1. vukan

    I would like to find a project partner

    Greetings friends, My name is Vukan. My family history is rich. Since my early childhood, my family taught me various things, among other things, the history and importance of personal honor and dignity. I was interested in history. I spent a lot of time spreading my knowledge. Today I am very...
  2. Slegtvalk

    Widukind's defeat

    Lately I've been thinking a lot about the impact of Widukind's defeat (785 A.D.) at the hands of Charlemagne, especially in regards to Scandinavia. As far as I know, the Germanic and Norse pantheon are practically the same. Since these people probably shared the same believes and mythology, it...
  3. A

    Celtic Fortresses: the Hallstatt culture, c.800-450 BC

    A thread about settlements, tombs, and related things from the celtic Hallstatt culture. I have collected quite a few pictures on the subject which I'll post here as a resource for anyone who's interested. Please post anything related to the topic. First of all, a brief introduction: "During...
  4. T

    Does one need to study Greek culture and history to fully understand the Romans?

    Simple question! I want to do an in depth study of the Romans and I know they have alot of influence from the Greeks. I am unsure of what starting point or how deep I need to dig into the Greeks to understand. Vitam Impendere Vero
  5. R

    Why is Western culture so missionary and messianic in nature?

    Why is Western culture so missionary and universalist in nature compared to say, Japanese or Subsaharan African, or Hindu culture in trying to remake theabd world in its image? Why does liberal Western culture have a selular version of Dues Vult that other cultures lack, i mean Shintoism does...
  6. Z

    Ancient mediterranean culture

    Hello everybody, we are some friends fond in ancient history and culture of mediterranean area. Bye, Silvy.Bye
  7. M

    Newspaper Boy in The Old Days

    I noticed that the newspaper seller always mentions "Extra, extra", but I never catch anything after that. How did they used to appeal their newspaper to the passerby? Also, were news about royals' activities (such as engagement, divorce, etc) allowed to be printed in them?
  8. S

    Ancient Mainland Gallic Culture

    Hello all! I'm working on a story that is situated at the same time of Caesar's invasion of Gaul, in particular the clash with Vercingetorix. So we are looking at tribes like the Arverni. I'm searching around the internet for sources of Gallic culture like names, customs, beliefs and so on...
  9. Spike117

    Carnival Culture

    Hello, Does anyone have any information on history of carnivals and carnival culture? Carnival style and architecture are very distinct, and clowns and other such things are very distinct and well known, but I am very fuzzy on the history past the 20th century. Any information is appreciated!
  10. A

    Culture war of the 60s - different artistic tastes?

    There was of course the counter culture vs mainstream culture in the 60s and showtunes vs rock, but there's one thing I noticed about the culture war that is happening today and I'm wondering whether it was a feature back then. I don't know whether this is true of mainstream conservatives, it...
  11. S

    How would you respond to these ignorant claims about African history and bad culture?

    So some moron recently told me this on Trump's shithole comments, his reason why he thinks they are shitholes is due to culture: "The truth is, neither is a positive thing to say, but I think what Trump was getting at is that these countries are unstable and have some bad cultural aspects but...
  12. Voltaires Hat

    Good sources on contemporary African politics, history, culture?

    Last year I subscribed to the American Publication 'Foreign Affairs' which often includes a sprinkling of articles on African politics and history. The articles that I've read in it so far are quite fascinating, and so I'm hoping to find other good sources of contemporary African history...
  13. trhowd

    Nok culture didn't have Iron tools

    Hello, I was learning about the Nok, and learned that they had iron tools, and I tried to find their so-called iron tools, so I googled them, but the only things I found are stone artifacts : Did Nok really have iron? If yes, then where are the evidences? the artifacts? I am very skeptic about...
  14. B

    Which Region of Italy has the strongest regional culture?

    Please vote below
  15. Man of Sin

    Does the military naturally produce rapists?

    There has been an epidemic of sexual assault within the ranks of the US military, that is often covered up by the higher ups. 32% of women have been sexually assaulted and 80% sexually harassed. And it’s been recently talked about that there is also a massive rape culture in the North...
  16. Jake10

    Did Hong Kong become a culturally confused society?

    While Hong Kong became economically wealthy as a British colony, the effects to the culture of the society seem to have been altered from China's culture, but not necessarily to the point of becoming western. Today, we see student protests over having to pass tests in Mandarin, but their English...
  17. H

    history & Culture of Kashmiri kshatriya tribes

    Hi all, I want to know about History of martial kashmiri clans such as Tantray, Rather, Dars(claims origin from Damaras) and mantrays.
  18. R

    Is American culture fundamentally flawed?

    We often talk about how countries are flawed because their cultures are fundamentally flawed, such as how Islamic countries that have Sharia law are flawed because Islam itself is flawed, or how Japan before WW2 was a flawed state because its cultural philosophy of Bushido and militarism are...
  19. L

    What is the legacy of Ancient Persia

    Well, what cultural or scientific advancements or any other important thing did the ancient Persians give us?
  20. JM1906

    CIA, LSD and the rise of 1960's Counter culture

    NO, this is not a topic about the nature of MK Ultra project, Neither is a topic about conspiracy theories. This is about facts. It is a fact (I guess) that CIA brought LSD from Switzerland to the US in the 50's. It is also a fact that LSD reached american youngsters some time later, and...