling reality Social - interactions, hierarchies, rural / urban, wealth
  6. R

    Is there cultural split between Aussies and Brits?

    Australia had many historical links to Britain but it seems now many Australians culturally dominated by American media, and young people more and more behave and speak like Americans.
  7. VHS

    Is George Bernard Shaw: a major cultural figure?

    His thoughts span everywhere; with health and lifespan significantly superior to Nietzsche, and he wrote pretty much until his physical death at almost age 95, we would expect something. What are your opinions about him? Why was he such a complicated person? A person with his lifespan may...
  8. D

    Literary Theory & Criticism: Historical Peaks

    What are the historical peaks for Literary Theory & Criticism? I have read the discipline peaked around the 1980s with a decline in interest beginning in the 1990s. Did literary theory become Cultural Criticism?
  9. F

    Why would white Germans start Cultural Marxism?

    Why would white Germans want to abolish European culture and power? Makes no sense. And how was this school of thought able to permeate so deeply in schools and media?
  10. El Cid

    Was Isidore educated in a Byzantine, Monastic or Visigoth cultural hemisphere?

    Was Isidore of Seville educated in a Byzantine, Monastic or Visigoth cultural hemisphere? After the Migration Period, a lot of so-called “Barbarians” floated the Roman Empire in which resulted into the Western Roman Empire’s collapse, and thus a lot of Roman institutions largely ceased to exist...
  11. A

    On the Cultural Origins of South Carolina

    Anyone who's seen me post for a bit on this forum knows of my fascination with books that highlight the cultural divisions in this country (USA) resulting from the settlement patterns of the original colonial clusters on the Atlantic seaboard in North America. Two of these books are Colin...
  12. D

    Was the Aryan/Indo-European identity a racial or cultural one?

    Aryans being the ancient Brahmin/Hindu culture, Persian culture, Tocharian culture, Yamnaya culture, corded ware culture, celtic culture, etc. Please offer evidence if possible. Thank you
  13. TomarRajput

    What cultural similarities do of Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan share

    Aside from religion of course. The regions of Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan have very distinct histories and very different cultures. The definition of a nation is, "a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory"...
  14. B

    Artists imprisoned during the Chinese Cultural Revolution

    I just watched a documentary about Mu Xin, who risked his life carrying on art during his solitary confinement - really interesting story - are there any more personal accounts like this out there?
  15. kathiyawadi

    West India, Separate Geographical and cultural entity ?

    so, i just noticed one thing, that North/West and West Indian Region have separate Geographical and Cultural Identity as well. This is a map of Climate South Asia. we can clearly sew that Western India have Arid or Semiarid Climate. it looks like extension of Great Deserts of Middle...
  16. civfanatic

    Was Henan the economic and cultural center of ancient China?

    It seems to me that Henan was the most important Chinese territory during ancient times, along with neighboring Shandong. According to the imperial census of 2 AD conducted during the Han dynasty, the population living in Henan and Shandong was far more dense and greater than the population...
  17. R

    China Fertility Rate, One Child Policy and the Cultural Revolution

    I'm interested to know a bit about the demographics and birth rate of China. In school (Australia) we were always taught that the One Child Policy was an essential step for China to manage its apparently out-of-control birth rate. However if one looks at any of the graphs depicting the...
  18. YouLoveMeYouKnowIt

    Tibetan Genocide

    It seems to be a well-known "fact," as many are convinced, that China is attempting to eradicate Tibetan culture. There is even allegations that China is attempting to kill off the Tibetan people. Is this true? Does the Chinese government have or had plans to carry such a genocide out? Has such...
  19. M

    Empires in western European cultural sphere

    25 December 800. Carolingian Empire founded. Total one. 13 January 888. Emperor Charles III the Fat deposed. (88 years) Total zero. May 891. Post Carolingian Empire in the west founded. Total one. 8 December 899 Post Carolingian Emperor dies with no successor. (8 years) Total zero. 22...
  20. N

    New user - interest in cultural heritage in India

    Hello I am an academic at Sheffield University, UK. I have been doing some work on the effect on river regeneration in India and its influence on riparian cultural heritage.