1. P

    Curious about this statue

    Hello Wanting to see if anyone can tell me what this statue is. It belongs to a friends mother. The story goes as follows: my friends dad went to the Yucatan Peninsula (exact location not known) in the 60s and found this ... some how got it back to the states. They had always heard it was a...
  2. No Bias FTW

    A Few Curious Questions About Hitler

    *Please try to simply answer the questions. This thread is not meant for any political battles.* 1. Is it true that Hitler was called a homosexual/'warm buddy' by his comrades during WWI when he did not want to share smutty stories of women with them? Apparently, he does not like to degrade...
  3. P

    Curious remark - Friedrich the Great

    I heard once for this, apparently Wendish soldiers of Prussian Friedrich the Great talking to Welsh soldiers during Seven Years' War 1754-1763. England and Prussia were allies in that war. Written as footnote in Google Book - The Cambro-Briton from 1821. Someone knows more about this?
  4. C

    The curious case of Pope Pelagius and the S

    Hi guys. Random but kind of important question (important to me, at least). On the Wikipedia page for Pope Pelagius I, the picture shows his name as 'S. Pelagius'. Why is the S there? What does it mean? Does it mean Saint? So was Pelagius I a saint? Thanks
  5. R

    Curious.. What does this artwork say about american society and culture?

    "WASHINGTON CROSSING THE DELAWARE RIVER, 25TH DECEMBER 1776, 1851" found this on by the way... Whats your opinion?... anybody?
  6. Jim Casy

    The curious case of the Anglican Chaplain

    In March, 1938, Germany annexed Austria. While being welcomed by many Austrians it signalled a change in the fortunes of the Jewish community, and for the large community in Vienna, the change in attitude towards them was, it appears, immediate. In fact the antipathy ramped up so quickly and to...
  7. BloodyPirate

    Harald Bluetooth, Curious name?

    I've always heard he got the nickname because he was struck in the mouth, and it damaged the root of the tooth, causing it to turn black. I've also heard he wore a Blue outfit, which gave him the nickname Bluetooth. What is the overall accepted meaning of his nickname?
  8. HistoryFreak1912

    Canada, I'm curious about your history!

    Canadians! A question from a Yank down below you! So I understand that at one point, you were part of Britain...only now you're not. You are Canada. Yet Quebec is pretty much going, "We are French!" But I'm curious about a few things, my good Canadians. #1- When did you first get settled...
  9. O

    The Curious Case of Taiwan...

    i would like to open up a thread for all members to pour in some knowledge of what you all know about Taiwanese History, menial or grand facts are welcomed...i find their history and current state to be intriguing given the fact that they have such an excelling economy blueprint... carryon...
  10. monsieurdl

    The Curious Case of Robert Rogers in 1775: Spy or victim?

    Ignoring the conduct of Robert Rogers AFTER he escaped from prison to join the British Army and his subsequent work in exposing Nathan Hale, what proof remains as to the validity that Robert Rogers was a British spy? These are facts that we know of so far: 1. He was still being paid at half...
  11. Lithium

    I'm very interested and curious about Korean civilization and history?

    I think China and Japan are much more well-known but Korea seems more mysterious and unknown? Kind of list and forgotten..?
  12. Kirialax

    A curious ancient(?) coin

    A friend of mine asked me if I knew anything about this coin, and since I don't know anything about this coin, I'm going to ask if anyone here has seen anything similar to it. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the other side. My first thought was that this coin is Greek due to the...
  13. Von Ranke

    Curious historumites book trip on the Tardis.

    If, like the good Doctor, you could travel back through time to meet your favourite historical character and ask him or her just one question. Who would that character be? What question would you ask and why?
  14. Inc

    Curious Historical Parallels

    echoing through time... Today I was reading about how Spain and Portugal divided up the "New World"; both countries deferred to Pope Alexander VI, who proceeded to draw a line on a map. This judgement was modified by the Treaty of Tordesillas as the original line was seen as favouring Spain...
  15. Pedro

    Curious [but historic] expressions thread

    ON or OFF THE WAGON – the choices are driving me to drink! Every culture as its expressions for drunkenness which range from the gross to the poetic. In the Unites States, falling in the middle of these two extremes, is the expression, “he fell off the wagon&#8221...
  16. Kebuka

    Just curious. . . .

    Do you ladies and gentlemen highlight passages in your books?
  17. avon

    F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 1920. Open for discussion Sunday, 08 August, 2010. Enjoy. Please do not post until next week.
  18. corrocamino

    The Curious Origins of Peculiar Me (in part)

    My brother is a fanatical genealogist. He has even gone (as a non-Mormon) to Salt Lake City, in order to tap the archives at the center of the genealogical world. But fanaticism could take him in his patrilineal retrospective no further than recorded history allows: namely, to one John (my...
  19. JohnnyH

    Ivar "the Boneless" - curious name?

    This mighty viking warrior with a curious nickname (given to him by the vikings) was the chief commander of the huge and infamous "Great Army" of 865 that invaded England, along with his brothers Halfdan and Ubba, bent upon total domination of the land. They were said to be avenging their Ragnar...
  20. Trippe

    Curious about Charlemagne

    I just learned about Charlemagne, and i couldn't help but notice that he always went to Aachen, and according to my resaearch found out it was his capital. Why did he chose this as his capital? Is it because of some reason of his relationship between him and the church of rome? i heard that this...