1. Ancientgeezer

    Daily WW2 Story.

    Operation Jericho Part One - The Bombing of Amiens Prison Part I FEBRUARY 18th, 1944 EMERGENCY FORM “B” (Copy) HNO T 140 A/F UGI T 11 GROUP V GPB GPB 5/18 ‘O’ FORM ‘B’ FROM 2 GROUP 180940A TO 140 WING/AIRFIELD INFO 11 GROUP, HQ T A F MAIN, HQ A D G B, HQ A E A F SECRET QQX BT AO,241 18th...
  2. JeanDukeofAlecon

    What was daily life like in byzantine rome?

    Title pretty self explanatory.
  3. M

    Any sources on daily governance in the ancient world?

    Hello, new member here, specifically joined to see if you anybody could help me with the following question: If any admin feels like this is in the wrong forum, I'm sorry. Let me know if you would like me to delete/move/whatever needed to remediate that. here's the TLDR version: I'm looking...
  4. VikingGirlTBird

    What was daily life like in general during the Hundred Years' War?

    What was daily life in general like during the Hundred Years' War in medieval France, in medieval England, and in medieval Scotland? How was daily life in general during the Hundred Year's War in all three countries alike and how were they all different from each other? Just wondering. Thanks...
  5. C

    How many people were dying daily on average at Auschwitz?

    How many people were dying daily on average in the duration that the Auschwitz extermination camp was active?
  6. H

    Daily facts about history condensed to six seconds

    Not all of these are worthwhile, but the Hitler and OBL ones had me rolling. https://vine.co/v/ehUzp5X0vnx
  7. HistoryFreak1912

    What did the nobles of Medieval Europe do on a daily basis?

    Just out of random, sheer curiosity, what do the nobility of Medieval Europe do on a regular basis? I've always thought they spent their time in politics, writing treatises, and engaging in a hobby of sneering at peasants. Did some of them participate in astronomy/mathematics/philosophy? Stuff...
  8. okamido

    Daily Dose of Archaeology: 5.0

    Stone-age Italians defleshed their dead | Science/AAAS | News
  9. TripleD

    Resource Recommendation? Common life in Medieval Mali

    Can anyone recommend a good resource for learning about day-to-day life in medieval (1000 -1500ish) Mali? Ghana or Songhai would also be okay. I've been fascinated by the empires of West Africa since high school, but most of the history I've read is very top-heavy. Kings, wars, international...
  10. Nz Khan

    Hitler on daily basis.

    Since 2013, maybe earlier, channels like Discovery (but not only) created an infusion of documentaries based on WW2, Hitler and everything related. Nothing bad is about to happen about this if they broadcast it like any other documentary, but they do it every day, obsesively somehow, same...
  11. T

    Daily Life/Culture in Charlemagne's Empire?

    I'm looking for some books which describe the level of development in France circa 800 AD. Not exactly history, but a book on the culture, technology of the time.
  12. E

    Resources on daily life

    Hey there. I'm working on publishing a small-time setting project under the Creative Commons license. Nothing fancy, got some art done, some writing done. Just a little something that I want to be able to point to and say, "that's right. I got a book published. Self-published, yes, but published...
  13. Bamboozle

    Daily life in Byzantium, c. 1000

    I was looking if anyone had any sources that gave any sort of information pertaining to the common life of the Byzantine Empire around the reign of Basil II or the Macedonian dynasty in general, I'm not going to be picky here. One could say for me to take a look at a generic "Life in Medieval...
  14. Schlom

    Daily life in Spanish Revolution

    Does anyone know of any sources and accounts of what daily life was like in Barcelona or Madrid in the early Spanish Civil War during the Spanish Revolution (besides George Orwell's account in Homage to Catalonia)? Anything between stories of living under the fascist bombing planes or...
  15. okamido

    Daily Dose of Archaeology 4.0

    Krypteia: A Form of Ancient Guerrilla Warfare "Krypteia: A Form of Ancient Guerrilla Warfare" by Brandon D. Ross
  16. SPERRO

    Daily Life of The Tudors

    I have often wondered how the Tudor Royals spent their day, What was their routine, what sort of food they consumed etc. Does anyone have any idea?
  17. Kinan

    Exposing the Syrian revolution: daily videos and articles

    Everyday I read and watch many of evidences that reveal what this so called Syrian revolution is about, ironically most of them by the opposition itself. So I am gonna post them here on daily bases.
  18. Zeno

    Use of English in your daily life (for non native speakers)

    Ofcourse native speakers are welcome to join the discussion. But for the non-native speakers: I'm sure most of us - save the French perhaps - have English creeping into their daily vocabulary, as well as Anglicanisms/Americanisms into their grammatics and syntaxes. However, there seems to be...
  19. Brisieis

    Daily Life in Ancient Greece

    Does anyone have any knowledge of any books that gives indepth detail into the daily lives of the ancient Greeks? Thanks. :)
  20. Thessalonian

    Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

    Daily Life in Ancient Egypt - YouTube Secrets of archaeology: The cities of the Pharaohs - YouTube Could you picture yourselves living in ancient Egypt? Do you think that would be more exciting than dangerous?