1. VHS

    Relatively settled borders today?

    Earlier in history, borders of states were relatively fluid, and the borders could fluctuate significantly due to military victories and conquests. For example, the size of the Tang Dynasty at its height and its downfall fluctuated from around 10 million square kilometres to around 3 million...
  2. Princess Of Manchester

    Did the Romans/Greeks influence our current world?

    Did the Romans/Greeks influence our current governments?
  3. A

    Vietnam War - Which current situation is it most similar to or relates to?

    Do you think there are any situations in the world today which the Vietnam War is either in some way similar to or the lessons of the war relate to in any way?
  4. VHS

    What led to the current African poverty?

    Except a few spots of prosperity, much of Africa is behind the rest in Human Development Index other socioeconomic indicators. "Blame the colonizers" sounds simplistic; if history is as simple as typical alternative history, we would not have that much debate about history. Ethiopia is never...
  5. D

    Current political or ethnic conflicts on the Balkan?

    1st. We spoke a lot of about the romanians and the hungarians, in the another topic. The point of the conflict is: Transylvania. 2nd. There is a conflict between Serbia and Albania. The point of the conflict: Kosovo 3rd. I seen a topic about a conflict between the Republic of Macedonia and...
  6. xMathFanx

    Is it All that Difficult to Enter the Middle-Class or Above in the Current US System?

    Is it All that Difficult to Enter the Middle-Class or Above in the Current American System? Regardless of race, gender, class background, family structure/background, ect. ect, is it all that difficult to enter the Middle-Class or above in the current American system. That is, is there any...
  7. VHS

    What if Israel was found in current Uganda?

    Uganda was considered a spot for the Jewish state, and some people claimed that it was almost realized. What if a Jewish state was found in current Uganda?
  8. VHS

    The current state of Islam

    I cite this article because it contains an important message: Some may simply read the title and consider the article to be anti-Muslim; the following text appears a few times in Ayaan Hirsi Ali's articles: "To answer this...
  9. PoeticHoplite

    Were British Soldiers posted in North American between 1812-1814 well informed of the current state of war in Europe?

    Were British Soldiers posted in North American between 1812-1814 well informed of the current state of war in Europe? As the title suggests, how did British soldiers stationed in North America keep up with the current state of the Peninsular War, and other campaigns in Europe that were taking...
  10. VHS

    Wimpy and sedentary current Homo sapiens

    We are often labelled as wimpy and sedentary in comparison with our ancestors, and is this valid at all? Many of us hold sedentary jobs, and our daily activities are much less strenuous than our ancestors. For example, the introduction of washing machines and dryers both save physical works...
  11. tuesdayschild

    If Politics is not a current event, What is?

    I see mr. Duterte is now paying his Police offers to kill anyone they think is associated with drugs! Apparently, if they only arrest them, no "Bounty" is paid. Guess what!
  12. VHS

    Colonial prosperity vs current poverty: A pure illusion or the partially truth?

    Some may mention that some countries were more prosperous as colonies than as independent states. Let's pick Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. If inflation is taken into account, the GDP per capital at independence might be substantially higher than today. Did...
  13. RomanEmperor

    My current goal to restore a New Roman Empire

    What do you all think about this? It is my life plan. I'm not sure exactly how I am going to achieve it yet, but my idea was to become President of the US, and leverage this position to get other countries to support me, and then get the Pope to crown me as "Emperor of the Romans, and Defender...
  14. Far Flight

    Which European country is Europe's current Cultural Leader?

    I have been considering this question a lot lately. In history Italy, France and the United Kingdom have been prominent as cultural leaders. Which European country do you think is Europe's current cultural leader? Can you give any reasons? Do you think that Europe is currently developing it's...
  15. Asherman

    Pivotal Current Events; A Historian's Role

    I don't doubt that the unfolding events in SE Asia is a fundamental and important problem facing the entire world. The nature of that conflict has spilled over into the West intensifying our anxieties and interest. We in the West have been attacked repeatedly by radical Islamic Terrorist...
  16. notgivenaway

    which are the current world, great, and regional powers?

    And which countries hold the potential to become such? The USA imho is still the superpower. Biggest economy, most powerful armed forces, and the most softpower. After that, there are several great powers. Russia, UK, France, and China. Then economic world powers would could readily become...
  17. notgivenaway

    What percentage of current Italian DNA is Roman?

    I don't think the modern Italians are the same people ethnically or genetically as the Romans, even though they share the same land mass. But is there are any Roman DNA on record? If so, how does it match vis a vis modern European peoples? Would it be the root Celtic DNA of Europe, which...
  18. R

    what is the current view of Kissinger among scholars

    many view him as an evil man, a war criminal others view him as a political genius, and one of the greatest secretary of state ever what are your views on him...and what is the consensus view
  19. Futurist

    Germany's Current Population if Germany Wins World War I

    If Germany would have won World War I, then what would Germany's current population be? After all, a victorious Germany might not have to deal with World War II afterwards and might also experience a baby boom as a result of its victory in World War I. Plus, Germany might annex some territories...
  20. Futurist

    Maps of historical and current ethnic(-based) federations

    This thread is meant for maps of historical and current ethnic(-based) federations. Anyway, please let me start: The Soviet Union (dissolved in 1991): Yugoslavia (dissolved in 1992): Czechoslovakia (dissolved in 1993): Belgium: Ethiopia: The United Kingdom (Britain): Exactly...