1. tuesdayschild

    Dare we speak about "Brexit?"

    To update you, Great Britain and Northern Ireland have given notice that they are to leave the European Union.This came about as a result of a referendum whereby a majority of the population, voted to leave Europe. Despite an unbelievable amount of Governmental procrastination it is still...
  2. 1759

    Remake of 'Where Eagles Dare'

    One of my all time favourite ww2 body count action movies is Where Eagles Dare with the great Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. Would anyone like to see it remade only for there to be even more death and destruction, action, and beautiful Austrian ladies? Again, it would have to be a Sam Mendes...
  3. tjadams

    Dare Stone

    In 1937 a stone with several lines of inscription carved into it was found by Louis Hammond. He discovered the stone at a site about 65 miles west of the famed Roanoke Island. Aside from the carved writing on the stone, were the initials EWD, which seemed to point to it being Eleanor White...