1. Jake10

    Did Hong Kong become a culturally confused society?

    While Hong Kong became economically wealthy as a British colony, the effects to the culture of the society seem to have been altered from China's culture, but not necessarily to the point of becoming western. Today, we see student protests over having to pass tests in Mandarin, but their English...
  2. A

    Just how Scots Irish is the South Culturally?

    The Scots Irish called many things in their homeland of Northern Ireland, Ulster Scots, Unionists, Protestants etc, migrated from the North of Ireland to the mountainous part of Pennsylvania in the colonial period in a couple of great waves, and from their moved down the great wagon road through...
  3. RomanEmperor

    Will the future of Europe culturally be anything like the past?

    Because of the low fertility rate, and the increasing number of Islamic immigrants, I am concerned whether the future will be anything like the past, or in 100 years will Europe be mostly Islamic countries with a population that largely does not have a long history on the continent? I think one...
  4. A

    Human morality: innate or culturally conditioned?

    Do humans have an innate sense of right and wrong? To what extent has human morality been shaped by history and culture? To what extent are there moral universals? Are codes of moral conduct like the Ten Commandments necessary or helpful? Does religion-based morality help or hurt?
  5. Valens

    Most culturally rich country in Europe?

    Speaking in terms of historical cultural heritage, from the arts to customs, traditions, cuisine, etc. which country do you consider to have a richest culture in Europe?
  6. A

    Romans and Latins: Culturally, politically, nationally and religiously.

    Latin is a language that everyone in western civilization knows was spoken by the Romans and by the catholic church. Yet! Throughout the history of Europe in the bronze and iron ages, they were quite different in the Italian peninsula, separated by diverse italic tribes. And it comes to a...
  7. V

    Why did Anatolia submit culturally and linguistically in mass to Mongol Turks?

    The Mongoloid Turks weren't that huge in numbers compared to the native Anatolians. It is beyond my understanding, the impact of these events. A huge loss for West Asian culture, in my honest opinion.
  8. Menshevik

    Are Arabs naturally or culturally deceitful? I thought this article was interesting. What do you make of it? Are Arabs naturally deceitful? Is it their culture?
  9. jeroenrottgering

    Small countries with high achievements

    If we forgot big countries such as France, UK, USA, Russia for a while and focuss on the smaller countries what do we see? If you had to select a small group of countries and base them on their military, economical, cultural and political achievements compqred to their size and population, which...
  10. K

    Most Culturally Important Country

    It's totally insane to simplify this question into a poll, but what the hell. My overall interpretation (which I believe is generally assented to) is that the "countries" with the biggest cultural relevance in Europe, from the beginning of the Modern Period to the end of WWII, were England...
  11. jungleplanewreck

    'Culturally... X'

    I was curious; Do any of you consider yourself 'culturally.. x/y' rather than religiously. For instance, I have a friend that considers himself culturally jewish. That is, he doesn't believe in God. Do any of you? Can you expand?